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turin metro ticket
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You might want to use the Turin Metro Railway system to explore the city if you’re going to Turin, Italy. It is a reliable and practical method of transportation that serves most of the city’s popular tourist areas and neighbourhoods. However, it is crucial to comprehend the various Turin Metro Tickets, rates, and passes available, as well as the routes, stations, timings, and advantages of using the system, before you begin your journey. You can use the detailed instructions in this article to master the Turin Metro Railway system.

Timing: The Turin Metro operates from 6:00 AM until 11:20 PM on weekdays and from 6:00 AM until 12:20 AM on weekends.

Ticket price

Ticket price Turin Metro fare starts from € 1.50, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Single Journey Tickets

Single journey tickets are the most popular and straightforward option for using the Turin Metro. These tickets cost €1.70 and are valid for 100 minutes of travel across the Turin public transportation network. This ticket can be used across the subway system for a one-way trip, along with other public transportation options like buses and trams.

Round Trip Tickets

Round trip tickets are ideal for those who want to travel to a destination then return back to their starting point in one trip. These tickets are available for €3.40 and are valid for two hours, so passengers have adequate time to return to their starting point.

Multiple Journey Tickets

For those who use the Turin Metro frequently and don’t want to worry about buying a ticket each time, a Multiple Journey Ticket is a great option. These tickets are available for €13.70 for 10 trips and can be shared among different passengers, making them an affordable option.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Fare Chart and Pass Options

If you’re travelling more than a few times on the Turin Metro, you may want to consider purchasing a pass or card. For example, a 24-hour card that allows unlimited travel on the subway and other public transportation options costs €5.00 and provides a significant discount compared to purchasing individual tickets.

Pass Options Available for Frequent Riders

A weekly pass that provides unlimited travel on the subway and other forms of public transportation costs €16.00, while a monthly pass is €35.00. These passes are ideal for frequent travelers and offer significant savings compared to paying for individual tickets.

Special Discounts Offered

Turin Metro offers special discounts for children aged 6 to 11. These children can travel for only €0.90 per ticket and must be accompanied by an adult. Children below the age of 6 travel free of charge. Additionally, senior citizens aged 70 or above can travel free of charge with a valid ID.

Metro Route and Stations

The Turin Metro system has two lines, line 1 and line 2, both of which have interchanges with other modes of transportation. Line 1 runs from Ferrovia Station to Lingotto, while line 2 runs from Rivoli to Collegno. Together, the two lines serve a great deal of Turin’s suburban areas, making it an excellent public transportation option for both residents and visitors.

Major Turin Metro Stations

Some of the major Turin Metro stations include Porta Nuova, which has a connection with the city’s main trains and buses, Vinzaglio, which serves as a junction for line 1 and line 2, and Lingotto, which is one of the Turin Metro’s busiest stations and has a connection with Vinzaglio. Other notable stations include Bernini, Carducci-Molinette, and Paradiso.

Interchange Points with other Modes of Transport

Besides the Turin Metro, the city’s public transportation network also includes buses and trams. The Turin Metro has many transfer points with these other modes of transportation, which makes it simple to navigate Turin’s public transportation network. These transfer points include Porta Nuova, Vinzaglio, and Lingotto, among others.

Understanding Ticket Zones in Turin Metro

Turin Metro has divided the city into different zones to calculate the fare according to the distance travelled. The city is divided into two zones: the central zone and the outskirts zone.

Fare Difference in Different Zones

The fares for the central zone are more economical than the outskirts zone. If your journey involves travelling through both zones, the fare is calculated by considering the distance travelled in each zone.

How to Calculate Fare for your Journey

To calculate the fare for your journey, check the zone of your destination station and that of your origin station. The fare for the journey will be calculated according to the zone difference between the two stations. The fare chart is available at all stations and online, and you can calculate your fare accordingly.

Benefits of using a Turin Metro Fare Card

The Turin Metro Fare Card is a smart card that works as a ticket and a rechargeable card for multiple journeys. The card is available for purchase at all stations and can be recharged as needed.

Advantages of using a Fare Card over Single Tickets

Using a Fare Card is more economical than purchasing single tickets for each journey. Moreover, the Fare Card is convenient, as you don’t have to purchase a new ticket for every journey and can simply recharge the card instead.

How to Purchase and Recharge your Metro Fare Card

You can purchase and recharge your Fare Card at any Turin Metro station. Simply approach the ticket counter or ticket machine and follow the instructions to purchase or recharge your card.

Plan your Journey in Advance

To avoid any confusion or unnecessary delays, plan your journey in advance. Check the route, timetable, and fares before you start your journey.

Use Fare Card for Multiple Journeys

If you plan to take multiple journeys on the Turin Metro, it is more economical to use a Fare Card than to purchase single tickets for each journey.

Be aware of Validity Period of Tickets

Each Turin Metro ticket has a validity period, which means that the ticket can only be used within a certain time frame. Be sure to check the validity period of your ticket before you start your journey.Navigating the Turin Metro system can be an easy and stress-free experience with the right information. By understanding the different types of tickets, passes, fares, routes, stations, and timings, you’ll be able to plan your journey in advanced and make the most out of your time in Turin. So, hop on the Turin Metro Railway with confidence and enjoy exploring this beautiful city with ease.


1. Can I purchase Turin Metro Tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase Turin Metro Tickets online through the official website or mobile app. You can also buy tickets at ticket machines available in all metro stations.

2. Are there any special discounts available for senior citizens or students?

Yes, senior citizens and students are eligible for special discounts on Turin Metro Tickets. You’ll need to show a valid ID card to avail of the discount.

3. How do I calculate the fare for my journey?

You can calculate the fare for your Turin Metro journey by checking the fare chart available at all stations. The fare depends on the distance you are traveling and the ticket type you choose.

4. What should I do if I lose my Turin Metro Fare Card?

If you lose your Turin Metro Fare Card, you can report it immediately to the customer service center at any metro station. They will block your card and issue you a new one. However, any remaining balance on the lost card will not be refunded.

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