Thousands of French Swiftis are at odds with Ticketmaster after it abruptly halted and postponed ticket sales for the Hellas Tour

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Ticketmaster seems to have a bad relationship with Taylor Swift and her legions of fans – this time in France.

The company abruptly halted ticket sales for the Stars Era’s Tour in Paris and Lyon shortly after pre-sales opened on Tuesday, leaving thousands of fans stranded.

The 33-year-old singer has four shows in Paris in March 2024 and two more in Lyon in June 2024.

Tickets for the Paris stop were to be sold in two batches, at 9am and 11am local time.

However, from the beginning, the Ticketmaster site struggled to keep up with demand. Even fans who got to the ticket-buying site early were unable to check out due to technical glitches on the platform.

Other fans on Twitter complained that the lines were stuck or that the Ticketmaster platform wouldn’t allow them to log in when it was their turn to buy tickets.

More than an hour into pre-sale, Ticketmaster took to Twitter to notify fans it was aware of the issue, stating: “Some people may be experiencing issues with our website this morning. We are currently We are working on it and will keep you updated with the latest information.”

But a few hours later, to the shock and dismay of those already in the queue, Ticketmaster abruptly postponed the ticket sales — with new sale dates to be announced.

“The Taylor Swift sale | The 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Eras Tour for Paris La Défense Arena has been put on hold. We will keep you posted with a new on-sale time as soon as possible. All codes not already used will remain valid,” Ticketmaster tweeted.

The company posted a new Twitter update hours later, saying that “issues with a third party” had put the sale on hold and that “tickets are still available.” Ticketmaster did not provide further information about the issue or a new sales date. This isn’t the first time Ticketmaster has messed up ticket sales for a big concert.

As Insider previously reported, a similar incident occurred in November last year, when Ticketmaster crashed while selling tickets for Swift’s Hellas tour in the United States.’s downtime report for this site, at times he reached nearly 4,000.

Ticket sales for the Eras Tour have gotten so bad that even a group of Swifties have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. But glitches, bugs, glitches didn’t stop there.
Last December, Ticketmaster came under fire for selling fake tickets to a Bad Bunny concert in Mexico City.

In March, the Ticketmaster platform also crashed during ticket sales for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

In June, Coldplay fans in Singapore were outraged when the platform crashed again while selling tickets for the band’s concert, and they were denied purchases.

All in all, it’s going to be a pretty brutal summer for European speedsters hoping to see their idols on stage.

Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment after normal business hours.

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