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Minsk metro ticket
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Minsk Metro: Belarus only metro system, the Minsk Metro, began operating in 1977 and was fully opened in 1984. It currently consists of 2 lines, 29 stations, and a total length of 40.5 kilometers. A third line is planned and may be completed
A fourth semi-circular line may be projected in the future between 2019 and 2020.
Two metro lines run through the city in an X-shaped path. The intersection of these two lines is
Kuparovskaya station. The Minsk metro runs at an average speed of 50 km/h, but there are lines with speeds of 70-80 km/h. The Minsk Metro is used by 870,000 passengers daily. Definitely one of the best ways to travel and see the city of Minsk.
It is interesting to note that most stations are named in Belarusian, but people refer to them by their Russian names.

Timing: The system consists of three lines and 33 stations. Minsk metro stations are open from 05:30 to 00:40. Waiting time between trains is 2-2,5 minutes during rush Hours.

Tickets and fares

You can use Minsk metro with tokens and contactless cards. A token is valid for a single trip, this is since you validate your ticket untill you leave the system. No matter
the distance or the stations. A token price is Br4,500 (€0.35)

Contactless cards are aimed for the regular user. You need to pay a deposit fee.
Periods of 10 days and 42 trips can be bought aswell as 15 and 30 days with 120 maximum number of trips

You can also buy tickets with a predefined number of trip. There are 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 trips tickets.
They are valid for 60 days after their validations.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Minsk metro Fare ticket starts from $0.31, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

How to Pay

 Buy a token for 1 trip 

Go to the special kiosk which you can find near the entrance to the platform and ask there for a token (“zheton”) which you put into a special hole of a pay-gate and when the green indicator appears you may pass and enjoy your trip. Once you’ve paid and entered, you can use all the stations of both lines. The price of a token is 0.65 BYN (€ 0.3).

 Buy a swipe card for several trips 

There are different types of cards: with the number of trips paid (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 trips available during 60 days or 60 or 100 trips available for 80 days) or with an unlimited number of trips for several days (e.g. 10 days, 15 days, 1 month). There is also an option to buy a swipe card for 2 or 3 days, but in this case, you need to choose metro + any other means of transport – metro solo is not available. The cost of the trip with a swipe card results less: for instance, for 10 trips card you’ll pay 6.17 BYN (€ 2.66), for 20 trips – 12.09 BYN (€ 5.22). But note that if you’re buying a swipe card you’ll need to pay for it too – the cost is about 2 BYN (€ 0.9), but you can get this money back when you return the card.

 Pay with your bank card or smartphone 

Not long ago we’ve got the opportunity not to waste our time standing in the queues and pay just in a contactless way with the help of the bank cards such as Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass. Also, since recently, you can use your mobile phone with NFC technology. You just need to put your card or smartphone to the special device at the pay-gate and it will charge you the price of a token.

Minsk Metro Lines

  • Plošča Jakuba Kolasa.
  • Akademija navuk.
  • Park Čaliuskincaŭ
  • Maskoŭskaja.
  • Uschod.
  • Barysaŭski trakt.
  • Uručča.
  1. Line 1 – Moskovskaya – 15 stations, 19.2 km
  2. Line 2 – Avtozavodskaya – 14 stations, 18.1 km
  3. Line 3 – Zelenoluzhskaya – 4 stations – 3.5 km
  • Maskoŭskaja Line, (Moscow in english). It’s 22,4 kms long and has 15 stations.
    Terminal stations are Uruchcha and Malinauka. It was opened in 1984. Names of this line in bielorrusian and russian are,
    respectively, Маскоўская /Московская. Maskoŭskaja line serves the city of Minsk from south east to north west.
    Stations (russian name): Malinovka, Petrovshchina, Mikhalovo, Grushevka, Institut Kul’tury, Ploshchad’ Lenina, Oktyabrskaya, Ploshchad’ Pobedy, Ploshchad’ Yakuba Kolasa, Akademiya Nauk, Park Cheluskintsew, Moskovskaya, Vostok, Borisovskiy Trakt, Uruchye.
    Stations (bielorrusian name): Malinauka, Pyatrowshchyna, Mikhalova, Hrushawka, Instytut Kultury, Ploshcha Lenina, Kastrychnitskaya, Ploshcha Peramohy, Ploshcha Yakuba Kolasa, Akademiya Nawuk, Park Chaluskintsau, Maskouskaya, Uskhod, Barysawski Trakt, Uruchcha
  • Avtozavodskaya line. It has 14 stations and a total length of 18,1 kms. Terminal stations are Kamiennaja Horka
    and Mahilioŭskaja. It was opened in 1990. Bielorrusian native name is Аўтазаводская and russian name “Автозаводская”. The line circulates from south east to west
    Stations (russian name): Mogilyovskaya, Avtozavodskaya, Partyzanskaya, Traktorniy Zavod, Proletarskaya, Pervomayskaya, Kupalovskaya, Nemiga, Frunzenskaya, Molodyozhnaya, Pushkinskaya, Sportivnaya, Kuntsevshchina, Kamennaya Gorka
    Stations (bielorrusian name):Mahileuskaya, Autazavodzkaya, Partyzanskaya, Traktarny Zavod, Pral’atarskaya, Pershamayskaya, Kupalauskaya, Njamiha, Frunzenskaya, Maladzezhnaya, Pushkinskaya, Spartiunaya, Kuntsaushchina, Kamennaya Horka
  • There is a third line under construction since 2014. When it’s completed, around 2020, Minsk metro network will be 58,3kms long and it will have 45 stations.
    The third line would add 17.2 kms or route. This new line will cross the city north to south and will have intersections with the other lines in Frunzenskaya and Pl. Lenina
  • It’s been said thad a fourth semi circular line from Vesnyanka in the north east of Minsk to Serebryanka in the south could be projected soon.

Metro Lines

Line 1 Moskovskaya Maskowskaya:
26/06/1984: Institut Kul’tury – Moskovskaya
30/12/1986: Moskovskaya – Vostok
07/11/2007: Vostok – Uruchye
07/11/2012: Institut Kul’tury – Petrovshchina (5.1 km)
03/06/2014: Petrovshchina – Malinovka (1.8 km)

Line 2 Avtozavodskaya Awtazavodzkaya:
31/12/1990: Traktorniy Zavod – Frunzenskaya
28/05/1991: Pervomayskaya station
03/07/1995: Frunzenskaya – Pushkinskaya
07/11/1997: Traktorniy Zavod – Avtozavodskaya
05/09/2001: Avtozavodskaya – Mogilyovskaya (2.6 km)
07/11/2005: Pushkinskaya – Kamennaya Gorka (3.9 km)

Line 3: is planned to be extended north to the residential area of Zeleny Lug, a southern extension to Slutskiy Gostinets is already under construction (2023).

A fourth line might become a semi-circular line from Vesnyanka in the northwest to Serebryanka in the south, via Akademiya Nauk and Traktornyiy Zavod on the existing lines.

Minsk metro map

The Minsk Metro currently has a length of 37 kilometers, 29 stations, and two commercial lines. The Minsk Metro may not offer an all-day long service, but it is still open during a wide timeframe. It works all year round from 5:30 am to 1:00 am. The price of the most basic ticket is of 0.65 Belarusian rubles (0.30 USD.) The Minsk Metro does not have a direct connection with the Minsk International Airport, but there are other options to reach the airport.

Metro hours and frequency

Minsk metro works from 5:30 am to 1:00 am next day. In peak hours, from 7:00-9:00 am and 4:00-8:00 pm, frequency is under 3 minutes.
Rest of the time frequency varies from 2 to 10 minutes. After 23:00 frequency is usually 12 minutes.

Minsk metro is the cheapest in Europe

Sider has examined metro the cost of metro tickets in European capitals. As a result, the first place was shared between Minsk and Kiev. One metro ticket in the capital of Belarus costs only 65 kopecks, and in the capital of Ukraine — 8 hryvnias. This is approximately 32 cents and is the lowest price recorded in Europe.

Look at the list of prices in other European countries:

  • Bucharest (Romania) — 58 cents,
  • Moscow (Russia) — 60 cents,
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) — 90 cents.

The capitals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Portugal are also in the top ten.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: any city can be viewed without any excursions or tours, and in Minsk all conditions are created for this. Travelling around the capital is simplified by low cost of transport tickets. Read our guide and the article about 50 interesting places of Minsk, which will help you not to miss anything important.

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