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Cairo Metro Railway is a popular and efficient mode of transportation in the bustling city of Cairo, Egypt. With its extensive network of stations and routes, Cairo Metro provides a convenient and affordable means of travel for locals and tourists alike. However, navigating the ticketing system, understanding fares and zones, and knowing the timings and schedules can be confusing for newcomers to the city. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Cairo Metro Ticketing System, including fare charts, pass options, routes, stations, zones, fare cards, timings and schedules, to help you make the most of your Cairo Metro experience.

Timing: The train frequency on the Cairo Metro depends on the line and time of day. During peak hours, trains run every 2-3 minutes, while during off-peak hours, trains run every 7-10 minutes. The first trains start running at 5:00 am and the last trains start at 11:00 pm.

Ticket price

Ticket price Cairo Metro Fare starts from charged in the card (card cost is 25 pounds). You can charge from 10 Egyptian pounds to 200 Egyptian pounds from any of the metro stations. Book tickets on official website.

Cairo’s Metro Cash Wallet: You can buy a cash wallet with a set of tickets charged in the card (card cost is 25 pounds). You can charge from 10 Egyptian pounds to 200 Egyptian pounds from any of the metro stations in all lines. You can charge the card more than one time if it is not damaged.

How to Purchase Cairo Metro Tickets?

Cairo Metro tickets can be purchased at any station from ticket booths or vending machines. The vending machines accept coins and bills, and some of them also accept credit cards. Tickets can also be purchased using the Cairo Metro mobile app.

Cairo Metro Ticket Types

There are two types of Cairo Metro tickets: a One-Way Ticket and a Day Pass Ticket. The One-Way Ticket allows a single journey on any line, while the Day Pass Ticket offers unlimited travel on all three lines for one day.

Ticket Validity and Refunds

Cairo Metro tickets are valid for two hours from the time of purchase, and they must be used within the same zone they were purchased in. Refunds are not available for unused tickets, and lost tickets cannot be replaced.

Cairo Metro Fare Chart Based on Zones

Cairo Metro fares are based on zones, with Zone 1 being the city center and Zone 4 being the outskirts. As of 2021, the minimum fare for a One-Way Ticket is EGP 5 and the maximum fare is EGP 11.

Types of Cairo Metro Passes

In addition to One-Way Tickets and Day Pass Tickets, Cairo Metro offers a variety of pass options including a 3-Day Pass, a 7-Day Pass, and a Monthly Pass. These passes can be purchased at any station and offer unlimited travel on all three lines within the chosen validity period.

How to Buy Cairo Metro Passes?

Cairo Metro passes can be purchased at any station from ticket booths or vending machines. The vending machines accept coins and bills, and some of them also accept credit cards.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

Details on the Cairo Metro Network

The Metro Anfaq al-Qahirah is currently running a three-line network numbered and color coded for easy identification.

Cairo Metro Route Map

The Cairo Metro consists of three lines: Line 1 (orange), Line 2 (yellow), and Line 3 (green). Line 1 runs from Helwan to El Marg, Line 2 runs from Shubra El-Kheima to New El-Marg, and Line 3 runs from Imbaba to Airport City.

Stations on Cairo Metro Route

The Cairo Metro has a total of 61 stations, with Line 1 having 35 stations, Line 2 having 20 stations, and Line 3 having 6 stations. Some of the key stations include Sadat Station, which connects to the Egyptian Museum and Tahrir Square, and Cairo University Station, which connects to the largest university in the country.

1. Line 1 (Blue)

The Cairo metro network began with Line 1 in 1987. Initially, covering the distance of 29 kilometers (18 mi), it was later extended for another 20 kilometers (12 mi). Line 1 is marked in Blue color and runs from Helwan till New El-Marg. Usually, the distance between the two points can be covered in 75 minutes. The Line 1 is also referred to as French Line

 List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 1 (Blue Line)
•    Helwan
•    Ain Helwan
•    Helwan University
•    Wadi Hof
•    Hadayek Helwan
•    El-Maasara
•    Tora El-Asmant
•    Kozzika
•    Tora El-Balad
•    Sakanat El-Maadi    
•    Maadi    
•    Hadayek El-Maadi    
•    El-Zahraa’
•    Dar El-Salam    
•    Mar Girgis        
•    El-Malek El-Saleh    
•    Al-Sayeda Zeinab    
•    Saad Zaghloul    
•    Orabi
•    Ghamra
•    El-Demerdash
•    Manshiet El-Sadr
•    Kobri El-Qobba
•    Hammamat El-Qobba
•    Saray El-Qobba
•    Hadayeq El-Zaitoun
•    El-Matareyya
•    Ain Shams
•    Ezbet El-Nakhl
•    El-Marg    
•    New El-Marg

2. Line 2 (Red)

Another wing of the Cairo metro network, the Line 2 is marked in Red color. Locals often call the line as Japanese line. The line is around 21.6-kilometre (13.4 mi) long and comprises of underground and elevated tracks. The point to point distance is covered in 38 minutes.

 List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 2 (Red Line)
•    El-Mounib
•    Sakiat Mekky
•    Omm El-Masryeen
•    Giza    
•    Faisal
•    Cairo University
•    El Bohoth
•    Dokki
•    Opera    
•    Sadat
•    Mohamed Naguib
•    Attaba
•    Al Shohadaa
•    Masarra
•    Rod El-Farag
•    St. Teresa
•    Khalafawy
•    Mezallat
•    Kolleyyet El-Zeraa
•    Shubra El-Kheima

Nasser connects Blue line with the Green Line.

3. Line 3 (Green)

The Line 3 is the latest addition to the existing Cairo metro and a portion of the line is still under construction. After the said constructions are over, this line will connect the Cairo University to the Cairo international Airport. It takes around 38 minutes to cover the entire line.

 List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 3 (Green Line)
•    Adly Mansour
•    El Haykestep
•    Omar Ibn El-Khattab
•    Qobaa
•    Hesham Barakat
•    El-Nozha
•    Nadi El-Shams
•    Alf Maskan
•    Heliopolis Square
•    Haroun
•    Al-Ahram
•    Koleyet El-Banat
•    Stadium
•    Fair Zone
•    Abbassiya
•    Abdou Pasha
•    El-Geish
•    Bab El-Shaaria

Attaba connects the Red Line and the Green Line.

Important Metro Stations

· Ataba – Close to Downtown Cairo
· Bab Al Shaaria – Makes Northern portion of Cairo accessible
· Opera – Ideal to reach the Cairo Opera House and Zamalek
· Giza – Adjacent to Giza train station – get down to board the buses for Giza Necropolis
· Mar Girgis – Close to the Coptic locality of Cairo
· Mohammed Naguib – Get down to reach Abdeen Palace.
· Al Shohadaa – Get down to reach Ramses Railway Station and Midan Ramses
· Nasser Sharia – Close to Downtown
· Sadat – Near Egyptian Museum

Zone Information for Cairo Metro

What are Zones on Cairo Metro?

Cairo Metro is divided into three zones, which are zones 1, 2, and 3. The zones are determined based on the distance traveled on the metro line. Zone 1 is the closest to the city center, and zone 3 is the farthest from the center.

Cairo Metro Zones and Fare Structure

The fare structure in Cairo Metro is based on the zone. The fare for zone 1 is 3 Egyptian pounds, and for each additional zone, the fare is increased by 1 Egyptian pound. The maximum fare for the metro is 7 Egyptian pounds for a trip that covers all three zones.

Cairo Metro Fare Card and its Benefits

What is Cairo Metro Fare Card?

The Cairo Metro Fare Card is a rechargeable card that can be used instead of buying a ticket every time you use the metro. The card can be purchased from any metro station and can be recharged with any amount of money.

Benefits of Using Cairo Metro Fare Card

Using the Cairo Metro Fare Card has several benefits. Firstly, it can save time and reduce waiting in lines to purchase a ticket. Secondly, the fare card offers a discount of 10% on the fare price for each trip. Additionally, the card can be used by multiple people, making it convenient for families or groups traveling together.

The Cairo Metro is an essential mode of transportation for the people of Cairo. It serves millions of passengers daily, and its efficiency and affordability make it a popular choice for commuters.

Future Plans and Expansion of Cairo Metro

The Cairo Metro is planning to extend Line 3 further into the suburbs, which will help to reduce traffic congestion on the roads. The authorities are also planning to add more trains to both lines to improve the frequency of trains, reduce waiting times and increase capacity. Additionally, the metro will introduce new technologies, such as electronic ticketing and train control systems, to improve the overall efficiency of the metro.In conclusion, Cairo Metro Railway offers a reliable and efficient way to explore Cairo, Egypt. By understanding the ticketing system, fares, routes, and timings, you can easily navigate this transportation system and enjoy the many sights and sounds of Cairo. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, Cairo Metro Railway is a great way to get around the city.


What types of Cairo Metro tickets are available?

Cairo Metro offers two types of tickets: Single Journey Tickets and Stored Value Cards. Single Journey Tickets are one-way tickets that are valid for the duration of the journey. Stored Value Cards are rechargeable cards that can be used for multiple journeys and offer discounted fares.

How do I buy Cairo Metro tickets?

You can purchase Cairo Metro tickets from ticket vending machines or from ticket counters at the stations. You can also buy Stored Value Cards from the ticket counters or recharge them online.

How do I know which zone my destination is in?

Cairo Metro has divided the city into three zones, and the fare is based on the zone in which the destination is located. You can find the zone of your destination on the Cairo Metro Route Map, which is available at the stations or on the official Cairo Metro website.

What are the timings of Cairo Metro?

Cairo Metro trains operate from 5:00 am to midnight. The timings may vary on public holidays and Fridays, with trains running at reduced frequency during these times. The peak hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, during which the trains may be more crowded.

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