Fans of American music travel to Europe in search of cheaper concert tickets.

fans of american music travel to europe
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An analysis by the Daily Mail found that ticketmaster prices for concert tickets are wide between the U.S. and Europe. Because of this, some fans are choosing to pay for flights and cheaper concert tickets in Europe instead of the more expensive tickets in the US, reports Ticket prices for Beyoncé, Madonna, Pink, Bruce Springsteen and Ed Sheeran are significantly higher in the US than in Europe, according to the analysis.

In a European comparison, Beyonce’s Charlotte show costs three times as much as a show in the US than in Stockholm, Sweden. According to data, Beyoncé’s concert in Charlotte costs $618 (€562) and in Stockholm $225 (€204). Madonna’s appearance in the United States also demanded the highest price compared to Europe. According to the data, tickets for Madonna’s New York concert cost $2,666 (€2,426) and London concert tickets cost $1,838 (€1,673).

What’s more, a Bruce Springsteen concert ticket in Newark this year was more than five times the price at $537 (488 euros), while a ticket in Copenhagen was $96 (87 euros).

Concert ticket prices are cheaper in Europe, but US music lovers should keep in mind that in addition to buying tickets, they also need to book accommodation, which adds up to the total price.
Hotel prices are particularly high in Sweden and London due to concerts. In Cardiff, Wales, hotel prices rise to $1,270 (€1,156) on the night of Beyoncé’s concert. Statista analyzed the data and the price increase and said there were several reasons for this. The main reason is that artists can no longer make money from their albums.

This means that artists are looking to make money through other means. In addition, the rising costs of running the show and the generally high demand are also contributing factors. With Taylor Swift adding dozens of international shows, ticket prices for concerts in Europe are likely to be lower than in the US as well.
For this reason, many spectators will gather in Europe where the tour will be held next year.
To account for price differences, the EU parliament last year passed the Digital Services Act, which also includes ticket regulations. The law, which will come into force on January 1, aims to equalize ticket prices in all EU member states and put an end to the buying tactic of cheap tickets for a limited period of time.

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