Kolkata Metro Ticket: Metro Railway, Kolkata Ticket, Fare Chart, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone, NCMC Card and Timings for Kolkata Metro Rail

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Kolkata Metro Ticket

Kolkata Metro Ticket: Find out more about Metro Railway’s fare, fare chart, Metro Pass, tickets, Route, Stations, Zone And Timings, Smart Card in March, 2023.

Kolkata – The City of Joy

Kolkata – The City of Joy: Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is a city of many hues, recognized by many as the cultural capital of India, known as the city of palaces to others and the city of joy to others; It is difficult to capture its diversity and individuality within the confines of a single phrase. Now Kolkata is more modernised with Advance Metro Rail system across the city.

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation

How to buy online Kolkata Metro Smart Card, ticket and passes for travelers and commuters in Kolkata to use the entire modes of transportation run by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation(KMRC).

Find here more information and All About Kolkata Metro | Ticket Price | NCMC card | Kolkata Metro

Kolkata Metro Ticket are available only in the form of NCMC card with multiple types of cards available to use it as a ticket for Kolkata Metro as well as for all the Public Transports like Kolkata Bus, Ferry, Taxi and even you can shop at some of the stores in Kolkata.

All the information you need about Kolkata Metro tickets – prices, how to pay, season tickets, NCMC cards and where you can buy them.

KMRC Fare Chart

Kolkata Metro Railway’s fare is the minimum amongst all the Metros in operation in India. Metro fare is also in the lowest in comparision to road transport in the city of Kolkata. Fare of Metro Railway has been revised with effective from date 05.12.2019. – Metro Railyway Kolkata

Kolkata Metro Fares, Prices, Pass and NCMS Cards

Kolkata metro Passes and ticket complete information available below for your reference. Enjoy riding in Kolkata Metro and Have a pleasant Journey.

How to purchase and use Kolkata Metro Ticket, what is the prices, types of cards, what are all the zones and kind of Metro passes, what is ‘NCMC card’ and all the details are available for commuters, travelers and students is explained in details.

  • TokenFor Single Journey
  • Smart CardFor frequent travel
  • Tourist CardFor unlimited travel
  • National Common Mobility Car For travel on Airport Express Line
  • QR Code based ticketingFor travel on Airport Express Line

Kolkata Metro Lines / Zone and Color


Under construction

Lines Detail

Number of lines in Kolkata Metro1 Fully operational
2 Partly operational & partly under construction
2 Under construction
1 Planned

Kolkata Metro Ticketing System

Let’s explain in detail about NCMC fares, AFC fare, NFC fare, zone fares, ticket fares, monthly passes! Kolkata Metro Day Pass, How Much is A 30-Day Metro Pass, Kolkata Metro Zones 2023, Kolkata Metro Monthly Pass, Kolkata Metro Weekly Pass, Kolkata Metro Gold Class, Metro Monthly Pass Cost, Unlimited NCMC Card Price 2023, KolkataMetro Ticket Price and more.  

For a commuters, get the NCMC Card for regular use to cummute, it can be used on different modes of transport like Metro Rail, CityBus, Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, Radio Taxi, and Car Rental benefits in Kolkata.

Freedom of choice of originating and destination station. Minimum discount of 10% on every journey on every journey made by the passenger on smart card. Concession of 60% of the chargeable fare is granted to students attending School / Madrasas / Vocational Institutions up to classes academically equivalent to Class – XII. 


Note: Additional discount @10% is given to commuters using Smart Card who enter during non-peak hours (except in airport express line)

Buy Metro ticket online

  1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Download the Ridlr app for Android or iOS platforms.
  3. Register on the app using valid credentials including mobile number and email id.
  4. Buy a QR ticket by selecting the origin station and destination station.

Where do I buy Metro ticket?

You can buy Kolkata Metro smart card in any metro stations of Kolkata. When you buy the smart card from the Kolkata metro, you will pay some security (60 rupees). when you return this smart card to the Kolkata metro, you will get security amount. you will recharge this smart card with minimum recharge 100 rupees. when you are use the smart card, you will get 10 percent discount per journey. If you will daily ride in metro, immediate buy the smart card and save your money and time.

Ticket Price Kolkata

Ticket price for Kolkata Metro rail starts from Rs 10.00 for single trip up to 2kms to 5kms. Ticket for more than 32kms fixed at Rs65/-. Here is the complete Kolkata metro ticket price list by kilometer and time limit.

Kolkata Metro Tickets Fare Chart

The Kolkata Metro ticket fare starts from Rs. 5 till 2 Kms and than it will cost Rs. 10 for the travel between 2 Kms to 5 Kms. Passengers have to pay Rs. 15 for the journey between 5 Kms to 10 Kms.

Kolkata Metro Fare Chart – For East West Corridor (Single Journey)

Distance TravelledFare in INR (Rs)Time Limits
2 to 5 KmRs. 10                  Rs. 65
5 to 10 KmRs. 20                   Rs. 65
10 to 16.5 KmRs. 30                   Rs. 65

Kolkata Metro Card Price

1. Smart Card – First Time User

Smart Cards are sold at all Kolkata Metro stations. The first time user will have to purchase the smart card of Rs 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000.

ZoneDistance from OriginTicket Fare
Zone 1up to 5 kmRs 5
Zone 25 – 10 kmRs. 10
Zone 310 – 15 kmRs. 15
Zone 415 – 20 kmRs. 15
Zone 520 – 25 kmRs. 20
Zone 625 – 30 kmRs. 25

2. Smart Card (Stored Value) Fares

Recharge Value (Rs.)Gained ValueValidity
100Rs. 110365 days
200Rs. 220365 days
300Rs. 330365 days
500Rs. 550365 days
1000Rs. 1100365 days

3. Tourist Smart Card

  • 1 Day Unlimited Rides:  Rs250 with Rs60 security deposit
  • 3 Day Unlimited Rides : Rs550 with Rs50 security deposit

Kolkata Metro Fare Chart East-West Line 2

Fare charges on Kolkata Metro’s Line-2 (Howrah Maidan – Sector V) were fixed on 05.12.2019 and are listed below.

1. Single Journey Fares

ZoneDistance from OriginFare
Zone 10 – 2 kmRs. 5
Zone 22 – 5 kmRs. 10
Zone 35 – 10 kmRs. 20
Zone 410 – 15 kmRs. 30

2. Smart Card (Stored Value) Fares

Recharge Value (Rs)Gained ValueValidity
100Rs. 110365 days
200Rs. 220365 days
300Rs. 330365 days
500Rs. 550365 days
1000Rs. 1100365 days

3.Tourist Smart Card
• 3 Day Unlimited Rides: Rs250 with Rs60 security deposit
• 5 Day Unlimited Rides: Rs550 with Rs50 security deposit

How to Recharge Kolkata Metro Tickets Cards Online

Get Kolkata Metro Tickets easily online on PAYTM

  1. Login to the Paytm application.
  2. Click on ‘Recharges & Bill Payments’
  3. Next, click on ‘View More’ and select ‘Metro’
  4. Select the ‘Metro’
  5. Choose ‘Metro QR Ticket’
  6. Choose the destination ‘from’ and ‘to’
  7. Select the number of people and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to get a Kolkata metro ticket.

Another way

How do I recharge my smart card?

Fast, easy and everywhere.

To top up your own Smart number, dial *1203*13-digit PIN#.  To top up another Smart number, dial *1203*11*receiver’s number*13-digit PIN#. You can also e-top up (electronically) via Smart Shops, Smart Dealers, mobile wallets and your bank account.

Metro Railway Official Mobile App

Metro Ride Kolkata

Centre for Railway Information Systems: QR based tickets booked through this App, grants user access to Kolkata Metro premises when showed at Automatic Fare Collection Gates. Kolkata Metro Stored Value Smart Card holders can also link their cards and make payment for top-up the same through this App.

How to buy QR Tickets through App

Here is the step by step process to buy QR tickets through android or iPhone app.

  1. Install RIDLR APP
  2. Register with your valid credentials
  3. Proceed to buy QR ticket
  4. Select number of passengers (max.6)
  5. Proceed for payment
  6. Get the QR-code/ticket
  7. Present the QR code at scanner on the entry gates
  8. Present the same QR code on the gate scanner to make exit

Metro App Support

Contact APP support centre at 18001213233 or email at support@ridlr.com

kolkata Metro Pass Types

Kolkata Metro CardTravel Types / Travel Frequency
TokenFor single journey
Smart CardFor Frequent travel
Tourist CardFor unlimited travel in KMRC network except Airport Express Line

Discount on Kolkata Metro Pass

How much discount is offered on the use of smart card?

A discount of 10% will be given on every journey made by the passenger on smart card. Note: Additional discount @10% is given to commuters using Smart Card who enter during non-peak hours (except in airport express line).

Kolkata Metro Contacts for Queries

Kolkata – 700021. Dial 2226-4817 / 9007041844 for all queries by metro commuters on train information, smart card related issues, grievances.

Biggest Line in Kolkata Metro

It extends from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash Metro station near Garia, on the busy North-South axis of Kolkata over a length of 31.365Kms. with 26 Stations & 15.70Kms. of underground section.(line1) Blue Line

Do’s In Metro Rail

  • At metro Station, don’t be in hurry. Always remain in queue.
  • Limit your luggage to 15 kgs. Not surpassing 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm in size.
  • Keep your station clean. Always use Dustbins.
  • While moving on escalators, always stand on left half of elevators and while moving go in right.
  • After using escalators at station, move away from it. Don’t be in hurry to move on escalators.
  • Always remember that train stops for 30 seconds only at one metro station. After 30 Seconds it automatically gets closed.

Don’t in Metro Rail

  • Do not take eatables inside the metro station premises
  • Do not bring your pets in stations.
  • Do not smoke at the station.
  • Do not go without your token (i.e. Metro Ticket)
  • Do not illegally cross the automatic ticket barrier.
  • Do not use your card for other persons
  • Do not cross the yellow line at the Station
  • Do not go onto the Metro tracks
  • Do not go on the train’s top
  • Do not attempt to open the doors.
  • Do not damage the station property.

 If you damage or lose your token/card?

 if you lost your token/card then you will be treated without ticket and have to pay a fine.

Kolkata Metro Timing

The Kolkata Metro operates approximate Timings

Kolkata Metro services start at 7:00 AM in the morning to 22:30 PM in the evening. The state government had tweaked the metro timings during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Token is meant for single journey. There is no provision for return journey token.
  • Token is captured at the exit gate on completion of journey.
  • Token is valid for the day of purchase for a particular zone of travel.
  • Passenger must enter the paid area within 45 minutes from the time of purchase.
  • Token becomes invalid if the passenger does not enter within 45 minutes.
  • A token holder is allowed to detrain short of his booked zone of travel without any penalty and is permitted proper exit at the destination station without having entry punched on the token.
  • Lost token is not replaced under any circumstances


  • Smart Cards are availbale and selling at all Kolkata Metro stations.
  • The first time user will have to purchase the smart card of Rs.100/200/300/500 & 1000 (inclusive of Security Deposit of Rs. 60/-).
  • Smart card can be recharged for any amount of Rs.100/200/300/500 & 1000, up to maximum card balance of Rs.5000/-.
  • A 10% bonus on flat rate is given on issuing new smart card (minus SD) and further on recharging of smart card.
  • Validity of such card is one year from the date of purchase or date of “add value”.
  • In case the smart card is topped up within validity period, the balance amount remaining on the card is carried forward.
  • In case the validity of card has expired at the time of “topping up”, recharging can be done on the smart card; however, the previous balance is not carried forward but forfeited.
  • A passenger is allowed to enter through the entry gate only with a minimum balance of Rs.25/-(the maximum chargeable fare).
  • In case a passenger does not flash his smart card at the exit and makes an improper exit, the card is locked. The booking counter deducts the maximum chargeable fare Rs.25/- from the smart card when the same is presented in the next visit and the card is unlocked.
  • When a passenger tries to exit with a card without proper recorded entry in it, the passenger is not deemed to be travelling without ticket. Such a mismatch is penalized by deducting Rs.25/- from the smart card.
  • Lost card is not replaced under any circumstances


  • Student smart card is sold only at the booking counters of selected stations of Kolkata Metro. This card is issued in favour of 2 fixed stations.
  • Concession of 60% of the chargeable fare is granted to students attending School / Madrasas / Vocational Institutions up to classes academically equivalent to Class – XII. Any other discount on the basis of add value is not applicable.
  • The first time user is to pay one-time security deposit of Rs.60/- for purchasing the student smart card and get the pass value loaded for 40 or 80 Rides.
  • Validity of student smart card is 30 days and 90 days according to value loaded for 40 rides and 80 rides respectively. When this card is recharged before the validity period the balance rides, if any, are carried forwarded. After the validity is over, the same card again can be recharged as per requirement but balance rides, if any, are not carried forward.
  • When a student makes an improper exit without flashing his card on the gate, the card gets locked. One ride is deducted when the card is presented to the booking counter in the next visit and simultaneously the card gets unlocked.
  • When a student tries to exit with a card without proper entry recorded in it, the student is deemed to be travelling without ticket. He is liable to pay penalty of Rs.250/- in addition to maximum fare in cash chargeable at that exit point.
  • When the card holder of the student smart card detrains short of his exit point, he is charged a penalty of Rs.250/- in addition to deduction of one ride.

4.  Rules for Tourist Smart Card

Type of tourist smart cards and details thereof are as under:

Types of Tourist Smart CardCost of Smart Card (Rs)Security Deposit (refundable) (Rs)No. of rides permitted
Tourist Smart Card-I250.0060.00Unlimited rides for one day
Tourist Smart Card-II550.0060.00Unlimited rides for three days

After the validity of the tourist card is over, the same can be recharged as per the convenience of the tourist.


  • The maximum permissible time limit between purchase of smart token and entry into paid area at the station is 45 minutes and between entry to exit is 120 minutes for both token and card (smart card and student smart card).
  • In case passenger is detected travelling without token /any type of card, a penalty of Rs.250/- plus the maximum fare chargeable at the station of detection is charged.
  • In case a token holder oversteps his zone of travel, he is required to pay a penalty of Rs.250/- plus the difference of fare between the zone of actual travel and over stepped zone.
  • If a passenger loses his authority to travel in the paid area, he is not able to exit through the exit gates. He is considered travelling without ticket and penalty as per extant rule.
  • A penalty of Rs250/- is levied on a defaulter who exits without depositing the token at the gate.
  • Penalty for nuisance activities affecting cleanliness of Railway premises is up to Rs500/- and penalty for other nuisance activities is up to Rs.250/-.
  • Whenever a passenger holding smart token or smart card or student smart card remains in the paid area for more than two hours, penalty of Rs.10/- per hour, subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- is collected. Whenever the passenger remains in the paid area for more than two hours for reasons beyond his control, no penalty is imposed on him.
  • Passenger holding a smart token or smart card or student smart card is allowed to exit from the paid area of the same station at which entry has been punched. In this situation token is collected at the gate and smart card is deducted with Rs.25/- (maximum chargeable fare) and one ride is deducted from the student smart card.

6.  Smart Card for MLAs against Rail Travel Coupons (RTC)

  • MLAs of West Bengal Assembly are permitted to purchase Smart Card or Token in exchange of Rail Travel Coupons (RTC). Details are as under:

FAQs Paytm kolkata Metro Tickets

1.Is it safe to use the Paytm application to get Kolkata metro tickets?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the Paytm application to get Kolkata metro tickets, because Paytm as a brand ensures to safeguard the data and information of the user.

2.How much do I need to pay to get kolkata metro tickets from Paytm?

A passenger needs to pay for the distance he/she is travelling from to the desired destination by using the Paytm application.

3.Who can use the Paytm application to get Kolkata metro tickets?

Paytm’s active users can use the Paytm application to get Kolkata metro tickets.

How much time does it take to get Kolkata metro tickets through the Paytm application?

It takes a minute to get Kolkata metro tickets through the Paytm application.

Kolkata Metro Rail Ticketing System Facility

Kolkata Metro Tickets & Fare: Automatic Fare Collection System provide multiple way with cards & pass to travel in Kolkata Metro like Single Journey Token, Smart Card, Tourist Card (1 day or 3 days), Single Journey Paper QR Ticket, Mobile App based QR Ticket.

S.NoStation to StationS.NoStation to Station
1Howrah Maidan to Howrah7Salt Lake Stadium to Bengal Chemical
2Howrah to Mahakaran8Bengal Chemical to City Center
3Mahakaran to Esplanade9City Center to Central Park
4Esplanade to Sealdah10Central Park to karunamoyee
5Sealdah to Phool Bagan11Karunamoyee to Salt lake Sector v
6Phool Bagan to Salt Lake Stadium12More Stations to be added