Eleven sanitation workers pooled their money in Kerala to buy 250 rupee lottery ticket and win 1 billion rupee jackpot

kerala jackpot tickets
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They had to go to Holland to buy lottery tickets and now they are laughing on their way to the bank. Eleven female employees belonging to a local plastic waste recycling plant paid less than 25 rupees per person and she bought a lottery ticket of 250 rupees and won a jackpot of 1 billion rupees.

When the big news broke Wednesday, the 11 women wore faded green coats and rubber gloves, carrying sorted plastic waste from their homes in Palappanangadi upazila. The Kerala State Lottery Authority announced that a monsoon bumper worth a whopping 10 billion rupees was awarded to women who pooled their money to buy tickets that could not afford tickets worth 250 rupees.

On Thursday, crowds gathered at community grounds to meet and congratulate lottery winners.
One of the winners, Radha, said: We all face hardships in life, and in some ways, money can help us solve our problems. The women’s salaries range from Rs 7,500 for her to Rs 14,000 for her.
Haritha Karma Sena is involved in the collection of non-biodegradable waste from households and businesses, which is sent to shredder plants for recycling.

Silla, chairman of the community’s Harita Karma Sena Consortium, said the fortune has smiled on the most deserving. She said the winners are all very hardworking and family breadwinners.
“Many people are in debt, have to get their daughters married, have to pay for family medical bills. she told PTI.

Interestingly, this was the second time the women had pooled their money to buy a ticket.
“We spent the same money last year buying Onam bumpers and received Rs 7,500.” We split the amount evenly between us. “It gives me the confidence to buy this year’s Monsoon Bumper ticket,” said one of the winners.

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