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Bengalore suburan Metro tickets
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Bangalore has been notorious for its traffic but this may soon be something of the past. The city is set to be the first in the country to get a modern suburban rail network. The proposal was made back in 1983 and has finally been launched with 2026 as the deadline. The project was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a recent visit to Bengaluru.

With the new suburban trains beginning to operate within the city, Bengaluru now boasts of MEMU (Mainline Multiple Electric Unit) trains with a carrying capacity of 2,400 passengers and a speed that is far better than the Diesel Multiple Electric Unit trains.

What is suburban and non suburban railway?
While the non-suburban train services cover long distance trains, the suburban services are meant for short distances, nonnally up to 150 Km. to facilitate rapid movement of passengers within the cities, suburbs and extended suburbs. In India, suburban services were introduced in Mumbai on 3.2.


Route-1: Sampige Line

Route-2: Mallige Line

Route-3: Parijaata Line

Route-4: Kanaka Line

What Is The Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP)

The BSRP is a 149.348 m long commuter rail network. Of this, the elevated route will be along 45.392 km and the remaining 103.856 km will be at grade. It will have 64 stations in Bangalore with 4 lines/corridors. Of these, 5 stations will serve as interchange stations. These are:

  • Bangalore City (Sampige Line & Parijaata Line)
  • Yesvantapur (Sampige Line & Mallige Line)
  • Lottegollahalli (Sampige Line & Mallige Line)
  • Yelahanka (Sampige Line   & Kanaka Line)
  • Benniganahalli (Mallige Line & Kanaka Line)

Advantages of the New Suburban Trains in Bengaluru
The most obvious advantage of these new trains is that they stand to improve connectivity and make commuting easier for the people travelling between the city and Whitefield.

With traffic jams becoming a menace in Bengaluru, the call of the hour is to have more suburban trains that connect various parts of the city through a smooth and fast network. For the common people, this will be definitely a big advantage. Let’s hope that these new trains are the beginning of such an era in Bengaluru.

Route Proposals

  1. Routes recommended by RITES for CTTP – 2007
CorridorLength (km)
Kengeri – KSR Bengaluru13.0
KSR Bengaluru – Whitefield24.0
KSR Bengaluru – Baiyappanahalli Via Lottegollahalli23.0
Lottegollahalli – Yelahanka Junction7.0
Banaswadi – BMR Boundary29.0
Kengeri – BMR Boundary9.0
Yeshwanthpura Junction – BMR Boundary14.0
BMR Boundary – Hosur12.0
BMR Boundary – Ramanagara23.0
BMR Boundary – Tumakuru50.0
  1. Routes studied by RITES, as per their final report of November 2012
FromToDistance (km)
KSR BengaluruMandya92.88
KSR BengaluruYeshwanthpura Junction5.35
Yeshwanthpura JunctionTumakuru64.00
Yeshwanthpura JunctionYelahanka Junction12.45
Yelahanka JunctionBaiyappanahalli19.23
Yeshwanthpura JunctionBaiyappanahalli16.12
Yelahanka JunctionDoddaballapura20.72
Yelahanka JunctionChikkaballapura46.05
KSR BengaluruBaiyappanahalli10.76
BaiyappanahalliBangarpet Junction59.45

difference between metro and suburban rail

While Metro will have stations at every 1km, suburban rail will have limited stations. The average speed of a Metro is 30kmph but for a suburban it is 60-80kmph. Suburban rail is utilising the existing rail infrastructure for its expansion and it can also operate non-AC trains unlike Metro.”

pay for metro train in Bangalore

1) Smart Card Engraved Id that you want to recharge should be correct. BMRC will not be liable if you enter incorrect Engraved Id. 2) Your metro card balance can be updated immediately after successful recharge at Card Top-Up Terminals (CTTs) installed at all metro stations.

use of suburban rail

Suburban trains are passenger trains that cover short distances of up to 150 km. These trains help in facilitating movement of passengers within cities and suburbs.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Bengalore suburan Metro rail ranges between Rs.10 and Rs.100 , Book Fare tickets on official website, check more information.

The minimum ticket price on the Mumbai and Chennai suburban train is Rs 5 for a distance up to 10km. The minimum fare on the Bengaluru suburban train is projected to be around Rs 10.

Ticket portal

Book Fare tickets on official website, check more information.

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