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The capital city of Bihar, Patna, is known for its glorious past and historical edifices. Over the years, it has also evolved into a major hub for business, educational and medical facilities. The rapidly developing city is now on the brink of achieving another milestone, i.e., the launch of its metro network – the Patna Metro.

Patna’s existing public transport infrastructure wasn’t doing justice to its growing population. Furthermore, the rising number of vehicles was causing environmental pollution. To tackle these issues, the Bihar government announced the Patna Metro project.

Patna Metro is owned and operated by PMRC (Patna Metro Rail Corporation). It is being built under a Public Private Partnership model with an estimated cost of Rs 13,365 crores.

In the first phase, PMRC will launch the East-West (Line 1) and North-South (Line 2) comprising a route of 23.30 km elevated track and 16.30 km underground track.

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Latest News on Patna Metro

11% Work on Underground Stretch of Line 2 Completed

April 2023:  Work on the Patna metro is in full swing, with 30% of the civil work on the elevated stretch and 11% on the underground portion of Line 2 already completed. 

Civil work on the elevated route is moving forward rapidly since the required land has been handed in. The elevated section of Patna Metro will have 308 U-girders, of which 44 U-girders have been installed near Zero Mile. In January, the first U-Girder span was nestled between two piers between two Bhoothnath station piers. 

As per officials of DMRC, the nodal agency of the Patna Metro project, civil work on the priority corridor will be ready by the end of 2024’s last quarter, after which rolling and electric rock will begin.

Tunneling Work on Patna Metro Begins

March 2023: The tunnelling work on the Patna Metro underground section of Line 2 began on 21st March 2023, after the first TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) out of the four in total was lowered. The first TBM is called ‘Mahavir’; it was installed 16 metres below the surface in the location of the Moin-Ul-Haq station. It will bore a 1,494-m-long tunnel towards the Patna University metro station. 

Patna Metro Rail Lines

As per the detailed project report, Patna Metro will have two lines. While the first line will cater to the East to West zones of the city, the second line is the North to South line. 

Patna Metro Line 1

The East to West line will begin from Danapur Cantonment and end at Khemni Chak. The key features of Patna Metro Line 1 include the following: 

  • It is 16.86 kilometres long.
  • Line 1 Patna Metro project is both elevated and underground. While the elevated route is 9.36 kilometres long, the underground route is 7.5 kilometres. 
  • The elevated route will have seven stations, and the underground route of Line 1 Patna Metro will have seven stations. 
  • There will be 14 metro stations in total. 
Patna Metro Line 1 Stations
S.NoNameOpening Year Type
1Danapur Cantonment2025Elevated 
2Saguna More2025Elevated 
3RPS More2025Elevated 
4Patliputra 2025Undergound
6Raja Bazar,2025Undergound
7Patna Zoo 2025Undergound
8Vikas Bhawan 2025Undergound
9Vidyut Bhawan2025Undergound
10Patna Junction2025Undergound
12Ramkrishna Nagar 2025Elevated
14Khemni Chak 2025Elevated

Patna Metro Line 2

The North to South line will begin from Patna Junction Railway Station and end at New ISBT. The key features of Patna Metro Line 2 include the following: 

  • It is 14.06 kilometres long.
  • Line 2 Patna Metro will also be both elevated and underground. While the elevated route is 6 kilometres long, the underground route is 8 kilometres. 
  • The elevated route will have five stations, and the underground route of Line 1 Patna Metro project will have seven stations. 
  • There will be 12 metro stations in total. 
Patna Metro Line 2 Stations
S.NoStation NameOpening YearType
1Patna Junction2025Underground
2Akashvani 2025Underground
3Gandhi Maidan2025Underground
5Patna University2025Underground
6Moin Ul Haq Stadium2025Underground
7Rajendra Nagar2025Underground
8Malahi Pakri2025Elevated
9Khemni Chak2025Elevated
11Zero Mile2025Elevated

Upcoming Patna Metro Lines

With most work on Lines 1 and 2 (Phase 1) completed, PMRC has begun planning the upcoming routes. 

As per the plan, the third line will start from Mithapur Chowk and end at Didarganj. There will be 11 stations in this line for areas like – Mithapur Chowk, Lohia Nagar, Kankarbagh, Income Tax Colony, Zero Mile, Choti Pahari, Ranipur, Ranipur Chak, Check Post, Guru Ka Bagh and Didarganj.

The route for Line 4 is also in progress. It will start from the Bypass Chowk and end at Kurji. It will have 14 stations in total: Bypass Chowk, Vishal, Dasratha, Setu Nagar, Chitkohra, Patna Secretariat, Anishabad, Haroon Nagar, Patna Airport, Phulwari Sharif, Hadaspura, Nosha, AIIMS Patna and Kurji. 

Patna Metro Route Map

The Patna Metro is a rapid transport system covering the capital of Bihar, Patna. While Line and Line 2 are set to launch in 2024, Phases 3 and 4 are still in process. The route map of Lines 1 and 2 is highlighted in the picture below: 

Patna Metro Ticket Price

There is no official announcement on fare structure, and ticket types and rules have not been announced yet. The Patna Metro Rail Corporation plans on using the latest technology for its automated fare system to allow commuters to use QR codes and Near Field Communication phones. 

Patna Metro Impact on Real Estate

Connectivity is one of the major factors that people consider when buying a property. It is also a significant factor contributing to an increase in the realty value of a particular area’s properties. With the Patna Metro project set to launch in 2025, one can expect the city’s real estate market to get a big push. 

Although all the areas near the metro stations are expected to benefit once the metro becomes operational, experts predict that Saguna More, AIIMS and Shiwala will gain the most.

The launch of Patna Metro will also make way for other developments in the city as more residential and commercial builders will now want to start projects in the metro-proximity areas. 

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Summing Up Patna Metro

Traffic congestion is a severe issue on the roads of Patna. The launch of Patna Metro will thus be a blessing for commuters who have been suffering for a long time. It will change how the city commutes, allowing people to travel long distances in a short duration. 

Like other cities nationwide, a metro network will help Patna enhance its standard of living. Moreover, it will positively impact the city’s real estate growth, making more investors from across the nation and the world interested in investing here.

Patna Metro Phase and Corridors

Patna Metro Phase 1

Patna Metro Proposed Corridor 1 & 2Distance (KM)
Corridor 1A – EAST WEST Corridor
– Danapur to Mithapur Bus Stand
– Bypass Chowki via Patna Railway Station
14.50 Km
Corridor 1B – Digha Link Metro Corridor
– Digha Ghat to High Court/Vikas Bhawan
5.50 Km
Corridor 2- NORTH SOUTH Corridor
– Patna Railway Station to ISBT
16 Km

Patna Metro Phase 2

Patna Metro Proposed Corridor 3Distance (KM)
Mithapur/Bypass Chowk to Didarganj13 Km

Patna Metro Phase 2

Patna Metro Phase 3

Patna Metro Proposed Corridor 4Distance (KM)
Mithapur/Bypass Chowk to Phulwari Sharif/AIIMS11 Km

Patna Metro Rail Corporation Project Status Update ( PMRCL Project Update)

  • May 2015 – The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is expected to be completed by this month.
  • Feb 2016 – The Bihar cabinet approved DPR of Patna Metro made by RITES and a budget of Rs 16,960 Crore. Planned to Execute under PPP mode by 2021.
  • May 2016 – Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu reportedly assured Bihar to get the approval of the project within a month.
  • July 2018 –  Patna Metro Rail Revised detail project report got approval by Bihar Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar. The revised cost of the project including land acquisition was estimated to Rs. 19,500 Crore.
  • Sep 2018 –The Detailed Project Report (DPR) was submitted to the Urban Development and Housing Department by RITES.
  • Sep 2018 – The Constitution of  Patna Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (PMRCL) as the special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the metro rail project was approved by the Bihar Cabinet.
  • Sep 2018 – The DPR of the Patna Metro Rail Project was approved by the Public Finance Committee.
  • Oct 2018 – DPR for Patna Metro Rail Approved by Bihar Cabinet and has been sent to the Central Government for approval.
  • Nov 2018 – DPR was approved by the Central Government.
  • Feb 2019 – Public Investment Board (PIB) approved Patna Metro’s Project.
  • Feb 2019 – Patna Metro Rail Project including two corridors was approved by Union Cabinet.
  • Feb 2019 –  Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurated Patna Metro’s first foundation.
  • March 2019 – Patna Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (PMRCL) opened its formal office at Indira Bhawan.
  • July 2019 – Work for Patna Metro Started.
  • Aug 2019 – Places for project being Drone Surveyed and done up to 15 Oct.
  • Sep 2019 – DMRC final checked project execution.
  • Nov 2019 – CEG Started testing soil in the route.
  • Feb 2020 – AECOM gets a consultancy contract for both of the corridors.
  • June 2020 – Bids accepted for 6.1 km of Patna metro for the route two of phase 1.
  • July 2020 – The Tender for constructing a metro depot at new ISBT awarded to Quality Buildcon Pvt Ltd.

Patna Metro Major Contractors

General Consultant (GC)Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
Utility Investigation Line-1 & Line-2A V  Construction
Line-1 Geotechnical Soil InvestigationConsulting Engineers Group (CEG)
Line-2 Geotechnical Soil InvestigationCEG Test House and Research Centre Private Ltd.
PCDD-01: Line-1 Detailed Design Consultant (DDC)AECOM Singapore Pte. Ltd. – AECOM India Pvt. Ltd.
PCDD-02: Line-2 Detailed Design Consultant (DDC)AECOM Singapore Pte. Ltd. – AECOM India Pvt. Ltd.
PEDD-01: Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for 25 kV OHE, Power Supply & SCADASYSTRA MVA Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd.
PC-01: Construction of Line-2’s Malahi Pakri – New ISBT (6.1 km viaduct, 5 stations)NCC
PC-02: Construction of New ISBT DepotQuality Buildcon
PC-03: Construction of Line-2’s Patna Junction – Rajendra Nagar underground twin tunnel section (8 km, 6 stations)Larsen & Toubro
PC-04: Construction of Line-1’s Danapur – Patlipura Ramp and Mithapur Ramp – Khemni Chak sections (8 km, 7 stations)YFC Projects
PC-08: Design and Construction of Single Tunnel (SUBWAY) between Bihar and Patna Museum by Shield TBMBidding Underway
PE-01: Design & Commissioning of Receiving cum Traction (RSS + TSS) and Auxiliary Main Substation (ASS) including High Voltage Cabling from Grid SubstationKEC International
PE-02: Design & commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) systems, Fire detection, Fire suppression system and DG sets of Corridor-1 and Corridor-2 Elevated stations and Depot.Tuaman Engineering
PE-03: SITC of 25KV Overhead Equipment (OHE) System, Switching Posts, 33KV Ring mains, Auxiliary Sub stations for Elevated Sections and SCADA SystemKEC International
PT-4: Design, manufacturing & supply of UIC-60 Turnouts & Scissor CrossoverTender Cancelled in March 2022 (2 bids received from Voestalpine and Vossloh Cogifer)
PT-7: Manufacturing & Supply of 1200 MT 90 UTS, UIC 60, 13 m, Class A 880 Grade Rails, IRS-T-12-2009 for New ISBT Patna DepotTender Cancelled in Nov 2021 (Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. was lowest bidder)
PT-8: Standard gauge track work (Ballasted, Embedded and Column lines) at New ISBT DepotTender Cancelled in March 2022 (KEC International was lowest bidder)

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