Srisailam seva tickets online only from today

Srisailam temple tickets
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KURNOOL: Srisailam Devasthanam Officials said Arjitha Seva and Sparsh Darshan tickets will only be available online from Monday instead of through the current booking system. Tickets for May are available online from his April 25th, and devotees can pre-purchase their respective tickets from his Devasthanam website

However, 150 Siegura Darshan tickets and 300 Attisigra Darshan tickets are available for purchase both online and through current bookings. Officials said 30% of these tickets will be allocated online, while the remaining 70% will be allocated through current bookings. Likewise, his four days of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Supashudarshan, offered free of charge to devotees from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, will continue as usual.

Arjitaseva owners and those who have obtained Sparsh Darshan tickets must carry a printed copy of the tickets obtained online. Similarly, ticket holders for Suphash Darshan must bring a copy of their Aadhaar card as proof of identification.

Tickets for Sarpa Doshanivarana Pooja, Aksharabhyasam and Annaprasana will also be allocated through current booking. All argeeta sevas are also performed step by step, so it is not difficult for ordinary devotees to perform darshan.

Spash darshan is also served depending on the season. Additionally, celebrities coming for darshan are required to notify the temple of their visit details at least two days in advance on letterhead and accommodation recommendations. These letters should be sent to Similarly, these letters can be sent via his WhatsApp to protocol phone 9160016215.

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