The Ahmedabad Metro has extended its hours ahead of the IPL championship weekend; trains will run till 1:30 AM.

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Over the weekend, Ahmedabad will play host to two of the IPL’s most crucial games of the season. The authorities have made a number of provisions in light of the games, which also include the IPL final on Sunday, to make travel for cricket fans easier.

Among other measures, these include longer metro schedules for Ahmedabad and advanced special printed tickets that guests can use for their return trip.

Metro timings have been extended to 01:30 AM on Friday & Sunday

The Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has decided to extend the metro timings on Friday (Qualifier 2) and Sunday (IPL Final) to 01:30 AM to help fans return home after the games. During the game, GMRC has also decided to increase the frequency of trains with one arriving every ten minutes to manage the expected rush.

Furthermore, with the ₹25 advanced special tickets issued on the IPL matchdays, fans will not have to queue up at the station to buy return tickets. This step was taken after metro stations experienced a lot of rush on previous matchdays with fans lining up at once to purchase return tickets.

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