Paris is calling, and registration is now open for phase two of the Paris 2024 ticket sale

phase two Paris Olympic tickets
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Paris Olympic Games phase two registration: To commemorate the passing of 500 days until the next Olympic Games, Paris 2024 has started the second phase of the Olympic ticket sale, in which millions of single tickets for Olympic sporting events will be made public. Register for the chance to see your favourite athletes live at Paris 2024, from the 100-meter final to the basketball gold-medal game.

Registration for the second phase of ticket sales for Paris 2024 has officially opened (15 March).

While the first tier of the sale allowed members of the public to purchase packages for multiple sporting events, now you can enter a raffle to win up to 30 individual tickets* to your dream Olympic sporting event can be purchased.

do you like tennis You will have the chance to be a spectator at the Olympic final at Roland Garros. Is athletics your thing? Single tickets are available for all events, including the highly anticipated 100m final at the Stade de France.

In fact, tickets for all Olympic sporting events, from archery to wrestling, are available during Phase 2 of sales, including tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Events Paris Olympics

Breaking sports will make its Olympic Games debut at the 2024 Paris Games (2024 Summer Olympics).

There are plenty of sports in Olympics which includes Archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, basketball 3×3, boxing, canoe, road cycling, cycling trac

These are the new Olympic sports of 2024

  • Olympic skateboarding.
  • Olympic sport climbing.
  • The unique sport: Olympic surfing.
  • Debut in Paris: Olympic breakdancing.
  • List of all Olympic sports.

mountain biking, BMX freestyle, BMX racing, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, handball, hockey.

Download the full list of Paris 2024 ticket prices

For all ticket phases of Paris 2024, 30 tickets can be purchased per purchaser. If you have successfully purchased tickets in Phase 1, these tickets will count towards the total of 30 tickets that can be purchased for all phases. 

How many tickets can I buy

The maximum number of tickets available to each person is 30 across all phases. If you bought packs during phase one, you’ll still be eligible to purchase single tickets during phase two, provided you don’t exceed the maximum total of 30. If you didn’t buy tickets in phase one, you will be eligible to purchase a maximum of 30 during phase two.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Paris Olympic Games phase two ticketing is now open tickets start from €45 to €1,600, Book tickets on official website and check more information.

Tickets by Sports CategoryTicket Price Range
Breaking, skateboarding and BMX freestyle finals at Place de la Concorde between €50 and €160
Basketball (10 and 11 August) at Bercy Arena between €95 and €980
Athletics finals (4 August, men’s 100m, women’s high jump, men’s hammer throw) at Stade de France between €125 and €980
Archery finals at Les Invalides between €50 and €190.
Beach volleyball (9 and 10 August) at Eiffel Tower Stadium between €100 and €420
Equestrian finals at Château de Versailles between €50 and €420.
Handball finals (9 and 10 August) at Pierre Mauroy Stadium between €90 and €320
Fencing finals at Grand Palais between €90 and €290
Swimming finals at the Aquatics Centre between €125 and €980
Mixed team judo finals (3 August) at Champs de Mars Arena between €100 and €380
Opening Ceremony free of charge on the high quays, between €90 and €2,700 for the low quays
Closing Ceremony between €45 and €1,600

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website and check more information.

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