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Kanpur Metro is a fast transit system that serves Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Kanpur Metro currently has 9 operational stations. Important and essential information such as Kanpur Metro route, metro lines, service operation timings, first train, last train, route map, fare chart, top attractions near metro station, metro station nearby, news, and more can be found here.

OperatorUttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC)
Operation start28 December 2021
Number of lines1 Metro Lines
Train length3 Coaches
No. of stations9 Active Stations

Ticket price

Ticket price for Kanpur Metro Rail tickets start fro Rs. 10 to Rs. 70, Book tickets on official website. check more information.

Kanpur Metro Fare Charges List

DistanceFare Charges
>Upto 1 Km₹11
1 Km to 2 Km₹17
2 Km to 6 Km₹22
6 Km to 9 Km₹33
9 Km to 13 Km₹44
13 Km to 17 Km₹55
More than 17 Km₹66

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. check more information.

Kanpur Metro Lines | (Terminal Stations)

Metro linesTerminal stationTerminal station
◩ Red LineIIT KanpurNaubasta
◩   Blue LineAgriculture UniversityBarra-8

The timing of the first Kanpur metro train is 6 AM, while the timing of the last metro train is 10 PM. Kanpur Metro is available every 5 minutes, allowing you to catch the train as per your schedule.

Kanpur Metro Station List

Kanpur metro route will be built in 2 phases. Under Kanpur Metro phase-1, a network spanning 32.385 KM will be built with 2 lines Red Line and Blue Line.These lines will connect major public nodes and city cluster areas of Kanpur. Kanpur Metro station list is given below.

Kanpur Metro Station on Red Line

  • IIT Kanpur
  • Kalyanpur Railway Station
  • SPM Hospital
  • CSJM University
  • Gurudev Chauraha
  • Geeta Nagar
  • Rawatpur Railway Station
  • Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital
  • Moti Jheel
  • Chunniganj
  • Naveen Market
  • Bada Chauraha
  • Nayaganj
  • Birhana Road
  • Kanpur Central Railway Station
  • ISBT Jhakarkati
  • Old Transport Nagar
  • Kidwai Nagar North
  • Kidwai Nagar South
  • Yashoda Nagar
  • Baudh Nagar
  • Naubasta

Kanpur Metro Stations on 9 KM Priority Corridor

  • IIT-Kanpur
  • Kalyanpur
  • SPM Hospital
  • Kanpur University/ Vishwavidyalaya
  • Gurudev Crossing/ Chauraha
  • Geeta Nagar
  • Rawatpur
  • GSVM Medical College/LLRH
  • Moti Jheel

Kanpur Metro Stations on Blue Line

  • CSA University
  • GSVM Medical College
  • Rawatpur Railway Station
  • Kakadeo
  • Vijay Nagar
  • Dada Nagar
  • Barra-7
  • Barra-8
  • Jarauli

Mobility card

Metro commuters can now book tickets on ‘Kanpur Metro’ app itself. After booking the ticket, a QR code will be generated on the app

Top Cup for Smart Card can be done through online on the below link


Interesting Facts about Kanpur Metro

  • Kanpur Metro is managed by and owned by Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation a joint venture between Kanpur Metro in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation other metro projects in the state are also under construction now such as Agra Metro, Meerut Metro, Varanasi Metro, Prayagraj Metro, Gorakhpur Metro.
  • Kanpur Metro Construction of the line began on September 2015, which began its commercial operation on 28 December 2021.
  • Kanpur metro has also provided free RO drinking water, toilets, escalators, and lifts at all the stations.
  • WiFi is available at each station with free access for smart cardholders.
  • The metro could accommodate speeds up to 90 km/h (56 mph) but the typical usage would be at speeds between 32 KM/H to 35 KM/H.
  • GoSmart card can be used for non-transport (integrated with Kanpur metro) transactions of Kanpur.
  • GoSmart card can be used for other Metros of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Varanasi, Meerut, Agra, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, and Jhansi).
  • Token Vending Machine (TVM) and Add Value Machine (AVM) have been installed at all the stations.
  • The first metro trainset was taken as a trial run from the assembling area to the depot. Testing of the trainset’s doors and signals were also taken, as of 25 October.
  • The estimated cost of the Kanpur Metro entire projects is 11,076.48 crore, out of which the cost of the priority section has been Rs 2,100 crore. While the European Investment Bank (EIB) has sanctioned a loan of Rs 5,551.99 cr (Euro 650 million), the remaining cost is being shared by the Union and the state governments.

Kanpur Metro FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

2. What types of fare media are available?

Three types of fare media are available; Single Journey Tokens, GoSmart cards and Tourist Cards.

3. From where can I purchase the token?

Across all ticketing windows and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at all Metro stations.

4. Is there any time limit within which I should enter the Metro Station after purchasing the token?

The token remains valid for whole day from the station of purchase.

5. Is there any time limit within which I should exit from the destination station after entering from any station?

The maximum travel time limit is 90 minutes for a single (onward journey). After expiry of travel time a penalty @Rs.10/- per hour subject to maximum of Rs.50 will be charged.

6. Can I exit from the same station where I have entered?

Yes, by dropping token into exit gate slot within 20 minutes after entry. After expiry of the time limit a penalty @Rs.10/ per hour subject to maximum of Rs.50/- will be charged.

7. Can I get return journey token?

No, this facility is not available at present.

8. Can I get refund of my token?

An unused token is refundable at full amount from token purchase station only, within 30 minutes of purchase of token. Partially used tokens can be refunded in exceptional cases, like disruption in service, unusual delay in train running due to incident/accident.

9. Can I get refund of balance fare if I get down at a station before the destination station for which I have purchased the token/ticket?

No refund of balance fare is admissible.

10. Can I extend my journey beyond the original destination?

Yes, if you are token holder, the additional fare for extended journey (fare for new destination-fare for original destination) has to be paid at customer care centre of destination station before making an exit from AFC gates.

11. What should I do if I lose my token/card?

You should approach Customer Care Centre at your destination station. You will be treated without Token & shall be charged (*Max. Fare + Rs 50/-), after this paid exit token shall be issued to make exit. In case later on passenger approaches that CST is recovered, no refund is permissible & token shall be confiscated.

12. What should I do if the token/card is not accepted at the entry/exit gates at the originating/destination station?

Customer should Contact Customer Care Centre with token/card for assistance.

13. What is a Go smart card? What are the advantages of GoSmart card?

A Smart Card is special type of ticket and used for multiple journeys. The use of smart card

Save time in purchase of token Avoid standing in queue for purchase of token Avail 10% discount on every journey One can enter & exit from any station After registration free Wi-Fi can be availed at stations after entering in paid area.

14. How do GoSmart cards Work?

A GoSmart Card is a contactless smart card. You just place your GoSmart Card on the reader of AFC gate, it will automatically validate the card, and deduct the correct fare for the journey at the station of exit.

15. How can I purchase a smart card?

Go Smart Card can be purchased from Customer Care Centre of any Station.

16. Can I book the cards/tokens online?

One can purchase cards/tokens from the counter at metro stations only, Facility for online recharge of smart card is available through LMRC website.

17. Do I need to submit any document/proof to get a GoSmart card?

No document/proof is required.

18. Can I purchase GoSmart card for my family, friends or any other person known to me?

Yes, it is not a personalized card. You may purchase smart card for your family member, friend or any other person.

19. How many people can travel on a single GoSmart Card?

Only one person is authorized to travel on one smart card at a time.

20. What is the period validity of GoSmart card? When it will expire?

A GoSmart Card is valid for 1 years from date of last recharge

21. How much discount is offered on the use of GoSmart card?

A discount of 10% in fare on every journey is available.

22. How much is the security deposit and minimum adding value for GoSmart cards?

A GoSmart Card can be purchased at a Security Deposit (refundable*) of Rs 100/- and a value of Rs 100/-i.e. a Smart Card can be purchased at a minimum cost of Rs 200/-.

23. Is there any maximum store value limit in a GoSmart Card?

Yes, IN LMRC – The maximum permissible store value limit on a Smart Cards is Rs 2000/-

24. How can I check the available balance in my GoSmart card?

The balance available on a GoSmart Card can be checked at Ticket Reader available on all Customer Care Centres of Metro Station.

25. What is the minimum balance required on GoSmart Card for travel?

A minimum balance equivalent to minimum fare (presently Rs 10/-) is required to enter in station for travelling purpose. The customer can travel up to his desired destination. The difference in the fare & available balance will be recorded in his card which will be automatically adjusted upon next recharge or from security deposit during refund.

26. What precautions are to be taken while using Smart Card?

While entering wait for your turn, then show your card at the entry gate sensor and enter when flaps are open. At destination, while exiting wait for your turn, show your card over exit gate sensor and exit when flaps are open. Every valid entry is to be followed by valid exit. In case of entry/exit mismatch, penalty/surcharge of Rs 30 will be charged.

27. How can I get refund of available balance in my smart card?

The balance amount available on GoSmart Card is refundable from Customer Care Centre of any station.

28. Is security deposit refundable?

Yes, security deposit is refundable if the card readable by the system. If the card is not readable and damaged, security deposit amount will not be refunded.

29. Can I use the smart card to make entry and exit at the same station?

Yes, A fare of Rs 10/- will be deducted from GoSmart Card.

30. Can I get refund of the balance amount in Smart card from any station?

Yes, the balance amount in Smart card can be obtained from any station.

31. My card is not working and I deposited my card with Customer Care executive. He told me that the refund will be available after few days. What can be the reason and what should I do in such case?

It is possible that the chip of Smart Card becomes unreadable in the system. In such cases the refund of the balance amount can be collected after seven working days from the same station where it was deposited. A message to collect your balance shall be sent to your registered mobile number.

32. The customer care executive refunded my balance amount but refused to refund the security deposit. What can be the reason?

It is possible that the chip of the Smart Card has become unreadable on account of physical damage to it.

33. What make GoSmart Card defective?

Smart Card has an electronic chip inside it. When chip is damaged or defective, the card will not work.

34. What could be the reasons of GoSmart card (Travel Card) getting damage?

Smart card should be handled with care. Don’t expose them to extreme temperatures, moisten, bend or keep near the magnets.

35. Is there any condition when 10% discount is not available in Smart card?

Yes, if it requires any adjustment on account of mismatch (errors). 10% discount is not available on the purchase of tokens (single journey) through GoSmart card also.

36. I have lost my smart card. Can I block its usage and get refund of my balance amount?

No, as it is not a personal card.

37. Is there any concession for students/senior citizens/handicapped etc?

No, but by using Smart Cards, a passenger can avail a discount of 10% on every journey.

38. What are criteria for ticket charges of a child?

Children below 3 feet (90 cms) height are allowed to travel free if accompanied by an adult. Children above 3 feet (90 cms) will be charged full fare.

39. What is tourist card?

Tourist cards are special fare products designed for tourist in the city. The tourist card offers unlimited rides on Metro for a specified duration. There are two types of tourist cards available:

One day tourist card (Rs. 200) Three day tourist card (Rs. 350)

40. How can I get a tourist card?

A Tourist Card can be purchased from Customer Care Centre of any Station. One day validity tourist cards can be purchased for Rs 200/- and three day validity tourist card can be purchased at Rs 350/- out of which security deposit of Rs 100/- is refundable.

41. How much is the security deposit for tourist cards?

Rs 100 only.

42. How many journeys per day are allowed by a tourist card?

Unlimited rides for the day of purchase on one day validity tourist cards and unlimited rides for three days on three days validity tourist cards.

43. Is there any time limit for exiting from the metro station after entering at any station with a tourist card?


44. Can I get refund of tourist card if I don’t use it?

Irrespective of use, only security deposit (Rs 100/-) amount will be refundable.

45. To whom should I contact if any hazardous article/unusual occurrence are observed at a station?

Please inform the nearest Security personal, metro employee or UP Police for prompt action or call LMRC helpline.

46. How to get assistance for a sick person while travelling in Metro Train?

Passenger Emergency Intercom (PEI) button are provided on every alternate door of Metro Train. By operation of PEA, the problem can be informed to Train Operator which in turn will inform to the next station to provide /arrange prompt medical assistance. Caution: Misuse of PEI is a punishable offence with a penalty of Rs. 1000/- and /or imprisonment up to 1 year.

47. How can I get wheel chair at a Metro station?

While entering a station contact Customer Care Centre / Security Guards and ask for assistance. Staff will help you in getting wheel chair at entry and exit station.

48. Whether toilet facilities are available in train or stations?

No toilet facility is available in Metro Trains however toilet facilities are available free of cost at metro stations in paid area for the commuters.

49. What about medical facilities?

First Aid facility is available at all stations. For emergency, ambulance service is arranged through calling 108 ambulance services for sick passengers.

50. How much weight is allowed with a person while travelling on Lucknow Metro?

Luggage up to a maximum weight of 15 Kg and dimensions of up to 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm is permitted with a commuter.

51. How do I know about last train timings to my destination station?

Metro train timings are from 6 AM to 10 PM. However, last train timings can be enquired from Customer Care Centre of all Metro stations.

52. May I bring an open baby stroller into the Metro system?

When entering the system, customers should hold their children and fold strollers. Do not try to carry a stroller with a child in it up or down stairways or escalators and avoid pushing.

53. Should I keep some change/loose coins or money with me?

Yes, It is required if you purchase token (s) or any adjustment is required in your smart card.

54. How one should board the train?

1. Stay away from Yellow line 2. Form Queue 3. Allow passengers to de-board first 4. Allow children, differently abled infirm passengers to board the train first. 5. Now, board the train.

55. What is the procedure and rule for group metro rides for educational or joy purposes?

1. The requests for scheduling educational/awareness group ride (paid), must be sent to prolmrc@gmail.com or call 0522- 2304014 (Office reception) for more information. 2. There is no provision of free metro ride. 3. For special permissions to organise group metro ride which requires presence of a dedicated team of metro officials and security staff, it’s mandatory to take the metro ride to a minimum of 5 stations. 4. The 3ft height rule which exempts passengers of height less than 3ft from purchasing tokens for metro ride isn’t applicable on group rides organised from schools/pre-schools or any other organisation/group. Tokens/group tickets are required to be purchased for all passengers irrespective of age/height in case of joy/educational rides/awareness metro ride arranged by schools/institutions/groups.

56. Can an educational institute visit the Transport Nagar Depot for industrial visit?

‘Request/ application for industrial visit to Depot facility/technical rooms at Stations, must be sent to prolmrc@gmail.com. and is subject to approval.

57. Can I do professional photography/videography at Station premises/ trains?

Professional photography/videography can only be done if permitted by the management for special purposes. Request/ application for professional photography/videography at Station premises/ trains, must be sent to prolmrc@gmail.com. and is subject to approval.

58. Can I visit unpaid area of metro station just for showing the place to a group of students or to pray at station premises?

In view of passenger safety and to avoid inconvenience, there is no provision of visiting unpaid area of metro stations in groups for any purpose like but not limited to educating, creating awareness about any issue, religious practices, video/still shooting etc.

59. What is the permissible time and penalty for overstay at paid area of metro station?

‘Maximum permissible time to exit station for a single journey:

Same Station: 20 minutes Any other station: 90 minutes

After the expiry of travel time, a penalty @Rs10/hour subject to maximum of Rs 50 will be charged.

60. How to check token amount issued?

Passenger can check the value of token (Token amount) on display provided in ticket counter while purchasing token. Token amount can also be checked on AVM (Add Value Machine) provided at stations.

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