Noida Metro Ticket: Noida Metro Railway, Noida Metro Fare, Timings, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone, and NCMC Card details

Noida Metro tickets
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Noida, June 9, 2023: The Noida Metro is a fast transit metro system which runs from Noida Sector 51 to Depot Station in Greater Noida. It covers a total distance of 29.7 km and has 21 stations. The Aqua Line connects Noida with Greater Noida in the district of Gautam Buddh Nagar. In this article, we will explain about the entire information about Noida Metro Ticket, timings, pass, card, station and all you need to know.

The Noida Metro is the only metro system in the Delhi-NCR region that is not run by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation owns (NMRC) and operates the Noida-Greater Noida Metro Rail line, which opened on January 25, 2019. It is Noida’s second metro system after the Delhi Metro. However, the Aqua Line is the primary choice for people travelling to and fro Greater Noida. The Aqua Line metro route runs northwest-southeast, with a substantial portion of its route running along with the Noida–Greater Noida Expressway.

These superfast trains run at a speed of 80 km per hour. The Aqua line consists of 19 4-car rakes built of stainless steel that are lightweight. A four-coach rake can accommodate a maximum of 1034 passengers. Moreover, there are currently 102 lifts and 81 escalators in use on the Aqua Line.

The CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), which also patrols the Delhi Metro, trains the security officers on the Aqua Line. Moreover, for the safety of passengers, all the stations along the Aqua Line metro route have screen doors.

Ticket price

Noida Metro Aqua line ticket fare starts from Rs.10 and it goes upto Rs.100. Smart Card – One City, One Ticket is a hassle-free multi-modal ticketing system Noida City.

Fare Chart

No. of Stations TravelledFrom Monday to SaturdaySunday and National Holidays
For 01 Station 10 10
For 02 Station 15 10
From 03 Stations to 06 Stations 20 15
From 07 Stations to 09 Stations 30 20
From 10 Stations to 16 Stations 40 30
For 17 Stations or Above 50 40

Noida Metro or Aqua Line Metro Fare

It is extremely affordable to travel via Noida Aqua Metro. You can use a QR-code ticket or make use of your smart card which will also qualify you to enjoy a 10% discount on each journey.

  • The minimum fare charged on the Aqua Line is INR 10.
  • The maximum fare charged on the Aqua Line is INR 50 from Monday to Saturday and INR 40 on Sunday and national holidays.
  • If you are travelling from Noida Sector 51, it will cost INR 20 to reach NSEZ Noida, INR 40 to reach Pari Chowk and INR 50 to reach Depot Metro Station.

Smart Card – One City One Ticket

NMRC envisages a unified, smart card based, multi-modal transport ticketing system for Noida City. Multi-model ticketing system would help NMRC to provide seamless commuting experience to commuters within city using a single common mobility card as fare media. The envisaged ticketing system shall operate using open non-proprietary standards so that it can be integrated with ticketing systems of other transit operators in Noida.

Considering interoperability, scalability and reliability offered by EMV based open loop ticketing system, NMRC has decided to implement open loop based ticketing system across all metro stations. Due to non-proprietary standards this system can potentially be extended across other public transport services in Noida such as city buses.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. check more information.

Noida Metro Timings

Noida Aqua Metro has made it easy to travel around Noida. Away from the congested roads of Noida, travellers can enjoy travelling in Noida Aqua Metro without wasting their time in traffic.

On Sunday, Metro services start at 8:00 am from both terminal as Sector-51 and Depot station.

First Train Timings- Aqua Line (Monday- Saturday)

Sector-516:00:00 AMDepot Station
Depot Station6:00:00 AMSector-51
Sector-1446:00:00 AMSector-51
Sector-1426:00:00 AMDepot Station

First Train Timings- Aqua Line (SUNDAY)

Sector-518:00:00 AMDepot Station
Depot Station8:00:00 AMSector-51
Sector-1448:00:00 AMSector-51
Sector-1428:00:00 AMDepot Station

Last Train Timings From Originating Station to Terminal Stations in Aqua Line


Towards Depot Station22:00 Hrs

Depot Station

Towards Sector-5122:00 Hrs
  • The first train starts at 6 AM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM on Sunday. Moreover, the last train starts its journey at 10 PM and reaches the last station at 10:45 PM.
  • During peak hours, the train is available on Aqua Line every 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the train is available every 30 minutes on the Aqua Line during non-peak hours.
  • It takes about 45 minutes by the metro that covers the entire route from Noida Sector 51 to Depot Metro Station.

Aqua Line Metro Route

The Aqua Line metro route connects Noida’s Sector 51 Metro Station with Greater Noida’s Depot Metro Station. There are 21 stations along the Aqua Line, and it takes about 45 minutes to cover the entire journey. 15 of the metro stations existing on the Aqua Line metro route lie in Noida, while the remaining 6 metro stations are situated in Greater Noida.

Noida Sector 51

First Station: Sector 51 Metro Station in Noida became operational on 25th January 2019. It is connected with Sector 52 Metro Station of Blue Line via a pedestrian walkaway. Moreover, this elevated Aqua Line metro station is disabled-friendly.

Depot Metro Station

Last Station: The Depot Metro Station lies in Greater Noida. It became operational on 25the January 2019 and is the last Aqua Line metro station. The metro station is squeaky-clean and is set on a peaceful road, offering easy access to other parts of the city.

Aqua Line-Blue Line Walkaway

The Noida Aqua Metro Route is elevated, and the Noida Sector 51 metro station serves as an interchange stop for the Delhi Metro. The Delhi Metro’s Aqua Line is connected to the Blue Line by a 300-m long walkaway. Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, inaugurated the walkway in the year 2019. Meanwhile, it was reported in 2021 that this walkaway is to be dismantled to build a new walkaway for making it easier for passengers to commute.

Here are some facts about the Blue Line-Aqua Line Walkaway:

  • The Blue Line-Aqua Line Metro Walkway is fully covered to protect travellers during harsh weather conditions.
  • The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) also provides free solar-powered e-rickshaw services on this stretch.
  • The walkway stretch doesn’t allow two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and large commercial vehicles.
  • The Blue Line-Aqua Line Metro walkway offers space for a café or vendor zone, where small kiosks and cafes are erected.

NMRC tickets and cards for the Aqua Line are not valid for the Blue Line and vice versa. Those commuting from Delhi to Greater Noida and back would have to purchase tickets for both lines separately.

Noida Metro Map | Noida to Greater Noida

You can take a look at the Aqua Line Metro Map which displays the routes covered by Noida Metro. Moreover, you can get an idea about the major attractions and the metro stations nearby to travel effortlessly.

The stations on the Aqua Line metro route are as follows:

  • Noida Sector 51
  • Noida Sector 50
  • Noida Sector 76
  • Noida Sector 101
  • Noida Sector 81
  • NSEZ
  • Noida Sector 83
  • Noida Sector 137
  • Noida Sector 142
  • Noida Sector 143
  • Noida Sector 144
  • Noida Sector 145
  • Noida Sector 146
  • Noida Sector 147
  • Noida Sector 148
  • Knowledge Park II
  • Pari Chowk
  • Alpha 1
  • Delta 1
  • GNIDA Office
  • Depot

Facilities Provided by NMRC

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation is offering parking facilities on 15 Metro Stations along the Aqua Line metro route. While the parking rate for cars for the first six hours is INR 20, the parking rate for bikes for the first six hours is INR 10. Moreover, the monthly rate is INR 800 and INR 400 respectively.

Moreover, the NRMC runs a fleet of feeder buses that are air-conditioned and disabled-friendly to provide easy connectivity on the Noida Aqua Line.

Aqua Line Metro Card by SBI and NMRC

CITY1 Card is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) Ltd. The CITY1 Card is a dual contactless interface (EMV chip-based) prepaid card with stored value capabilities that offer a secure and convenient payment method. This card allows extended usage in Noida Metro buses and offers an effortless method for travelling on the Noida – Greater Noida Metro route.

Benefits of Using Aqua Line Metro Card

Here are a few major benefits of using the Aqua Line Metro Card when travelling in Noida through Metro.

  • Cashless Travels: Aqua Line Metro Card offers cashless travel benefits in Noida and Greater Noida. All you need to do is recharge your metro card and keep using it until the balance is paid.
  • Discounted Rates: Aqua Line Metro Card users get a 10 per cent discount on each journey on Noida Aqua Metro Line.
  • Tap & Pay Functionality: The metro card allows users to make hassle free transactions by simply tapping it at the entry and exit gate at their preferred metro station.
  • Chip Protection: The chip protection feature of the Aqua Line Metro Card comes with enhanced security and a better experience for the card users.
  • Bus Tickets: You can also buy Noida Bus Tickets using the same Aqua Line Metro Card with great ease.

NMRC Mobile App for Travelling on Aqua Line

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has launched its official mobile application called NMRC Tickets. Commuters can utilise this opportunity to book ticket on the go and can be avoided a queue and save timing during the NMRC metro travel. Noida Metro Ticket Booking App link below.

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has introduced a smartphone application that allows commuters to order tickets without waiting in huge lines. Commuters can use the mobile app, which is accessible on Google Play and the iOS App Store, as a wallet. The NMRC has collaborated with the State Bank of India for creating this technology. A QR code generates in the mobile app, which can be used to enter and exit. 

Latest News on Aqua Line Metro Route

The Blue Line metro is operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). In contrast, the Aqua Line metro is operated by the Noida Metro Rail Corporation.

The long-awaited process of connecting these two lines has finally begun. The Noida Authority has issued a tender to construct a foot-over bridge (FOB) that will link the Sector 51 Metro Station of Aqua Line with Sector 52 Metro Station of Blue Line.

Commuters currently rely on free e-rickshaws to travel between the interchange stations. However it is claimed by passengers that a significant amount of time is wasted entering and exiting both metro stations.

The two stations will be joined by a 400-m footbridge, making it easy for passengers to transition from one line to another. Moreover, It is expected that the construction of a foot-over bridge will increase the number of people using the Aqua Line.

In a recent development, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of extension of Aqua Line metro was presented to the Government. The DPR has been prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The DPR was presented at the board meeting of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA).

The Aqua line metro is being extended from Greater Noida Depot Station to Bodaki Station. According to the DPR submitted by DMRC, two stations will be constructed on the extension line viz Junpat and Bodaki. The extension track would be 2.5 Km long. It will be completely elevated.

After the examination by the GNIDA, the DPR will be sent to the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC). The NMRC will rope in an agency to build the stretch. Once the extension is complete, it will immensely help the commuters traveling between Noida and Greater Noida, especially from Dadri and Bodaki areas.

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Noida Metro Ticket

Metro Parking rates

Cars / Four Wheeler
First 6 Hrs. 25
up to 12 Hrs. 50
Maximum rate 55 ( 05:00 Hrs. to 23:00 Hrs. )
Monthly rate 1100
First 6 Hrs. 15
up to 12 Hrs. 25
Maximum rate 30 ( 05:00 Hrs. to 23:00 Hrs. )
Monthly rate 500

Note: Night parking (23:00 hrs. to 05:00 hrs.) is not allowed in the parking lot of NMRC and therefore a penalty of Rs. 200/- for two wheeler and Rs. 300/- for four wheeler per vehicle per night will be charged to discourage the night parking/deliberate leaving of the vehicles in the night.

Nearest Metro Station

Tourist Place – NoidaNearest Metro Station
Worlds of Wonder Water ParkNearest Metro Station Noida Sector-18
The Great India PlaceNearest Metro Station Noida Sector-18
DLF Mall of IndiaNearest Metro Station Noida Sector-18
Budhha International circuitNoida City Centre Metro Station
Botanical Garden NoidaBotanical Garden Metro Station
ISKCON Temple NoidaNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
Brahmaputra MarketNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
Stupa 18 art gallery noidaNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
Atta MarketNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
QuantumNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
MaamoucheeNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 15
Golf course, NoidaGolf Course metro station
Shree Jagannath Temple NoidaNoida Sector 51 metro station
Wave Mall NoidaNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
FlluidSector 62 Noida Metro Station
KidZaniaNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 18
Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal & Green GardenNearest Metro Station: NOIDA SEC 15
Buddh International CircuitPari Chowk Metro Station or Knowledge Park II
The Grand Venice MallKnowledge Park II
India Exposition MartMETRO STATION WIPRO KNOWLEDGE PARK 4 or Delta-II,Metro Station
City ParkKnowledge Park II metro station
Surajpur Bird SanctuaryNoida City Center Metro Station
Stellar Children’s MuseumStellar Children’s Museum
MSX MallKnowledge Park II or Pari Chowk Metro Station
Noida StadiumNearest Metro Station Noida Sector-18
The Prodigal FarmsNoida Sector 137 Metro Station
TingalandKnowledge Park II metro station
Art Life GalleryPari Chowk Metro Station
Journey QuestsNoida Electronic City Metro Station
Rajwada FarmsKnowledge Park II metro station
Okhla Bird SanctuaryOkhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station

Frequently asked questions

How to Book Noida Metro Ticket Online?

Metro ticket can be booked online, via counter and also can be done through mobile app.

Is the Noida Aqua Line Metro open on Sunday?
Yes, the metro is available on the Aqua Line metro route each Sunday, starting from 8 AM.

Is the DMRC card accepted on the Aqua Line Metro route?
No, you cannot use the DMRC token or metro card on the Aqua Line metro route. You need to have the NMRC card or buy a ticket to use these metro services.

How can I travel in Aqua Line Metro?
You can use the following ways to get access to the metro on Aqua Line: Using a contactless smart card issued by NMRC to travel on Aqua Line Making use of QR-code tickets that can be purchased at metro station Generating the QR code on NMRC’s mobile app that can be scanned at Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates.

When does the first train start on the Aqua Line metro route?
The first train on Aqua Line leaves its station at 6 AM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM on Sundays.

How can I get an SBI NMRC CITY1 Card?
Follow the steps mentioned below to get your SBI NMRC CITY1 card: Visit a ticket counter at your nearest Aqua Line metro station and request the SBI NMRC CITY1 Card. Fill up a short application form and send it to the operator with your information. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number after you have submitted the details. Finally, pay the cost of issuing the card and the top-up amount to start using the card.

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