After being tricked, Priyanka Chopra ‘told her. In two days,’ giving VIP tickets to Beyoncé’s concert to spice up the stuntwoman’s day

Priyanka Chopra Beyoncé s concert
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Stuntwoman Anisha Tee Gibbs, a friend of actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, can’t stop praising the actress after getting tickets to Beyoncé’s concert. In her lengthy post on social media, Anisha said that her kind demeanor of Priyanka gave her the chance to attend Beyoncé’s concert, which she otherwise couldn’t go to. she said. Aneesha wrote a lengthy thank you post, where she shared her experience watching Beyoncé perform at her recent London concert.

Actress and stuntwoman Anisha wrote about how she bought fake concert tickets, which she shared with Priyanka. After that, the actor invited Anisya from a large box in the stadium to attend the concert together. Aneesha shared photos and videos from the concert, captioning it, “Did I mention you visited Beyoncé in London!?” Yes, I tried to buy Beyoncé tickets, I tried to cut it short… but I bought fake tickets! !! SMH !!! She shared this story to @priyankachopra and 2 days later she asked me to watch Beyoncé with her. I just want to say thank you again! It was awesome to hang out at the #jayz VIP BOX and have the ultimate Beyoncé experience! And watching some of my friends perform was so much fun! @amarimonster @concrete”

Netizens were clearly impressed with Priyanka’s kind demeanor and complimented her without hesitation. One follower wrote, “Good friends!!” Another wrote, “Meeting Beyoncé and Priyanka must have been an amazing experience,” and you three are the most beautiful, talented and sexy women on the planet. Thank you for sharing this experience. Good luck to all three of you! “

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