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If you’re planning a trip to Rennes, the capital of the Brittany region of France, you’ll find that the Rennes metro is the best way to get around the city. With efficient service, affordable fares and an extensive network, the Rennes Metro allows you to quickly and conveniently explore the city’s many attractions. However, navigating the system can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Rennes Metro tickets including fares, passes, routes, stations, zones and timetables to make the most of your trip to Rennes.

Timing: The Rennes Metro operates from Monday to Saturday, from 5:30 am to 12:30 am. On Sundays and public holidays, the metro runs from 7:00 am to 12:30 am.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Rennes Metro starts from €1.50, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Types of Tickets Available

The most common ticket is the single-use ticket, which costs €1.50 for a one-way trip, valid for 1 hour. Other options include a 10-ticket carnet for €13.70, or a rechargeable travel card, which costs €2 and can be loaded with a choice of tickets. There are also daily, weekly, and monthly passes available.

Prices of Tickets

The cost of a single-use ticket for adults is €1.50, while children under the age of 5 travel for free. Discounts are available for children between 5 and 11 years old, students, and seniors over 65 years. Multiple-day passes are also available, ranging from €4.10 for a day to €35.70 for a monthly pass.

Rules and Regulations

Passengers are required to validate their tickets at the start of their journey, and failure to do so may result in a fine. Smoking, eating, and drinking are not allowed on the metro. Additionally, pets are not allowed, except for service animals.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Understanding Rennes Metro Ticket and Fare Chart

Rennes Metro tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines located at every station. The ticket machines accept both cash and credit cards. Tickets can also be purchased online through the STAR website or through the STAR mobile app.

Overview of Rennes Metro Fare Chart

The fare for a single journey on the Rennes Metro system is €1.50, and tickets are valid for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are also multi-journey tickets available, such as a book of 10 tickets for €12.70, or a day pass for €4.40.

Understanding the Different Types of Tickets

Apart from the standard single journey tickets, Rennes Metro offers a variety of ticket options, such as the “City Pass” which offers unlimited travel on the Rennes Metro and bus system, as well as discounts for various museums and attractions in the city. There are also family and group passes available for discounted travel.

Different Types of Passes for Rennes Metro

The Rennes Metro system offers various passes for frequent travelers which includes a weekly pass, a monthly pass, and an annual pass. Passes can be purchased at the STAR service center at the Gares Station.

Benefits of Using Rennes Metro Passes

Rennes Metro passes offer significant discounts for frequent travelers. For example, a monthly pass offers savings of up to 50% compared to purchasing individual tickets every day.

How to Purchase Rennes Metro Passes?

Rennes Metro passes can be purchased online through the STAR website or at the STAR service center at the Gares Station. A valid ID card will be required to purchase a Rennes Metro pass.

Rennes Metro Route and Stations

Overview of Rennes Metro Route

The Rennes Metro system features a single line which runs from J.F. Kennedy station to La Poterie station. The total length of the line is 9.4 kilometers and features 15 stations.

List of Rennes Metro Stations

The list of Rennes Metro stations are:

  • J.F. Kennedy
  • Magon
  • Pontchaillou
  • Irène Joliot-Curie
  • Villejean-Université
  • La Poterie
  • Triangle
  • Clémenceau
  • Anatole France
  • Sainte-Anne
  • Jules Ferry
  • Charles de Gaulle
  • Gares
  • Jean Jaures
  • Colombier

Information on Interchange Stations

There are three interchange stations on the Rennes Metro system, where passengers can change between lines or connect to other modes of transport such as buses or trams. The interchange stations are:

  • J.F. Kennedy
  • Sainte-Anne
  • Gares

Rennes Metro Line 1

Line 1, also known as the South-North Line, runs from the southern suburb of Chantepie to the northern suburb of La Poterie. It is the longest line of the Rennes Metro, covering 9.4 km and 15 stations.

Stations on Line 1

Line 1 stations include Chantepie, Cleunay, Triangle, Gares, République, Sainte-Anne, Anatole France, J.F. Kennedy, Villejean-Université, and La Poterie. These stations serve important destinations such as universities, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Line 1 has connections with the regional bus network and the TER regional express trains at Gares station. It also connects with Line B at Charles de Gaulle station.

Rennes Metro Line 2

Line 2, also known as the East-West Line, runs from the eastern suburb of La Courrouze to the western suburb of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande. It covers 7.5 km and has ten stations.

Stations on Line 2

Line 2 stations include La Courrouze, Jacques Cartier, Colombier, Triangle, Sainte-Anne, République, Charles de Gaulle, Mermoz, Clémenceau, and Saint-Jacques-Gaîté.

Zoning System for Rennes Metro

Rennes Metro has a zoning system in place to calculate fares based on the distance traveled. The network is divided into two zones: A and B. Zone A covers the city center and immediate surroundings, while Zone B extends to the outskirts of Rennes.

How to Identify your Zone?

You can identify your zone based on the location of your origin and destination. If you are traveling within Zone A, you will only need a Zone A ticket. However, if you are traveling to Zone B, you will need a Zone A-B ticket. You can also use the Rennes Metro app or website to look up which zone your station is located in.

Calculating Fare for Rennes Metro

Fares for Rennes Metro are calculated based on the number of zones traveled. The cost of a single ticket for Zone A is €1.50, and for Zone A-B, it is €2.00. If you are traveling frequently, it is advisable to purchase a ticket pass or a fare card.

Rennes Metro Lines and stations

The A-line is a single one that runs up to 9.4 kilometers. It runs from the Northwest to the Southeast of the city, commencing at J.F Kennedy and ending at La Poterie via the Gare de Rennes (this station is served by the Gares metro station). This A-line has fifteen stations, which is inclusive of 13 underground stations.

The train system has up to 30 trains that weigh 28 tonnes & stretches up to 26 metres long individually. It can also transport as many as 170 passengers.

The A-line is maintained by STAR (which is short for the Service des Transports en Commun de l’Agglomeration Rennaise), and a company called Keolis manages it, which is a member of the SNCF. It has up to 100 staff and a control center monitors the Rennes Metro, which is located in the heart of Chantepie. The Rennes Metro is always monitored closely, and is seen by 120 cameras that constantly view the stations.

The Rennes Metro has a number of stations, which were all names after the nearest street, people and even notorious locations close to the stations. They include: The J.F Kennedy station, named after former American President, Villjean Universite, Pontchaillou, Anatole France, Sainte-Anne, Republique – city center, Charles de Gaulle, Gares, Jacques Cartier, Clemenceau, Henri Freville, Italie, Triangle, Blosne, La Poterie

Benefits of Using a Fare Card for Rennes Metro

The Rennes Metro Fare Card is a rechargeable card that can be used to travel on the Rennes Metro and other STAR network services. You can load a ticket pass or a cash balance on the card.

Advantages of Using Rennes Metro Fare Card

The Rennes Metro Fare Card offers several benefits, such as cashless travel, discounted fares, and the convenience of topping up the card at any time. You can also benefit from unlimited travel by purchasing various ticket passes such as the 24-hour pass, the 7-day pass, and the monthly pass.

How to Purchase Rennes Metro Fare Card?

You can purchase the Rennes Metro Fare Card at any metro station or online. The card costs €2.00 and comes with a €3.00 cash balance. Once you have the card, you can load any ticket pass or cash balance onto it.


How many lines are there on the Rennes Metro?

Currently, there are two lines on the Rennes Metro: Line A (also known as Line 1) and Line B (also known as Line 2).

What is the frequency of the trains on the Rennes Metro?

During peak hours, trains on both lines run every 2-3 minutes. Outside of peak hours, the frequency drops to every 5-7 minutes.

What is the cost of a ticket on the Rennes Metro?

A single ticket for the Rennes Metro costs €1.50. There are also a variety of ticket packages available, including a 10-ticket pack for €12 and a 24-hour ticket for €4.40.

Are there any plans to extend the Rennes Metro in the future?

Yes, there are plans to extend both Line A and Line B in the future. Line A is set to be extended to the city’s southwest suburbs, while Line B will be extended to the northeast suburbs. The extensions are expected to be completed by 2025.

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