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Changzhou Metro Railway is a fast, quick, and inexpensive form of transportation in Changzhou, China. Changzhou Metro, which has six lines and over 100 stations, connects inhabitants and visitors to significant city sites such as business centres, tourism attractions, universities, and more. Whether you’re a frequent commuter or a first-time visitor, learning about Changzhou Metro Ticket types and costs, navigating the routes and stations, and understanding the operating hours and frequency can help you make the most of your trip. We’ll go over all you need to know about the Changzhou Metro in this post, including ticketing, routes, stations, passes, fare cards, timetables, and safety and efficiency suggestions.

Timing: The Changzhou Metro operates daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, the operating hours may be extended during special events or holidays, so it is recommended to check the schedule beforehand.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Changzhou Metro Fare ticket starting price ranging from 2 to 6 yuan (approximately $0.30 to $0.90 USD) per trip. Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Changzhou Metro Ticketing

Changzhou Metro offers a variety of ticket types to fit the needs of its passengers. Tickets can be purchased at self-service machines located at each station.

Types of Changzhou Metro Tickets Available

Changzhou Metro offers single journey tickets, day passes, and rechargeable fare cards. Single journey tickets are valid for one trip on the metro system. Day passes allow for unlimited travel on the day of purchase. Rechargeable fare cards offer a cost-effective and convenient way to travel on the metro system.

Changzhou Metro Fare Chart

The fare for Changzhou Metro varies based on distance traveled. The metro system is divided into six fare zones, and the fare chart is available at each station and on the Changzhou Metro website.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Changzhou Metro Routes and Stations

Overview of Changzhou Metro Routes

Changzhou Metro currently has one line, Line 1, with 22 stations. The metro system is easy to navigate, with signs and maps located throughout each station.

Changzhou Metro Station Layouts

Each Changzhou Metro station has a clear layout, including signs indicating the direction of each platform and the location of exits and entrances. The stations are designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, with elevators and ramps available.

Using Maps to Navigate Changzhou Metro Routes

Changzhou Metro provides maps of the entire metro system, as well as individual station maps. These maps are available at each station and on the Changzhou Metro website. The metro system is also connected to the city’s bus system, making it easy to travel to different parts of the city.

Detailed Station List for Changzhou Metro

Line 1 Stations

1. Wujin

2. Taihu Road

3. Hutang

4. Xin’gang

5. Laochenglu

6. Changzhou Railway Station

7. Dongfangzhimen

8. China Dinosaur Park

9. Changzhou North

10. Henglin

11. Qianhuang

12. Xiachenglu

13. Zhonglou

14. Tianning

15. Tianning Temple

16. Wenbi Road

17. Xuejia

18. Huangliang

19. Qingfeng Park

20. Zaoyuan

21. Hongmei Park

22. Tianningsi

Line 2 Stations

1. Xinbei

2. Jiaoxi

3. Hehai University

4. Wujin High-tech Industrial Zone

5. Hengshanqiao

6. Niutang

7. Changzhou North Railway Station

8. Qianlong

9. Longdaobang

10. Changzhou University

11. Zhenbei Road

12. Zhongwu Avenue

13. Yanzheng Road

14. Changwuxilu

15. Dongfang Square

16. Dongfang Bailian

17. Dongfang Yinzuo

18. Dongfang Plaza

19. Dongfang Baoli

20. Dongfanghong Square

Line 3 Stations

1. Qishuyan

2. West Jintan Road

3. Huayuan Road

4. Gongyuan Road

5. Qinglian Road

6. Laodong Road

7. Changzhou Railway Station North

8. Laimeng

9. Jinsheng

10. Dongfangzhimen

11. Hongji Park

12. Xiaohe

13. Hongmei Park

14. Zaoyuan

15. Tongjiang Road

16. Xinbei

17. Hengshanqiao

18. Niutang

19. Changzhou North Railway Station

20. Sanba

21. Lijia

22. Dongfang Road

23. Zhongwu Avenue

24. Tianning

25. Tianning Temple

26. Wenbi Road

27. Xuejia

28. Huangliang

29. Qingfeng Park

30. Laodong Park

31. Xiachenglu

32. Wujin

Line 4 Stations

1. Tianning

2. Tianning Park

3. Sanjing

4. Zhanglin

5. Wujintang

6. Wenchang Bridge

7. Dong’an Road

8. Weidun Road

9. Yanling

10. Changqing Road

11. Xinmin

12. Zhangshugang

13. Liyang Road

14. Jiangnan University

15. Changfei

16. Jintan Parkway

17. Jintan South

18. Shanggang Road

19. Xinyue Square

20. Xinbei

Benefits of Using a Changzhou Metro Pass

Overview of Changzhou Metro Passes

Changzhou Metro offers rechargeable fare cards, which can be used to travel on the metro system. These cards offer a cost-effective and convenient way to travel on the metro system.

Types of Changzhou Metro Passes Available

Changzhou Metro offers adult and student fare cards. Adult fare cards are valid for three years and can be recharged at any station. Student fare cards offer discounted fares for students and are valid for one year.

Cost Savings with Changzhou Metro Passes

Using a Changzhou Metro fare card can save passengers money on their daily commute. The fare card also eliminates the need to purchase a ticket for each journey, making it a more convenient option for frequent travelers.

Exploring Changzhou Metro Zones and Fare Cards

Changzhou Metro Zone System

The Changzhou Metro is divided into different zones, which determine the fare for each journey. The zones are numbered from 1 to 5, with zone 1 being the city center and the outer zones being farther away from the center. The number of zones crossed during a journey determines the fare charged.

Types of Changzhou Metro Fare Cards Available

There are different types of Changzhou Metro fare cards available for commuters to choose from. These include single-use tickets, rechargeable fare cards, and special cards for frequent users or commuters who need to travel across multiple zones.

Benefits of Using Changzhou Metro Fare Cards

Using a Changzhou Metro fare card has many benefits. It saves commuters time by allowing them to skip the long queues at the ticket counter, and it reduces the hassle of carrying cash or change to purchase tickets. Additionally, using a fare card can save commuters money, as it often comes with discounts or special promotions.

Changzhou Metro Timings: Hours of Operation and Frequency

Changzhou Metro Hours of Operation

The Changzhou Metro operates daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, the operating hours may be extended during special events or holidays, so it is recommended to check the schedule beforehand.

Changzhou Metro Frequency

The frequency of Changzhou Metro trains varies depending on the time of day and the day of the week. During peak hours, trains run every 3-4 minutes, while during off-peak hours and weekends they run every 6-8 minutes.

Changzhou Metro Schedule Changes

Occasionally, the Changzhou Metro schedule may be adjusted due to maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. Commuters are advised to check the official website or social media channels for updates on any schedule changes.

Riding Changzhou Metro Safely and Efficiently

Overview of Changzhou Metro Safety Guidelines

Commuters should follow Changzhou Metro’s safety guidelines, which include keeping the doors and emergency exits clear, refraining from smoking or eating on trains, and reporting any suspicious or dangerous behavior.

Etiquette When Riding Changzhou Metro

When riding the Changzhou Metro, it is important to practice good etiquette. This includes giving up seats to the elderly, pregnant women, or those with disabilities, keeping noise levels to a minimum, and not blocking the doors when entering or exiting the train.

Tips for Navigating Changzhou Metro During Rush Hour

During rush hour, the Changzhou Metro can get crowded and chaotic. Commuters can make their journey smoother by planning their route in advance, being aware of the nearest exits, and avoiding carrying bulky items during peak hours.

Final Thoughts on Changzhou Metro

The Changzhou Metro is a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for commuters and visitors alike. With its easy-to-use fare card system, frequent train schedules, and helpful safety guidelines, riding the metro can be a stress-free experience.

Maximizing Your Changzhou Metro Experience

To make the most of your Changzhou Metro experience, plan your route in advance, use a fare card for added convenience and savings, and follow the safety guidelines and etiquette rules to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.In conclusion, Changzhou Metro Railway provides a reliable and efficient transportation option for travelers in Changzhou. By understanding the various ticket types, routes, stations, passes, fare cards, and timings available, you can navigate the system with ease and convenience. Remember to always follow safety guidelines and be courteous to fellow riders when using Changzhou Metro. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city’s many attractions, Changzhou Metro is an excellent choice for getting around quickly and affordably.

Importance of the Changzhou Metro

The Changzhou Metro is an essential component of the city’s transportation system, providing a convenient and affordable option for commuters. With the addition of new lines and stations, the Changzhou Metro will greatly improve the connectivity of the city, making it easier for people to get around.


What is the expected completion date for the new metro lines?

The new metro lines, Line 3 and Line 4, are expected to be completed and operational by 2023.

What is the fare for the Changzhou Metro?

The Changzhou Metro fare varies based on distance traveled, ranging from 2 to 6 yuan (approximately $0.30 to $0.90 USD) per trip.

How many stations are currently operational on the Changzhou Metro?

As of 2021, the Changzhou Metro has 2 operational lines with a total of 43 stations.

What are the benefits of the Changzhou Metro for the environment?

The Changzhou Metro contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road. Additionally, the metro network is powered by electricity, which is a cleaner energy source than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles.

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