The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo Gala Tickets in Dubai

Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo Gala tickets
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The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo Gala Tickets: We invite you to a special edition of one of Monaco’s most important events, taking place at the legendary Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s most iconic hotel and global icon of Arabian luxury. Treat your guests to a sumptuous gala dinner and a unique experience!

Enjoy the Grand Ball of the Princes and Princesses of Monaco in an unforgettable and immersive world-class evening, be mesmerized by a spectacular over-the-top show, and be enchanted by a glamorous and sophisticated celebration. Marvel at a journey of discovery into the fantasy of a princely world and immerse yourself in outstanding performances by international artists.


Set to the princes and princesses’ theme, a fairy tale happening is about to take place in Dubai, inspired by the charm of Monte-Carlo. The glamor of the event creates an evening that will never be equalled again! A sumptuous great ball will take place in Burj Al Arab, the jewel of Jumeirah.

Members of royal and princely houses from across the world, Monaco’s and Dubai’s social elite, international business people, luxury brands and a selection of influential media will take part in a never-seen-before celebration of glamour and beauty. Grandiosity will be at its peak with the exclusive list of distinguished guests. Charming love, music, art, beauty and magic will reunite for a royal event.

Only a part for the places for the event are on sale. In order to meet individual’s needs and budget requirements, the event offers different sorts of admission, all of which are designed to offer a once-in-a- Lifetime Experience

Event information

Venue: Al Falak Ballroom, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Date: Friday, March 17, 2023 08:00 pm


Ticket price

Ticket price for The Grand ball of Monte-Carlo in Dubai starts from AED 6000 to AED 19500, Book tickets on official ticket partner Platinumlist website.

Ticket CategoryTicket PriceDetails
AMETHYST ParticipationAED 6000Including admission for a person on full programme & schedule (placed at the purple tables on the Balcony)
EMERALD ParticipationAED 7800Including admission for a person on full programme & schedule (placed at the green tables)
SAPPHIRE ParticipationAED 11700Including admission for a person, on second row, on full programme & schedule (placed at the blue tables)
RUBY VIP Participation AED 19500Including front stage admission for a person on full programme & schedule (placed at the red tables)

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Dress Code for Monte-Carlo Gala Night

By attending this elite event, guests will immerse themselves into the magical world of princes and princesses. Distinguished guests are recommended to dress, such as the noblest and most sumptuous of lords and ladies. Military ceremonial uniforms or white tie for Gentlemen and prestigious ball gowns and jewellery tiaras for Ladies. All enhanced by princely props, as it should be for royal figures. Our guests put a lot of effort into their outfits for the night, so we strongly recommend the dress code suggestion.

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