Back to the 90s: Dr.Alban, Jenny from ACE OF BASE and more live at The Agenda, Dubai

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World legends such as Dr.Alban, ACE OF BASE’s Jenny Berggren, Culture Beat, Nana, and Rednex gather for the 90’s festival “Back to 90s”!
All of the greatest hits of all time, including ‘Its My Life’, ‘All that she want’, ‘Mr. Vain’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ will be performed at the legendary Agenda venue.
Feel the true vibe of 90s music, feel the atmosphere and enjoy the legacy of world music with real music stage legends.
Agenda May 5, 2023, save the date and get ready for the real first time in your life in Dubai – go back to the 90s festival and go back to her 90s with real music!
Dr. Alban, Jenny Berggren of ACE OF BASE, Culture Beat, Nana, Rednex – May 5th, Agenda – Dubai for the first time!

Don’t miss it and see you at Back to 90s!

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Ticket price for Back to the 90s Dr.Alban, Jenny from ACE OF BASE In The Agenda ticket starts from AED229, Book tickets on official website.

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Event Information

Venue: The Agenda, Dubai

Date: 20:00 Fri 05 May 2023

More info: +971527005690


1. Who were the performers at The Agenda, Dubai 2023?

The performers at the event included Dr. Alban, ACE OF BASE, and more iconic artists from the 90s.

2. What was the audience experience like?

The event was a nostalgic trip back in time to the 90s, and the audience experienced a sense of unity and enjoyment as they relived the past. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the event and the performances.

3. What is the future of music festivals?

The event highlighted the significance of nostalgia in music and how it has become a popular trend in modern music festivals. Future music festivals may continue to incorporate nostalgia and offer performances that bring back the hits of past decades.

4. Will there be more events like The Agenda, Dubai 2023?

While there are no official announcements regarding future events, it is likely that the success of The Agenda, Dubai 2023 will lead to similar events in the future. Music festivals are constantly evolving, and organizers are always looking for innovative ways to bring new experiences to their audiences.

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