IRCTC To Soon Facilitate Online Ticket Booking For Pets

dogs and cats booking train tickets

Indian Railways has good news for pet owners. The Ministry of Railways recently made a proposal to launch an online ticket booking function for dogs and cats. This means that train passengers can easily bring their pets along on the train. The railway authority is also considering giving TTE pet reservation rights.

Previously, when booking an entire coupe, pet parents were required to book a 1st class AC ticket, cabin or coupe ticket at the platform’s package booking counter on the day of travel. Passengers were able to carry their four-legged friend in luggage in a second-class car and in a box in a brake van. Because of this, passengers faced big problems. With this in mind, the Ministry of Railways is now considering launching online ticket booking for pets. Modifications are made to the IRCTC software for this purpose.

Rules were announced for animals of all sizes, from elephants to horses to dogs to birds. Pets such as dogs and cats can travel with their owners. If you plan to bring your pet on your Indian Railways journey, you must follow the rules.

Remember to make a copy of your ticket after booking, complete all pet vaccinations, and have all certificates and a fitness certificate from your veterinarian on hand 24-48 hours prior to departure. Also, carry relevant ID with you. Bring water, food and a favorite toy to keep them comfortable during the trip. Previously, passengers had to fully book two or four berth coupes in AC First Class, which was very expensive. If you bring your dog in a dog box, the luggage charges applicable to the train will be calculated at 30 kg per dog. 60kg per dog and can also be carried in AC First Class.

IRCTC Guidelines For Pet Parents

Regardless of whether the passenger has a PRS ticket or an IRCTC-booked online ticket, the dog must be brought to the luggage office at least three hours before the train’s departure for booking.

Dogs carried along with a passenger in AC First Class or First Class coupe are subject to the applicable baggage fees.

In the AC2 tier, AC 3 tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, and Second-Class compartments, dogs are not permitted. If other passengers object to the dog remaining in the compartment, the dog will be removed from the guard’s van without a refund.

Booking requires a certificate from a veterinarian stating the breed, colour, and gender of the pet dog.

The sole responsibility for the safe transport of their dogs rests with the passengers. During the journey, the owner is responsible for providing water and food for the dog.

Puppies may be carried in a basket in all accommodation classes.

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