Delhi Metro Ticket: Metro Railway, Delhi Ticket, Fare Chart, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone, NCMC Card and Timings for Delhi Metro Rail

Delhi metro tickets
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Delhi Metro Tickets January, 2023: How to buy online Delhi’s Metro NCMC Card , tickets and passes for travelers, commuters in Delhi UAE to use the entire modes of transportation run by Delhi’s RTA. All About Delhi Metro | Ticket Price | NCMC card | Delhi Metro Red Line,Yellow Line,Blue Line Line,Green Line , Violet Line , Pink Line.

Let’s explain in detail about (NCMC) fares,(AFC )fare,(NFC) fare, zone fares, ticket fares,monthly passes! Delhi Metro Day Pass, How Much Is A 30-Day Metro Pass, Delhi Metro Zones 2023, Delhi Metro Monthly Pass, Delhi Metro Weekly Pass, Delhi Metro Gold Class, Metro Monthly Pass Cost, Unlimited NCMC Card Price 2023, Delhi Metro Ticket Price and more.

Delhi Metro Pass Types

  • Token. For single journey.
  • Smart Card. For frequent travel.
  • Tourist Card. For unlimited travel in DMRC network except Airport Express Line.
  • National Common Mobility Card. For travel on Airport Express Line.

Where do I buy Delhi Metro tickets

You can buy Delhi Metro smart card in any metro stations of Delhi. When you buy the smart card from the Delhi metro, you will pay some security (50 rupees). when you return this smart card to the Delhi metro, you will get security amount. you will recharge this smart card with minimum recharge 100 rupees. when you are use the smart card, you will get 10 percent discount per journey. If you will daily ride in metro, immediate buy the smart card and save your money and time.

Get Delhi Metro Tickets easily

  1. Login to the Paytm application.
  2. Click on ‘Recharges & Bill Payments’
  3. Next, click on ‘View More’ and select ‘Metro’
  4. Select the ‘Metro’
  5. Choose ‘Metro QR Ticket’
  6. Choose the destination ‘from’ and ‘to’
  7. Select the number of people and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to get a Delhi metro ticket.

Buy a Delhi Metro tickets in online

  1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store
  2. download the Ridlr app for Android or iOS platforms. –
  3. Register on the app using valid credentials including mobile number and email id. – Buy a QR ticket by selecting the origin station and destination station.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Delhi Metro tickets start from Rs 10 to Rs 100, Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

Discount on Delhi Metro Pass

How much discount is offered on the use of smart card? A discount of 10% will be given on every journey made by the passenger on smart card. Note: Additional discount @10% is given to commuters using Smart Card who enter during non-peak hours (except in airport express line)

 30 days Delhi metro pass price

Rs.5,018.69 30 days of unlimited rides on bus and rail, including J Line (Silver) and Express Bus Lines.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

How to check-in

• Ensure you have a minimum balance of AED 7.50 on your card.
• Approach the gates of Metro or the entrances of bus/ water bus.
• Place your nol Card on the card reader.
• Wait to hear a beep or look for the green light which signals a successful check-in.
• Pass through the gate/entrance.

How to check-out

• Approach the gates of Metro or the entrances of bus/ water bus.
• Place your nol Card on the card reader
• Wait to hear a beep or look for the green light which signals a successful check-out.
• Pass through the gate/entrance.
• The gate will automatically calculate and the cost of your trip/journey based on the number of zones you have passed.

Feeder buses

DMRC operates around 291 electric feeder buses on 42 routes connecting 54 metro stations in Delhi. Around two hundred thousand people use the feeder bus service on a daily basis. Timings of Feeder Bus operation are 08:00 Hours to 20:00 Hours at a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes depending upon Road Traffic density. However, if an operator wishes he can operate before/beyond these hours. At present Metro, Feeder Bus Depots are located at Shastri Park, Kohat Enclave, Janakpuri West, Dwarka Sector-9, Chhatarpur, Yamuna Bank, Azadpur.

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