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Baku Metro ticket
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Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan / Baku Metro Ticket: The Baku Metro is one of the most important transportation systems in Azerbaijan and the first underground transportation system in a Muslim country. There are currently 25 active stations across three lines: red, green and the recently opened purple line. The route length is 36.63 km. The metro opened in 1957 as the fifth subway system in the Soviet Union. Initially, only five stations were in operation.

OpeningNovember 1967
OwnerBaki Metropoliteni
Number of lines2
Number of stations23
Network length34,6 km
Baku (Azerbaijan) Metro

Ticket Fare

Baku Metro fare starts from 0.40 AZN, Payment is made using a rechargeable BakiKart transport card which costs 2 AZN. Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Travel Card BakiKart

Since 2015, fares have been unified on all lines and old tickets have been replaced by modern, BakiKart cards. These can be conveniently purchased from a vending machine at all metro stations. They must also be conquered at the same locations, depending on how many rides you want to take. The advantage of this card is that it can be used in bus transport to any BakuBus. The card can be acquired in two ways. Either for 45 days, for less than 1 EUR or you can buy 1-4 rides for the price of 10 euro cents.

BakıKART is applied to pay the subway and bus fare on BakuBus lines. Two types of cards are used in a single system:

  • BakıKART (Plastic card).
  • BakıKART with limited access (Paper card). Valid 45 days.

Both cards can be purchased at BakuCard terminals at Baku Metro stations, press kiosks, bus stops and other points with the BakıKART logo. BakıKART balance can be replenished using 10, 20, and 50 gapik coins, and 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 manat banknotes at terminals.

BakıKART Plastic Card

A card costsis non-refundable. Bus fares vary based on distance, according to Decision #7 of the Tariff Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan (30 July 2018).

At terminals, plastic cards can be refilled. They are recommended for passengers who use public transportation on a regular basis.

BakıKART Paper card

A card costs $0.30 and is non-refundable. Paper cards cannot be refilled at terminals and are only available in increments of one, two, three, or four passes. These cards are intended for Baku City visitors and residents who rarely use public transportation.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website, Check more information.


All three lines of Baku Metro run from Monday to Sunday, at intervals of 6 to 24 hours. While early in the morning and in the afternoon, the metro runs regularly every 3 to 6 minutes, on weekends, or at a time that is not too busy, you will also wait for a good hour. You can find the exact schedule on the spot without any problems. The Baku Metro timetable will vary slightly depending on the line and time of day.

The working hours of the Baku metro is opens every day at six in the morning and closes at midnight (from 6:00 till 0:00).

Baku Metro hours are from 6:00 to 1:00 although some stations close at 00:30. At peak times there are trains every 1-6 minutes. Rest time between 4 and 15 minutes.

The list of all metro stations in Baku

Baku’s metro system is consists of 2 lines which are connecting the whole city.

Metro LinesLine NumberStation Origin and DestinationNo. Of Stations
Red LineLine 1Goes from İçərişəhər to Həzi Aslanov with Total length is 20.1 km.13 stations.
Green LineLine 2Links Şah İsmail Xətai to Dərnəgül with Total length is 14.5 km.10 stations.
Purple LineLine 3Links Memar Ajami-2 to Hocasan Xocəsən4 Stations.

RED Line

Redline is consists of 13 stations and it starts at Icheri Sheher (İçərişəhər), Sahil, 28 May, Ganjlik (Gənclik), Nariman Narimanov (Nəriman Nərimanov), Bakmil, Ulduz, Koroglu (Koroğlu), Gara Garayev (Qara Qarayev), Neftchilar (Neftçilər), Halglar Doslugu (Xalqlar Dostluğu), Ahmedli (Əhmədli) and the last station is Hazi Aslanov (Həzi Aslanov).

Ticket price for Baku Metro fare starts from 0.40 AZN, Payment is made using a rechargeable BakiKart transport card which costs 2 AZN.

Green Line

Green line is consists of 10 stationes and it starts at Nizami Ganjavi (Nizami Gəncəvi), Elmlar Akademiyası (Elmlər Akademiyası), Inshaatchilar (İnşaatçılar), 20 Yanvar, Memar Ajami (Memar Əcəmi), Nasimi (Nəsimi), Azadlig Prospekti (Azadlıq prospekti), Darnagul (Dərnəgül), Jafar Jabbarli (Cəfər Cabbarlı) and the last station is Shah Ismail Hatai (Şah İsmail Xətai).

Metro Lines in Baku

Purple Line

There are four stations in the active purple line 1) Memar Ajami-2 Memar Əcəmi-2, 2) Avtovagzal Avtovağzal, 3) 8 Noyabr 8 Noyabr, 4) Hocasan Xocəsən.

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