MIX TAPE ft. Maalavika Sundar Tickets 2023

mix tape Maalavika Sundar tickets
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An evening of music with Maalavika Sundar hosted by The Poze. It’s a two hour performance between parties. The party starts at 7pm. Performances run from 8pm to 10pm. Maalavika Sundar made Top 4 in the Indian Idol – 9 finals and also participated in the musical reality show Super Singer. She received intensive training in Carnatic music and established her position as a playback singer in the South.

VenueMonkey Bar, Chennai
Date & TimeJuly 22 | 8PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for MIX TAPE – ft. Maalavika Sundar in chennai starts from Rs. 1000 onwards, Book tickets on official website.


  1. A cover of Rs.500 is included in the ticket, that can be used to get Food/ Drinks.
  2. Guests willing to come for the Party after 10:00PM will be charged a minimal entry Fee. Limited tickets only.
  3. Ticket Pricing is subject to change on the day of the Event.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

How to Book Online

Step 1: First of all, Visit Official Ticket booking partner website paytminsider.in

Step 2: Click on ‘Book‘ to proceed for tickets

Step 3: Add Number of Seat or Tickets you would like to book (Choose the Numbers using + and -)

Step 4: Then, Click on Proceed button to proceed with your seat booking

Step 5: Registration: Enter your personal and contact information to register for the event.

Step 6: Click On Submit to Proceed for Payment

Step 7: Pay using UPI, Net Banking or Credit Card

Step 8: Hurray! Your seat has been successfully booked for MIX TAPE – ft. Maalavika Sundar Tickets.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Club rules apply.
  2. This is a partially seated show. Seating is available on first come first serve basis.
  3. Age limit for entry is 21+ years as per Club/ Bar Rules.
  4. Once tickets booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  5. An Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check the total amount before making the payment.
  6. Limited Walk-Ins will be allowed on the day of the event.
  7. Unlawful Resale of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or any other compensation.
  8. Rights of admission reserved.
  9. Kindly carry your government approved ID cards for age verification.
  10. These terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the organiser.
  11. The organisers are not responsible for any inappropriate activities outside the bar premises.
  12. Inappropriate activities inside the bar premises will lead to strict disciplinary actions.
  13. Ticket Pricing is subject to change on the day of the Event.



1. What is the significance of mixtapes in the music industry?

Mixtapes hold immense significance in the music industry as they provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent, creativity, and versatility. They allow musicians to experiment with different genres, collaborate with fellow artists, and connect with their audience on a deeper level. Mixtapes often serve as promotional tools, helping to garner attention, build a fanbase, and pave the way for future projects.

2. How do mixtapes promote musicians and their work?

Mixtapes promote musicians by offering a condensed collection of songs that showcase their skills, unique style, and artistic vision. These compilations can be easily shared and distributed, allowing for wider exposure and reach. Mixtapes also provide a glimpse into the artist’s versatility and creativity, enticing listeners to explore their other works and attend live performances. This promotion helps to establish an artist’s brand and reputation in the mix tape Maalavika Sundar tickets and industry.

3. What can I expect from the live performance at Monkey Bar featuring Maalavika Sundar?

The live performance at Monkey Bar featuring Maalavika Sundar promises to be a captivating musical experience. Expect a vibrant atmosphere, engaging performances, and a diverse musical lineup. Maalavika, known for her exceptional talent and unique style, will showcase her versatility as she traverses through different genres and collaborates with other talented musicians. Attendees can look forward to an immersive and memorable musical journey that will leave them inspired and entertained.

4. Where can I get tickets for the live performance at Monkey Bar, Chennai?

For information on mix tape Maalavika Sundar tickets availability and purchase for the live performance at Monkey Bar, Chennai, please visit the official website of Monkey Bar or their social media platforms. Details regarding ticket prices, seating arrangement, and any special instructions will be provided on these platforms. It is recommended to book tickets in advance to secure a spot and avoid any last-minute disappointments.

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