Oppenheimer Movie: Advance Booking For IMAX Screens Begins In India 2023

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Oppenheimer: Director Christopher Nolan will soon be returning to cinemas with his new directorial Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy. Shot entirely in IMAX, his IMAX screen pre-sales in India began on his Sunday, July 4th. The movie had over 10,000 opening day tickets for him.

That’s not all, folks. Nolan’s new work also reserved 22,500 tickets for the opening week, 16 days before the release, also only at IMAX and two multiplex chains PVR and INOX.

Bumper advance booking start

Audience interest in seeing Oppenheimer on an IMAX screen appears to be pretty high, according to figures released Sunday by film industry analysts. The film has earned his A certificate in India and has a running time of his 3 hours. But with 16 days left until the release, there’s no stopping fans from reserving seats at his IMAX screen.

About Nolan’s IMAX obsession

Nolan was an avid advocate of watching and shooting movies in IMAX. “I think IMAX is the best movie format ever invented. It’s the gold standard, which all other technologies rival, but it’s not my opinion. So I wanted to say The message is that no one is taking their digital camera away from anyone, but if we want to keep the movie option and someone is working on a big studio movie and insists on a movie If they have the resources and power to do so, they should say yes. I didn’t say anything, but I felt like I was starting to lose that option, which is a shame. When you look at the digitally captured and projected images, they look bad compared to the original negative anamorphic prints or his IMAX prints,” director Nolan told Screen Rant.

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