Singapore Metro Ticket: Metro Railway, Ticket, Fare Chart, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone, NCMC Card and Timings for Singapore Metro Rail

Singapore metro Tickets
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Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) fares, ticket prices, NCMS maps, Full information about monthly passes can be found below the ticket reference. Enjoy driving on the Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro,
Have a nice trip. How to buy and use Mass Rapid Transit.

Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro Tickets January 24, 2023: How to buy online Metro Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro Smart Card, tickets and passes for travelers and commuters in Singapore to use the entire modes of astransportation run by Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) MRT.Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro Tickets are available only in the form of NCMC card with multiple types of cards available to use it as a ticket for Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro as well as for all the Public.

Transports like Bus, Ferry, Taxi and even you can shop at some of the stores in singapore.
All the information you need about Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) tickets –prices, how to pay, season tickets, NCMS cards and where you can buy them.

Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore) Metro Lines / Zone and Color

  • Circle Line
  • Thomson East Cost Line
  • Down Time Line
  • North East Line
  • East West Line
  • North South Line
  • Thomson–East Coast Lin

Ticket Booking Steps for Singapore Metro


  1. Browse through the ticket categories and select.
  2. Select the destination, ticket type and the quantity of the tickets that you required, then click “Buy Now” button
  3. Fill in your email address (mandatory) and Asia Miles membership numbers (optional) on the “Shopping Cart” page, then click “Checkout” button to confirm the order.
  4. Review your final order and select the payment method on the “Summary” page. All online payments can be settled by VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Alipay (China/ Hong Kong Wallet), WeChat Pay (China/ Hong Kong Wallet) or Apple Pay (applicable to iOS users with VISA and MasterCard.
  5. After your transaction is completed, an “Order Confirmation” email with an order number will be sent to your registered email. You may also check your order details under ‘Order History’ on the website.

Buy a Mass Rapid Transit Metro tickets in online?

  1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Download the Ridlr app for Android or iOS platforms.
  3. Register on the app using valid credentials including mobile number and
    email id.
  4. Buy a QR ticket by selecting the origin station and destination station

Where do I buy Mass Rapid Transit(Singapore) Metro tickets

You can buy Mass Rapid Transit(Singapore) Metro smart card in any metro stations of Singapore When you buy the smart card from the MRT metro, you will pay some security (50 rupees). when you return this smart card to the MRT metro, you will get security amount. you will recharge this smart card with minimum recharge 100 rupees. when you are use the smart card, you will get 10 percent discount per journey. If you will daily ride in metro, immediate buy the smart card and save your money and time.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Mass Rapid Transit(Singapore) tickets start from SGD 1.40 to SGD 250, Book tickets on Ridlr app. Check more information.

As a tourist, you can choose one of three types of Singapore transport tickets:

  • Standard Ticket – for single trip
  • EZ-link card – for multiple trips
  • Singapore Tourist Pass – for unlimited travel

Standard Ticket

Singapore Standard Ticket is valid for a single trip on metro (MRT and LRT trains) only.
Standard Ticket for a single trip can be purchased from the General Ticketing Machines (GTM).
Only cash can be used for purchasing Standard Ticket on GTM

Current cash fares for basic services are as follows:

  • single trip 0.0–3.2 km long distance – 1.40 SGD
  • single trip 3.3–6.2 km long distance – 1.60 SGD
  • single trip 6.3–8.2 km long distance – 1.80 SGD
  • single trip 8.3 – 11.2 km long distance – 2.00 SGD
  • single trip 11.3–15.2 km long distance – 2.20 SGD
  • single trip 15.3–19.2 km long distance – 2.30 SGD
  • single trip 19.3–23.2 km long distance – 2.40 SGD
  • single trip over 23.2 km long distance – 2.50 SGD

Current cash fares for express and fast forward services are as follows:

  • single trip 0.0–8.2 km long distance – 2.20 SGD
  • single trip 8.3–11.2 km long distance – 2.35 SGD
  • single trip 11.3–15.2 km long distance – 2.50 SGD
  • single trip 15.3–19.2 km long distance – 2.65 SGD
  • single trip 19.3–23.2 km long distance – 2.80 SGD
  • single trip over 23.2 km long distance – 3.00 SGD

EZ-Link Card

Singapore EZ-Link Sard can be used for multiple trips on metro (MRT and LRT trains) and
public buses. The cost of EZ-Link card is 12 SGD per card. 5 SGD is a non-refundable cost of
the card, which is valid for 5 years, and 7 SGD can be used for traveling. Only cash can be used
for purchasing EZ-Link card but you can top-up it by credit card as well.

Current card fares for basic services are as follows:

  • 0.0–3.2 km long distance trip – 0.77 SGD
  • 3.3–6.2 km long distance trip – 0.87-1.07 SGD
  • 6.3–8.2 km long distance trip – 1.16-1.23 SGD
  • 8.3–11.2 km long distance trip – 1.29-1.37 SGD
  • 11.3–15.2 km long distance trip – 1.41-1.53 SGD
  • 15.3–19.2 km long distance trip – 1.57-1.69 SGD
  • 19.3–23.2 km long distance trip – 1.72-1.81 SGD
  • over 23.2 km long distance trip – 1.83-2.02 SGD

Singapore Tourist Pass

  • will be staying in Singapore for 3 days or less;
  • don’t have plans to come back to Singapore in 5 years;
  • are going to use public transport very often – at least 7 times/1-day, 12 times/2-days, 17
  • times/3-days;
  • don’t mind leaving 10 SGD as a deposit and getting a refund only before leaving Singapore (not
  • much can be bought for such an amount at Changi Airport though).

Singapore Tourist Pass prices are as follows:

  • 1-day pass – 10 SGD
  • 2-day pass – 16 SGD

Ticket portal

Book tickets Singapore metro official website.

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