MLC 2023: How to buy tickets for the Morrisville game?

MLC Tickets 2023
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The inaugural Major League Cricket (MLC) tournament begins in the United States on July 13. In the tournament opener, the Texas Super Kings will face the Los Angeles Knight Riders at Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas. The first eight games will be in Dallas before moving to Morrisville.

Church Street Park in Morrisville will host all matches of the MLC 2023 Morrisville Leg. The first game in Morrisville will be on July 20 between the Washington Freedom and the Los Angeles Knight Riders. Tickets are available for all seven games at Church Street Park and fans can purchase them via the link

General admission tickets start at $15. The ticket allows entry to the venue, but does not reserve a seat. Fans with tickets will be able to secure their seats on the lawn in front of the VIP area. The venue has permanent spectator seating, and ticket prices here are $30. Fans can purchase premium tickets for groups of 15 or more by clicking the link. Tickets sell out quickly, so fans should hurry to buy their tickets.

The entire venue is fenced off and fans must purchase a ticket to enter. Fans can’t pass up the chance to see some of the world’s best take to the field at the Morrisville Leg of MLC 2023.

Major League Cricket 2023 Matches at the Church Street Park, Morrisville

  • July 20, Thursday โ€“ Washington Freedom vs Los Angeles Knight Riders (3 AM IST (21 July), 5:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 21, Friday โ€“ Seattle Orcas vs Texas Super Kings (3 AM IST (July 22), 5:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 22, Saturday โ€“ Washington Freedom vs San Francisco Unicorns (3 AM IST (July 23), 5:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 23, Sunday โ€“ Los Angeles Knight Riders vs Seattle Orcas (11 PM IST, 1:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 23, Sunday โ€“ MI New York vs Washington Freedom (3 AM IST (July 24), 5:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 24, Monday โ€“ San Francisco Unicorns vs Texas Super Kings (3 AM IST (July 25), 5:30 PM Local Time)
  • July 25, Tuesday โ€“ MI New York vs Seattle Orcas (3 AM IST (July 26), 5:30 PM Local Time)

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