Saregama Lets Go Live 2023

saregama lets go live tickets
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Hand-selected highlights from Tamil film music spans decades, composers, and genres are presented in Saregama’s first-ever live performance. Staccato has reinterpreted and arranged the tunes specifically for this occasion. An ensemble of twenty artists will perform this piece.

You are invited to a special concert by Shivangi.

VenueSir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai

Ticket price

Ticket price for Saregama Lets Go Live Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai starts from Rs. 499 onwards, Book tickets on official website.


1. Can I purchase tickets for the live concert online?

Yes, tickets for the live concert can be purchased online. The article provides information about where to purchase tickets and details regarding ticket prices and categories.

2. What safety measures are being implemented for the concert in light of COVID-19?

The article addresses the COVID-19 safety measures and precautions that will be in place for the live concert. It outlines the guidelines and protocols that attendees need to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

3. Will there be any surprise elements or unique collaborations during the concert?

Yes, the article highlights that the live concert will feature unique collaborations and surprise elements. These special moments aim to enhance the overall experience and provide an unforgettable musical journey for the audience.

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