Want tickets to the TFBOYS 10th anniversary concert? Good luck!

tfboys 10th anniversary concert
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About 5 million people have expressed interest in attending the TFBOYS 10th anniversary concert in Xi’an next month, but only 30,000 tickets have been officially sold. calculate. There are no awards for future activity.

Xiao Yun is an avid fan of the pop idol band aka The Fighting Boys and wanted to meet them in person. She was stationed near a cell phone tower, where she used to be, where she was able to get her coveted tickets as soon as they first appeared online. Unfortunately, the trick didn’t work this time. Demand was too great. So she and her other disappointed fans turned to scalpers who were offering her tickets at incredible prices.

This year’s trend is for live performances to return to the stage after a long hiatus due to the new coronavirus. The high public demand for tickets and limited seating create an ideal environment for scalpers. For fans, it’s not the same as watching concerts on streaming platforms for 39-99 yuan (US$13.80).

TFBOYS’s concert on August 6th caused a stir in the northwestern capital of Shaanxi Province.
Hotels within a five-kilometer radius of the venue have sold out, and those within a ten-kilometer radius have raised prices significantly, some exceeding 1,000 yuan. Hotel staff confirmed that all rooms were sold out quickly after the event was announced online.

To prevent scalping, the ticket sales system now requires “real name” purchases. In response, scalpers rely on proxy services to purchase tickets using “ticket acquisition software” and resell them at exorbitant prices. Some scalpers charge up to 6,000 yuan for such “ticket brokerage”.

There are reports that scalpers have reached capacity and have stopped accepting new orders as demand for their services floods in. A college student said that he and several classmates invested 3,000 yuan to hire a programmer to create a “ticket acquisition program”, and now use both automatic and manual methods to secure tickets. and shared online.

Some scalpers employ part-time “ticket-grabbers.” One scalper said it would offer a generous commission of 3,500 yuan if it assembled a team of thousands and managed to secure tickets worth 2,013 yuan. On average, 4-5 people work together to get a single ticket.

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