The Jackpot of Tirubonham Bumper Lottery 2023 is Rs 25 crore. Advance tickets will be on sale from July 26th

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Thiruvananthapuram: The government of Kerala launched the lottery authority’s historic Onam Bumper 2023 tickets on Monday (24 July). Finance Minister KN Balagopal and Transport Minister Anthony Raju were also present at the ticket unveiling. Ticket sales will start on July 26th.

Also this year, Onam Bumper opened at Rs 25 billion. The second prize is Rs 100 crore and will be awarded for every 20 people. In case of 3rd prize, 5 million rupees each will be awarded to 20 people. Onam bumper ticket costs 500 rupees.

Last week, the Kerala Finance Ministry rejected a proposal to increase the prize to 30 billion rupees. Previously, the second prize was Rs 5 billion per person and the third prize was Rs 1 billion per 10 persons.

The previous 4th and 5th places were 10 with Rs.500,000 and Rs.200,000 respectively. Last year, Mr. B. Anoop, an auto-rickshaw driver from Srivaraham, Thiruvananthapuram District, won a whopping 250 million rupees. It was the largest prize in Kerala lottery history.

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  1. July 28, 2023

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