FIFA president wants fans to ‘do the right thing’ and buy tickets for Women’s World Cup

fifa womens world cup ticket
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The FIFA president has called on fans in New Zealand and Australia to buy tickets for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup. Not because he thinks they’ll have fun or because FIFA is interested in the money, but because he’s begging them to ‘do the right thing’.

“New Zealand, we want you. We need you,” FIFA president Gianni Infantine said at a press conference in Auckland, CNN reported. “It’s never too late to do the right thing. Come see us play. We need a packed stadium to keep us all warm. ”

oh. It’s never a good thing when you have to convince people that they have a moral obligation to do something. This is due to the drop in ticket sales for major events. Infantino attributed it to fans viewing the Women’s World Cup as inferior to the Men’s World Cup. But this edition will change those critics’ minds, he said. “A lot of people still think women’s football is not a great game, it’s not that fun, or it’s a bad copy of men’s football and so on,” he said. β€œWell, when you actually see the game for the first time, you know it’s a great game.

FIFA and Infantino won’t pitch to appeal to World Cup skeptics

I think Infantino’s argument might have been more convincing if he hadn’t started with the words “do the right thing.” If he just said “we’ve developed a great product” (which he probably didn’t mean), we’d have a better argument.

I enjoy the Women’s World Cup, but skeptics won’t buy into that argument. These comments don’t even read like Infantino is buying his 100%. At the same press conference, he was also the guest of FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura. She also tried her best to make a whining sales pitch.

“My only complaint is that some games still have tickets, so don’t wait until the last minute,” she said.
Admittedly, many women’s footballers will not be too happy that FIFA is inviting people to watch women’s footballers play a few days before the tournament starts.

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