Book Your Train Ticket Easily Using This Trick If IRCTC Is Down

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Indian Railways passengers are having difficulty booking train tickets through the IRCTC website due to technical issues. I get an error message when I open the website. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Authority shared an update via their official Twitter account and tweeted about the bug. “For technical reasons, the ticket service is unavailable. Our technical team is working to resolve the issue,” the group said on Twitter. We will notify you once the technical issue has been resolved.”

However, according to the IRCTC, there are other ways to book train tickets if you plan to travel. The group said travelers can book train tickets through other platforms such as Amazon and Paytm. The organization also said CSIR’s technical team is working to resolve technical issues.

Before we begin with the process of booking train tickets using these B2C platforms. It must be noted that to complete the booking process, users will need their IRCTC credentials, i.e., user ID and password.

How to Book Train Ticket Via Amazon?

Step 1- Go to the Amazon app.

Step 2- Now, open the “Amazon Pay” tab.

Step 3- After this select, “Book Tickets,” and then “Trains.”

Step 4- Feed in you travel details including origin and destinations stations.

Step 5- Enter other details such as dates of travel.

Step 6- Select the class of train ticket you want to have and tick the relevant box in the app.

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