WWE Live Results: Winners, Live Stats, Reactions & Highlights Ahead Of SummerSlam

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Welcome to the live coverage and recap of WWE Raw’s Bleacher Report in Houston, Texas on July 31st.
Following last week’s events, Seth Rollins allied himself with Sami Zayn to take on Señor Money in the Bank’s Damien Priest and NXT North American Champion Dominic Mysterio.

After months of wrestling, Maxine Dupri and Valhalla finally stepped into the ring and settled their differences once and for all. Alpha Academy and the Viking Raiders are never far away whenever they get involved. There were also performances by Cody Rhodes, Brock Lesnar and Logan Paul. Let’s take a look at everything that happened on Monday’s show.

The show opened with the usual arrival of Logan Paul with a chorus of boos. He said he wasn’t there for his fans, he was there for Ricochet. The high flyer came out and said he didn’t respect Paul as a person, but he did respect his athleticism and demeanor.

Paul commented on Samantha Irvin, the ring announcer and Ricochet’s fiancée. The high flyer grabbed his rival’s leg and started punching him. The two fought until Paul hit Ricochet with a big right hand as he flew off the top rope. The corner ended with the YouTuber taking a selfie on the mat.
It wasn’t anything special, but it was the best way for WWE to overdo this match in 10 minutes.

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