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Algiers Metro ticket
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The metro is only available in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It has only one line and was first introduced to the public seven years ago. The total length of the subway system is 9.2 km. Line 1 connects Tahoula Grande Poste and Hay El Badr. Nine of the ten stations are underground and the platform is 115 meters wide. The train is operated by 14 wagons with a total length of 108 m and a carrying capacity of 1216 passengers. This transport system can transport up to 41,000 people per hour. Trains run every 2 minutes and the metro takes 5 to 23 hours.

Ticket price

Ticket price for Algiers Metro Fare tickets starts from 2.50 francs, Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

  • 1st class: 2.50 francs
  • 2nd class: 1.30 francs

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

The list of all metro stations in Algiers

  • Place des Martyrs
  • Ali Boumendjel
  • Tafourah – Grande Poste
  • Khelifa Boukhalfa
  • 1er Mai
  • Aïssat Idir
  • Hamma
  • Jardin d’essai
  • Les Fusillés
  • Cité Amirouche
  • Cité Mer et Soleil
  • Haï El Badr
  • Les Ateliers
  • Ain Naadja 1
  • Ain Naadja 2
  • Bachdjarah – Tennis
  • Bachdjarah
  • El Harrach Gare
  • El Harrach Centre

Algiers Metro Map Offline

Algiers Metro Map available please check link below:

Bus service

In addition to the Algiers subway, bus transport works great, making you not only around the city center but also on the outskirts of the city. One ticket costs around 20 dinars and you can buy it personally at a vendor.


There is also a taxi in the city. You can call him only on the street or in the places where the taxi is usually standing. For us Europeans, it is a relatively inexpensive way of transport, and taxis are on every corner. However, it is important to arrange the price in advance, otherwise, you are at risk that your local taxi drivers will get you more money than you would like.

However, we recommend that you use the UBER application, where you have the first free coupon for free!

subway in Algeria

The Algiers Metro was the second metro system to open in Africa, after the Cairo Metro. The first phase of Line 1, “Haï el Badr”–”Tafourah-Central Post Office”, which had a length of 9.2 kilometres (5.7 mi) and comprised 10 stations, opened for public service on 1 November 2011.

Places of interest

What can’t be missed when you visit Algeria?

  • The ancient town of Tipaza undoubtedly belongs to the places you should visit. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed by the UNESCO mark, and another attraction is that this city is a former shopping center that historically fell under Rome.
  • When visiting this sunny country you should certainly not omit Algeria, which is often called Paris Africa. This is so because the architecture of the city combines the two main elements – the narrow streets of Islamic culture influenced and inspired by the wide boulevards of the French capital.
  • If you are a real gourmand, definitely do not miss a visit to another city, Annabe. It is renowned for its cuisine, which combines traditional European and Arabic tastes.
  • The city of the rocks, formerly known as Cirta, is another interesting monument of Algeria. You would now find it under the name of Constantine. And what does this town look like? Just across the center of the city is just a rocky gorge that flows through the river. The two banks of the city combine several bridges that together create unforgettable panoramas.


How many stations are there?
There are 25 stations on the metro.

What are the average ticket prices?
The average ticket prices are as follows:

1st class: 2.50 francs
2nd class: 1.30 francs
What languages are spoken on the Metro?
Algerians speak Arabic, French and Berber.

What is the Metro’s history?
Algiers was founded in the 15th century and was the first capital of Algeria. It was also where the Algerian revolution started. The metro was first built in 1958, and is still in operation today.

What are some of the features of the Metro?
The metro is very clean and comfortable. It is the safest way to travel in Algiers, as there are no trains that run late. The trains run every 15 minutes and the journey takes about ten minutes. There are two lines, Line 1 and Line 2, which intersect at Bab El-Oued station.

What are some of the attractions near the Metro?
There are many tourist attractions near the metro, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Beaux-Arts. There are also many bars and nightclubs in the area.

What are some of the challenges faced by the Metro?
The metro is very old and needs a lot of maintenance. The stations are dirty and the tracks are not always clear. It can be difficult to understand where to get off the train.

What are the plans for the Metro?
The metro is one of the most modern means of transport in the world. The system has been recently refurbished and is equipped with a new fleet of trains. It is planned to extend the line from Maarif to El-Hadj Bouhlel, and from Béjaïa to El-Aouira.

How can I improve my experience on the Metro?
If you are going to the beach, buy a ticket for the beach section. If you are going to the suburbs, buy a ticket for the suburbs. If you are going to the centre of town, buy a ticket for the centre of town.

What are the safety measures in place on the Metro?
The metro is very well guarded, and you should be able to get away with a lot of things. If you are caught stealing or breaking any of the rules, you will be punished. The police are not as friendly as they used to be.

What is the Metro’s future?
The metro is expanding. There are plans to build another line, which will link the suburbs of Algiers to the city centre.

What are the proposals for the Metro?
The metro is currently being extended to the suburbs, and there are plans to build a new line from Bab El-Oued to the airport.

What are the criticisms of the Metro?
The metro is very busy, especially in the morning and evening.

What are the possible solutions to the challenges faced by the Metro?
The metro is an important part of the transport system in Algiers. It has many advantages, but also some problems. The first problem is that it is not very well-known. There are few stations and the network is not very extensive. The second problem is that it is very expensive and a lot of people do not use it. The third problem is that it can be dangerous to use at night, especially if you are by yourself.

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