Porto Alegre Metro Ticket: Porto Alegre Metro Railway, Porto Alegre Ticket, Fare Chart, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone, Fare Card and Timings for Porto Alegre Metro Rail

porto alegre metro ticket
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Porto Alegre, the capital of Brazil’s state of Rio Grande do Sul, is known for its vibrant culture, bustling streets and stunning natural beauty. For residents and visitors alike, the Porto Alegre Metro offers an efficient and affordable public transportation option. However, navigating the subway system and choosing the right ticket or pass can be overwhelming. We offer a comprehensive guide to Porto Alegre Metro tickets, including tips. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a frequent traveler, this guide will help you make the most of your Porto Alegre Metro experience.

Timing: The Porto Alegre Metro operates from Monday to Saturday from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. On Sundays and holidays, the metro runs from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Porto Alegre Metro Fare ticket starts from R$ 4.70, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Types of Porto Alegre Metro Tickets

  1. The Porto Alegre Metro offers several ticket types, including a single ride ticket, rechargeable fare card, and a multi-day pass. A single ride ticket costs R$ 4.70 and allows you to travel on the metro for one journey. You can purchase a single ride ticket at the station ticket vending machines or at designated sales points.
  2. The rechargeable fare card, known as TRI, costs R$ 5.40 and can be purchased at metro station ticket vending machines. You can load the fare card with a minimum value of R$ 10.00, and it offers discounted fares on subsequent trips.
  3. The multi-day pass, known as SIM, offers unlimited travel on the metro and selected bus lines. The pass costs R$ 25.00 and is valid for seven consecutive days from the first day of use.

Metro Fare Chart and Pass

The Porto Alegre Metro Fare Chart for single rides is based on the distance traveled. The chart has six zones, and the fare increases as you cross more zones. You can find the fare chart at metro stations, and the maximum fare is R$ 4.70.

If you plan to use the metro frequently, it is advisable to get the rechargeable fare card as it offers discounts on subsequent trips. The multi-day SIM pass is ideal for tourists or those who plan to stay in Porto Alegre for more than a day.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Porto Alegre Metro Route and Stations

The Porto Alegre Metro Map and Route Information is available at metro stations and online. The metro system has two lines, Line 1 (Red) and Line 2 (Green). Line 1 runs from the Mercado station to the Novo Hamburgo station, while Line 2 runs from the Farrapos station to the Anchieta station.

Each station on the Porto Alegre Metro has a unique design and is equipped with facilities such as ticket vending machines, elevators, and escalators for accessible transportation. The metro also features bicycle parking stations at selected stations.

Transferring and connecting between Porto Alegre metro lines is easy and convenient. The metro system has four transfer stations where you can easily switch between the two lines. The transfer stations are Rodoviária, Mercado, São Pedro, and Farrapos.

  • Mercado.
  • Rodoviária.
  • São Pedro.
  • Farrapos.
  • Aeroporto.
  • Anchieta.

Tensurb: lines and stations

Line 1 of the Porto Alegre metro (trensurb) is 42 kilometers long and has 22 stations. Stations: Novo Hamburgo, Fenac, Industrial, Santo Afonso, Rio dos Sinos, São Leopoldo, Unisinos, Sapucaia, Louis Pasteur, Esteio, Petrobras, São Luis, Mathias Velho, Canoas, Fátima, Niterói, Anchieta, Aeroporto, Farrapos, São Pedro, Rodoviária y Mercado. Travel time from Novo Hamburgo to is 52 minutrs.

Without considering it as a line, there is a connection of only 2 stations and less than 1 kilometer long linking the Trensurb airport metro station to the International Airport Salgado Filho station, Terminal 1.

Zoning System and Fare Card

he Porto Alegre Metro has a zoning system in place to determine the fare for each trip. The city is divided into four zones, with Zone 1 being the downtown area and Zone 4 being the outskirts.

The fare for a single trip ranges from R$ 4.30 to R$ 5.80, depending on the zone. Passengers can also purchase a daily pass for unlimited travel on the same day, which costs R$ 18.70 across all zones.

InfantfreeMust pass under or over the turnstile
StudentR$ 2,15Must use a special TRI card
AdultR$ 4,30Within a time limit, the second trip is R$ 2,15 with a TRI card
Resident senior (60y-)freeMust use a special TRI card
Senior (65y-)freeAny document proving age is enough

How to Use a Porto Alegre Metro Fare Card

Passengers can purchase a rechargeable fare card, known as the TRI card, which can be used for multiple trips. The card costs R$ 5.00 and can be purchased at any metro station.

To use the card, simply tap it on the turnstile when entering and exiting the station. The fare will be deducted automatically, and the remaining balance will be displayed on the card reader.

Benefits of Using a Porto Alegre Metro Fare Card

Using a fare card comes with several benefits. It saves time since passengers don’t have to stand in line to purchase a ticket for every trip. It’s also more convenient since the card can be recharged online or at the station.

Furthermore, the fare card offers discounts on the regular fare. Passengers can get a 10% discount on each trip and 22% discount on daily passes when using the fare card.

Porto Alegre Metro Ticket Efficiently

How to Avoid Crowds on the Porto Alegre Metro

To avoid crowds, it’s best to travel outside of peak hours or take a less busy route. Passengers can also try to stand near the middle or end of the train since these areas tend to be less crowded.

Porto Alegre Metro Safety Tips

Passengers should always be aware of their surroundings and avoid displaying expensive items such as jewelry or smartphones. It’s also essential to keep an eye on personal belongings and report any suspicious activity to the metro staff or authorities.

Money-saving Tips for Using the Porto Alegre Metro

Passengers can save money by using a rechargeable fare card and taking advantage of the discounts offered. It’s also essential to plan the route before traveling to avoid unnecessary transfers and additional charges.


What is the Porto Alegre Metro Ticket?

The Porto Alegre Metro Ticket is a pass that allows access to Porto Alegre’s metro system. It can be used for a single ride or multiple rides, depending on the type of ticket or pass purchased.

Where can I purchase a Porto Alegre Metro Ticket?

Porto Alegre Metro Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, as well as at authorized vendors located throughout the city. Many metro stations also have automated machines that allow for quick and easy purchase of tickets and passes.

What is the Zoning System for the Porto Alegre Metro?

The Porto Alegre Metro uses a Zoning System to determine the fare for each ride. The city is divided into different zones, and the fare for a ride is determined by the number of zones traveled. Passengers must tap their fare card at the beginning and end of each trip to determine the fare.

What are the benefits of using a Porto Alegre Metro Fare Card?

A Porto Alegre Metro Fare Card provides many benefits, including discounted fares, convenient reloading options, and quicker access to the metro system. With a fare card, passengers can avoid long lines for ticket purchase and simply tap their card to enter and exit the metro stations.

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