Travis Scott Giza Pyramids Concert Tickets Sold Out in 15 Minutes

travis scott giza pyramids concert
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American rapper Travis Scott’s “Utopia” concert scheduled for June 28 sold out all premium and VIP tickets 15 minutes after prices were announced. Premium tickets were priced at 4,000 Egyptian pounds ($129) and VIP tickets were priced at 6,500 Egyptian pounds ($210).

The immediate sell-out came after Scott announced he would be promoting his new album Utopia with a live-streamed concert at the Pyramids of Giza. Tickets will also be sold to see the concert live, and the event will be promoted by his Live Nation.

Since Scott released his final studio album, Astroworld, in 2018, his next album is awaited with particular excitement. Pre-orders for “Utopia” are being accepted, but the release date is undecided at this time.
“Utopia” is also the singer’s first album to be released following an incident at the 2021 Astroworld music festival that left 10 concert-goers dead and dozens more injured.

However, a grand jury in Houston, Texas recently ruled that Scott and the festival organizers will not face criminal charges in the deaths.

The announcement of the Pyramids concert was greeted with both enthusiasm and anxiety in Egypt. Premium and VIP tickets sold out quickly, but some are concerned about the controversy surrounding Scott’s career and what it might mean for him to perform at Egypt’s most iconic monument.

In addition, there have been numerous safety concerns surrounding his concerts in the past, adding to the concerns.

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