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Dalian metro ticket
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In Dalian, China, the Dalian Metro is a popular and convenient form of transit. Dalian Metro, with its extensive network of lines and stations, provides a simple and efficient method to go about the city. Understanding the various ticket kinds, zones, and fare chart can help you plan your route, while maintaining your fare card and monitoring operating hours can help you plan your travels. We will present a full guide to Dalian Metro in this post, covering everything from ticket kinds and fees to routes and stations, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most of your Dalian Metro experience.

Timing: Understanding the Dalian Metro timings is crucial for planning your journey. The metro operates from 6 am to 11 pm every day, and the frequency varies depending on the line and the time of day.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Dalian Metro Fare ticket starts from The starting charge is CNY2 and the upper limit is CNY6, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Understanding Dalian Metro Ticket Types

Dalian Metro offers a variety of ticket options to suit the needs of every traveler. The basic ticket types include single journey tickets, rechargeable IC card, and day passes. Single journey tickets are ideal for occasional travelers, while the rechargeable IC card is an excellent choice for regular commuters as it offers discounts and convenience. Finally, the day pass is perfect for tourists who want to explore the city for an entire day.

Dalian Metro Fare Chart

The Dalian Metro fare chart is based on the distance traveled by the passenger. As a result, the fares vary depending on the number of zones traveled. The first two zones cost 2 RMB, while each additional zone costs 1 RMB. The maximum fare is 10 RMB, even if you travel through more than six zones. It’s worth noting that children under 1.2 meters in height ride free on the Dalian Metro.

Dalian Metro Pass Options

Dalian Metro also offers different types of passes that provide substantial discounts to regular travelers. The most popular pass is the rechargeable IC card, which offers a 5% discount on every trip. Additionally, there are special passes like the Monthly Pass, the Quarterly Pass, and the Annual Pass, which provide even more significant discounts for long-term travelers.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Dalian Metro Routes and Stations

Major Dalian Metro Routes

Dalian Metro currently has three lines, with more lines under construction. Line 1 runs from northeast to southwest, while Line 2 runs from north to south, and Line 3 runs from east to west. The system also has interchanges with the city’s major bus and rail networks, making it easy to transfer to other modes of transportation.

Popular Dalian Metro Stations

Some of the popular stations on the Dalian Metro system include Zhongshan Square, Xinghai Square, and Dalian Railway Station. Zhongshan Square is a must-visit for tourists as it’s located in the heart of the city and surrounded by famous landmarks. Xinghai Square, on the other hand, is famous for its scenic views of the sea and its vibrant nightlife. Finally, Dalian Railway Station is the busiest station on the system and a major transportation hub in the city.

Lines in Operation

Line 1: Yaojia – Hekou
Total Length: 31.5 kilometers (19.5 miles)
Stations: Yaojia – North Railway Station – Huabei Road – Huanan Square – Qianshan Road – Songjiang Road – Dongwei Road – Chunliu – Xianggong Street – Zhongchang Street – Xinggong Street – Xi’an Road – Fuguo Street – Convention & Exhibition Center – Xinghai Square – 2nd Hospital of Dalian Medical University – Heishijiao – Xueyuan Square – Maritime University – Qixianling – Hekou

Line 2: Xinzhaizi – Haizhiyun
Total Length: 36 kilometers (22 miles)
Stations: Xinzhaizi – Zhoushuizi International Airport – Honggang Road – Hongjin Road – West Hongqi Road – Wanjia – Malan Square – Liaoning Normal University – Jiaotong University – Xi’an Road – Lianhe Road – People’s Square – Yierjiu Street – Qingniwa Bridge – Friendship Square – Zhongshan Square – Gangwan Square – Conference Center – Donggang – Donghai – Haizhiyun

Line 3 (Rapid Transit Rail): Total Length: 64 kilometers (40 miles)
Main Line: Main Railway Station – Jinshitan (Golden Pebble Beach);
Stations: Main Railway Station – Xianglujiao – Jinjia Street – Quanshui – Houyan – Dalian Bay – Jinma Road – Development Zone – Bonded Zone – Digital & DNA Port (DD Port) – Xiaoyaowan – Jinshitan
Branch Line: Development Zone – Jiuli
Stations: Development Zone – Tostem – Hongwei Lanshan (Phoenix Peak) – Dongshan Road – Heping Road – Shijiuju – Jiuli

Line 12: Hekou – Lushun New Port
Total Length: 38 kilometers (24 miles)
Stations: Hekou – Caidaling – Huangnichuan – Longwangtang – Tahewan – Lushun – Tieshan – Lushun New Port

Line 1 & Line 2 & Line 12: The metro fares depend on the distance. The starting charge is CNY2 and the upper limit is CNY6. To be exact, it costs CNY2/person within 6 kilometers (4 miles); CNY3/person for 6-12 kilometers (4-7.5miles); CNY 4/person for 12-18 kilometers (7.5-11 miles); CNY5/person for 18-26 kilometers (11-16 miles), and CNY6/person for 26-34 kilometers (16-21 miles).
Line 3: The exact charge varies with distance. The starting fee is CNY1, and the upmost charge is CNY8.

Line 4: Yingchengzi – Longtoushi
Total Length: 29 kilometers (18 miles)
Stations: Yingchengzi – Xingfu Village – Qianmu – Muchengyi Reservoir – Zhoujiagou – Yinxing Avenue – Xinping Street – Xinzhaizi – Polytechnic University – Zelong Lake – Xinda Street Road – Xibei Road – Songjiang Road – Jinsanjiao – Jinjia Street – Dongfang Road – Suoyuwan – Suoyuwan East – Haimao – Longtoushi

Line 5: Hutan New Area – Houguan Village
Total Length: 24 kilometers (15 miles)
Stations: Houguan Village – Houyan – Qianyan – Quanshui East – Zhonghua Road- Shanhua Street- Ganjingzi – Suoyuwan – Suoyuwan South – Dalian Railway Station – Qingniwanqiao – Labor Park – Shikui Road – Qingyun Street – Taoyuan – Xiuyue Street – Hutan Park – Hutan New Area

Line 6: Xiajiahezi – Hutan New Area
Stations: Xiajiahezi – Xinbo Street – Goujiagou – Best City – Xinshui Road – Yinjiatun – Zhangqian Road – Quzhengfu – Nansong Road – Jinxiu – Jinjiang Road – Xinsheng Road – Lübo Bridge – Changxing Street – Xinggong Street – Zhengong Street – Datong Street – Shichang Street – Main Railway Station – Shengli Bridge – Zhongshan Square – Sanba Square – Shikui Road – Yingbin Road – Laohutan – Hutan New Area

Line 7: Baihe Villa – Gangwan Square
Total Length: 16.5 kilometers (10 miles)
Stations: Baihe Villa – University of Technology – Software Park – Nansha – Heping Plaza – Convention & Exhibition Center – Laodong Road – Labour Park – Nanshan Community – Sanba Square – Dalian Port – International Cruise Terminal – … – Gangwan Square

Line 8: Xiaoping Island – Qipanmo
Xiaoping Island – Hekou – Qixianling – Xuezi Street – Miaoling Village – Lingshui Bus Station – Hongling Bridge – Fumin Road – Jinjiang Road – Yingke Square – Xibei Road – Paoya North – Taizi Bridge – Sports Center – Qipanmo South – Qipanmo

Line 9: Xiaoyaowan – New Airport

Line 10: Changjiang’ao – Beihai Bay

Line 13: Zhenxing Road – Dalian North Railway Station
Total Length: 43.9 kilometers (27.3 miles)
Stations: Phase 1: Zhenxing Road – Ping’anhe – No.34 Middle School – City – Bus General Station – Guafuqiao – Changdianpu – Wulitai – Shihe North – Dalian Ocean University – Puwan High-speed Railway Station – Wushili – Sishili – Sanshilipu – West Sanshili – Ershilipu – Shisanli – Jiuli

Lines and stations

M1 Line

Line 1 (M1) is a round 16,5km (10,25miles). It has 14 stations, and its final stops are Yaojia and Huizhanzhongxin.

Leaving Yaojia, this is the order of the stops: Yaojia, Dalianbeizhan, Huananbei, Huananguangchang, Qianshanlu, Songjianglu, Dongweilu, Chunliu, Xianggongjie, Zhongchangjie, Xinggonglu, Xi’anlu, Fuguojie, Huizhanzhongxin

Getting off at Dalianbeizhan, you may connect with a high speed railway. «Dalian North Railway». Connects with line 2 (M2) on the Xi’anlu stop.

M2 Line

Line 2 (M2) is 20,7km long (12,87 miles).
It has 17 stations, and its final stops are Jichang and Huiyizhongxin.

Leaving Jichang, this is the order of the stops: Jichang, Hongganglu, Hongjinlu, Hongqixilu, Wanjia, Malanguangchang, Liaoshi, Jiaotongdaxue, Xi’anlu, Lianhelu, Renminguangchang, Yi’erjiujie, Qingniwaqiao, Youhaoguangchang, Zhongshanguangchang, Gangwanguangchang, Huiyizhongxin

This line starts at the international airport of Dalián.
Connects with line 1 (M1) on the Xi’anlu stop.
On the Zhongshanguangchang stop, we will find the admired plaza of Zhongshan, well known for its classical buildings from the twentieth century made by the Japanese. In the zone of Zhongshan you may also find the« Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park», a park that contains a great representation of typical marine life from the region, an aquarium of coral reefs, a bird exposition, White whale and dolphin attractions, etc.

R2 Line

Line R2, is 40,38 km (25,09 miles).
It has 8 stations, and its final stops are Hekou and Lüshunxingang.

Leaving Hekou, this is the order of the stops: Hekou, Caidaling, Huangnichuan, Longwangtang, Tahewan, Lüshun, Tieshanzhen, Lüshun xingang

R3 Line

Line 3 (R3), also known as Jinzhou, is 63,45 km long (39,43 miles). It starts at the marvelous commercial center of Dalian.
It has 18 stations, and its last stops are Hekou and Lüshunxingang.

Leaving Hekou, this is the order of the stops: Dalian Railway Station, Xianglujiao, Jinjiajie, Quanshui, Houyan, Dalianwan, Jinmalu, Kaifaqu, Baoshuiqu, DD Port, Xiaoyaowan, Jinshitan, Tostem, Phoenix Peak, Dongshanlu, Hepinglu, Shijiuju, Jiuli.

On the Jinshitan stop, you can find the famous «Golden Pebble Beach», a very appreciated national park, that’s around 50 kms long (31 miles) at the center of Dalian.

District of Jinzhou is a very important zone of industrial development, where all the big corporations are, such as Canon, Mitsubishi Electric, Intel, Sanyo Electric, Toshiba, etc.

Understanding Dalian Metro Zones

Dalian Metro Zone Map

The Dalian Metro system is divided into six zones, with each zone covering a specific area of the city. Zones 1 and 2 are located in the city center, while zones 3 to 6 cover the outskirts of the city. The Dalian Metro zone map can be found on the official website and is also displayed at every station.

How Dalian Metro Zones Affect Your Fare

Dalian Metro fares are calculated based on the number of zones traveled. If you travel through two zones, you’ll pay 2 RMB, while traveling through three zones will cost you 3 RMB. The fare increases by 1 RMB for each additional zone. As a result, it’s essential to know which zones you’re traveling through to calculate the appropriate fare. Overall, understanding the Dalian Metro zones is key to saving money and making the most out of your travels in the city.

Managing your Fare Card: Refill and Balance Check

If you’re a frequent traveler on the Dalian Metro, it’s essential to manage your Dalian Metro fare card. You can refill your fare card at any Dalian Metro station using cash or your bank card. Just go to the self-service machine, select the refill option, and follow the instructions.

How to Refill Your Dalian Metro Fare Card

To refill your Dalian Metro fare card, follow the steps below:

1. Go to any Dalian Metro station.
2. Scan your fare card at the self-service machine.
3. Choose the refill option.
4. Insert cash or your bank card into the machine.
5. Follow the instructions to finish the refill.

Checking Your Dalian Metro Fare Card Balance

To check your Dalian Metro fare card balance, follow these steps:

1. Go to any Dalian Metro station.
2. Scan your fare card at the self-service machine.
3. Choose the balance check option.
4. Your fare card balance will be displayed on the screen.

Riding the Dalian Metro is convenient and comfortable, but following a few etiquettes and safety tips can enhance your experience.

Dalian Metro Etiquette

  • Stand on the right and walk on the left of the escalator.
  • Let passengers exit the train before boarding.
  • Avoid eating or drinking on the train.
  • Keep your phone on silent mode or use headphones.

Safety Tips for Riding Dalian Metro

  • Don’t run or push while boarding the train.
  • Hold onto the handrails while standing in the train.
  • Keep your belongings with you at all times.
  • Be cautious while using the escalator.


What is the current status of the Dalian Metro System?

The Dalian Metro System currently has three lines in operation, with a total length of 142.4 kilometers and 70 stations. Line 1 and Line 2 cover most of the city’s urban areas, while Line 3 connects the city’s northern and southern suburbs.

How often do Dalian Metro trains run?

The trains on Dalian Metro Lines usually run every 5 to 10 minutes during peak hours and every 10 to 15 minutes during non-peak hours. The exact frequency may vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day.

What is the cost of riding on the Dalian Metro?

The fare for riding on the Dalian Metro varies based on the distance traveled. Currently, the minimum fare is CNY 2, and the maximum fare is CNY 6. The fare for a single ride can be paid with a transportation card or cash.

What are the future development plans for the Dalian Metro System?

Dalian City has ambitious plans to expand the metro system over the next few years. By 2023, the city plans to have 7 lines in operation, with a total length of 320 kilometers and 188 stations. The proposed new lines will connect more suburban areas and provide better access to major transportation hubs.

Disclaimer: We are not selling metro tickets nor collecting customer information. This is just a information portal which provides tickets news and information for travellers and commuters. In case any query regarding this article, please contact: info@briomatic.com

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