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harbin metro ticket
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The Harbin Metro Railway is a modern transportation system serving the city of Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, China. It is the first subway system in Northeast China, opened in 2013. Since then, Harbin’s metro railway has become an integral part of the city’s public transportation system, expanding rapidly to meet the growing demand of residents and tourists. This article provides an overview of Harbin’s metro system, including ticket options, fares, route schedules, and train times. Whether you’re a first-timer or a long-time resident, this guide will help you navigate the Harbin metro easily and efficiently.

Timing: The Harbin Metro operates from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day. However, the operating hours may vary on some holidays. Passengers can check the official website of the Harbin Metro to know the exact timings.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Harbin Metro Fare ticket starts from Fares range froḿ ¥2 to ¥4 depending on trip distance. Book tickets on official website. check more information.

Types of Harbin Metro Tickets

Harbin Metro offers two types of tickets: Single Journey Tickets and Rechargeable Fare Cards. Single Journey Tickets are suitable for occasional riders, while Rechargeable Fare Cards are more convenient for frequent commuters.

How to Purchase Harbin Metro Tickets

Tickets can be purchased at ticket vending machines at all metro stations. Additionally, Rechargeable Fare Cards can also be purchased and recharged at designated service centers.

Validity of Harbin Metro Tickets

Single Journey Tickets are only valid for one trip, while Rechargeable Fare Cards can be used multiple times until the stored value on the card is depleted.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. check more information.

Fare Chart and Pass Options

Harbin Metro Fare Chart

The Harbin Metro uses a distance-based fare system, with fares ranging from 2 to 5 CNY depending on the distance traveled.

Harbin Metro Pass Options

Harbin Metro offers several types of passes, including Daily Pass, Monthly Pass, and Annual Pass. These passes provide discounted fares and are more economical for frequent commuters.

Benefits of Using Harbin Metro Passes

Using Harbin Metro Passes can save both time and money, as commuters do not need to purchase tickets every time they ride the metro. Additionally, passes provide discounts on fares, making commuting more affordable.

Harbin Metro Routes and Stations

Harbin’s metro system is consists of two lines.

Line 1 – Red:

The first line (red) is consists of 18 metro stations. It begins in East Railway Station, Huashujie, Jiaotongxueyuan, Taipingqiao, Gongchengdaxue, Yanchang, Yidayiyuan, Bowuguan, Tieluju, Hagongda, Xidaqiao, Hexinglu, Xuefulu, Ligongdaxue, Heilongjiang Daxue, Yidaeryuan, Hada and the last one South Railway Station.

Line 3 – Orange

The second line (orange) is consists of 5 metro stations. It begins in Yidaeryuan, Haxidajie, Harbindajie, Harbinxizhan (West Railway Station) and the last one Chengxianglu.

Station Layout

Harbin West Railway Station has 4 floors.

Mezzanine of 2FCommercial Area and restaurants
2F levelEntrance, ticket offices, departures, waiting room
1F LevelTaxi drop-off areas, entrance, ticket office, waiting room, platforms, railway tracks, west square station, east square station, bus station
B1 LevelArrivals, exits, ticket-office, transports transfer hall, taxi pick-up areas, parking lots
B2 LevelMetro line 3 station

Harbin Metro Route Map

The Harbin Metro Route Map is available at all metro stations and online. It provides a comprehensive overview of all routes and stations, making it easier for riders to plan their trips.

Popular Harbin Metro Stations and Attractions

Some of the most popular Harbin Metro stations and attractions include Harbin Railway Station, Central Street, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Harbin Ice and Snow World.

Tips for Navigating Harbin Metro System

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free commute, it is recommended to plan your route in advance and check train schedules. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the fare system and use Rechargeable Fare Cards or passes for convenience and savings.

Zoning System for Harbin Metro Fare

How Harbin Metro Fare Zones Work

The Harbin Metro Railway system operates a zoning system for its fares. This means that the fares are determined based on the distance travelled by the passenger from the starting point to the destination station. The fare zones are divided into eight categories, ranging from Zone 1 to Zone 8. Each zone represents a distance travelled by the passenger. The farther the distance, the higher the fare.

Calculating Harbin Metro Fares

Calculating the fare for a Harbin Metro ride is easy. Passengers need to check the map of the Harbin Metro system and locate their starting point and destination. Once they know the zone for each, they can determine the fare by referring to the Fare Chart.

Benefits of Understanding Harbin Metro Fare Zones

Understanding the Harbin Metro Fare Zones can help passengers save money on their fares. Passengers can plan their travels more efficiently by choosing the shortest routes between their starting and destination stations. This will help them get the best value for their money.

Benefits of Using Harbin Metro Fare Card

What is Harbin Metro Fare Card?

The Harbin Metro Fare Card is a rechargeable smart card that allows passengers to pay for their fares without using cash. Passengers can use the card to top-up the required amount of fare and use it to ride the Harbin Metro.

How to Purchase Harbin Metro Fare Card?

The Harbin Metro Fare Card can be purchased at any Harbin Metro station. Passengers need to provide a valid ID proof to buy the card. They can top-up the card balance using cash or a debit card.

Benefits of Using Harbin Metro Fare Card

Using the Harbin Metro Fare Card has several benefits. Passengers can save time by avoiding long queues to buy tickets. The card can be recharged easily and quickly, reducing the hassle of carrying cash. Additionally, passengers can get discounts on their fares when using the card.

Tips for Riding Harbin Metro Railway

Summary of Harbin Metro Railway

The Harbin Metro Railway is an efficient and convenient mode of transportation in Harbin. It operates on a zoning system for fares and offers the Harbin Metro Fare Card for quick and convenient payments. The trains operate at frequent intervals and follow a strict schedule.

Tips for First-time Riders of Harbin Metro Railway

First-time riders of the Harbin Metro should plan their trips in advance. They should carry the Harbin Metro Fare Card for easy and quick payments. They should also be aware of the fare zones and plan their trip to save money on fares.

Future plans for Harbin Metro

Despite the challenges, Harbin’s metro system expansion project is moving forward, and there are plans for further development. Here are some of the future plans:

Phase 2 expansion plans

Planning is already underway for the Phase 2 expansion of the metro system, which will add new lines and stations. The Phase 2 expansion is expected to cater to more areas of the city, making the system more comprehensive and convenient.

Advantages of Using Harbin Metro Railway

The Harbin Metro is an affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Passengers can avoid the traffic and save time by choosing the Harbin Metro for their daily commutes. Additionally, it is a safe and secure mode of transportation, making it an ideal choice for all passengers.In conclusion, Harbin Metro Railway is a reliable and efficient mode of transportation that provides easy access to various parts of the city. With its affordable fares, frequent train services, and user-friendly features, it remains an excellent option for both tourists and residents alike. By understanding the ticketing system, fare charts, route maps, and train timings, you can have a hassle-free experience while riding the Harbin Metro Railway. So next time you’re in Harbin, be sure to give this transportation system a try!


How many new stations will be added to Harbin Metro by 2023?

By 2023, Harbin Metro is expected to have 94 stations. This would be an addition of approximately 60 new stations to the existing 34 stations.

What are some of the features of the new metro stations?

The new metro stations will feature accessibility features such as elevators, ramps, and tactile paving for visually impaired passengers. They will also have green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting and solar panels. Additionally, the stations will have modern designs with the use of digital displays and art installations.

What are some of the benefits of the expanded Harbin Metro network?

The expanded network will provide reduced traffic congestion, improved public transport access for citizens, and environmental benefits such as reduced air pollution. It will also help to stimulate economic development in areas surrounding the metro stations.

What are the future plans for Harbin Metro?

The future plans for Harbin Metro involve expanding the network to other areas of the city. Phase 2 of the expansion project is already in progress with plans to extend Line 1 and build new lines such as Line 6 and

Is Harbin Metro Railway safe for tourists?

Yes, Harbin Metro Railway is a safe mode of transportation for tourists. The stations and trains are equipped with advanced security systems to ensure the safety of passengers. Additionally, the railway staff are always available to assist passengers in case of an emergency.

How much does a Harbin Metro Ticket cost?

The cost of a Harbin Metro Ticket depends on the distance traveled. The fares range from CNY 2 to CNY 5 for a single journey. Passengers can also purchase a rechargeable fare card to avail discounts on their journeys.

Can I take my luggage on Harbin Metro Railway?

Yes, passengers are allowed to take their luggage on Harbin Metro Railway. However, it is recommended to avoid carrying large or heavy luggage during peak hours as it may cause inconvenience to other passengers.

What are the timings of Harbin Metro Railway?

Harbin Metro Railway operates from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm every day. The train frequency varies between 3 to 10 minutes depending on the time of the day and the route. Passengers are advised to check the timetable before planning their journey to avoid any inconvenience.

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