IPL 2024 Match 24: Who Said What in RR vs GT Match

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Gujarat Titans clinch a thrilling victory by 3 wickets against Rajasthan Royals in a tense cricket match, showcasing the intensity and drama of the game.

Sanju Samson and Shubman Gill reflect on a recent cricket match, discussing the highs and lows of the game, while Rashid Khan shares insights into his performance.

Sanju Samson said:

I think the last ball of the game (where was the game lost?). Very hard to speak at the moment. Hardest job in the tournament when a captain loses the game and has to tell where the game was lost. When the emotions come down I’ll be able to tell clearly. Have to give credit to the Gujarat Titans. That’s the beauty of this tournament. Will have to learn and move on. While I was batting I thought something around 180 would’ve been a fighting score. 196 was a winning score I thought. With no dew, our bowling lineup should’ve done it. It wasn’t easy to go hard at the start of the innings. 197 at Jaipur, without dew, we’ll take it any day.

Shubman Gill said:

We were targetting 45 in 3 overs and it is very much gettable and that was the mindset at that time. Mathematically both batters needed to hit 22 off 9 balls and that’s how the thinking goes and if one batter goes berserk that will do. I would have loved to finish the game, but very happy with Rahul and Rashid bhai for finishing the job for us. Winning the ball off the last ball is always a great feeling. He (Rashid Khan) is someone who you always want in your team, he is such a competitor.

POTM Rashid Khan said:

Winning the game is more pleasing for me. Happy that I landed the ball where I wanted today and that gave me energy with the bat as well maybe. I haven’t bowled much in the last 3-4 months after the surgery and I just lost a bit of grip on the ball and I had a good session after the last game and it really helped me to get back to my best. I really enjoyed my bowling today. It was just a matter of hitting 3-4 sixes and you need to stay positive

These post-match reflections capture the essence of sportsmanship, resilience, and the unpredictable nature of cricket for the day in IPL.