Tour Thiruvizha Coimbatore 2023

tour thiruvizha coimbatore tickets
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Greetings, Makkaley We intend to have a celebration in your city with aatam, paatam, and ragalai when we arrive!

Tour Thiruvizha is proudly presented by Motta Maadi Music. Take a journey where your spirit commands attention and perform a kutti karagaatam.

Vaanga, then! Or should you celebrate with us and take a vacation from your busy life? It’s Idhu Namma Saththam.

VenueSitra Auditorium, Coimbatore
Date & TimeJuly 30 | Show 1: 2PM – 4PM & Show 2 : 6PM – 8PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Tour Thiruvizha Sitra Auditorium, Coimbatore starts from Rs. 700 onwards, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.


1. Can I buy tickets for both shows of the Thiruvizha – Coimbatore Music Tour?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for both shows of the tour. Each show offers a unique lineup of performances, allowing you to experience a diverse range of musical talents in Coimbatore.

2. How can I reserve tickets for the tour?

To reserve tickets for the Thiruvizha – Coimbatore Music Tour, you can visit our official website or contact the Sitra Auditorium’s box office. Detailed instructions and information on ticket availability and pricing will be provided on the website and through our official channels.

3. Are there any discounts available for group bookings?

Yes, group booking discounts may be available for the Thiruvizha – Coimbatore Music Tour. Please check the ticketing information or contact the box office for details on group booking discounts, eligibility criteria, and any specific terms and conditions.

4. Is the Sitra Auditorium accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, the Sitra Auditorium is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. The venue provides facilities such as ramps, designated seating areas, and accessible restrooms to ensure a comfortable experience for all attendees. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, please inform the box office in advance to make necessary arrangements.

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