Lyca Kovai Kings vs Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans TNPL Ticket

lyca kovai kings vs idream tiruppur tamizhans tnpl ticket
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The Tamil Nadu Premier League 2023 kicks off on 12 June with Lika Kobai Kings and Idream Tirupur Tamijant. Both teams are known for their competitive spirit, amassing a talented roster of veteran players and up-and-coming talent.

Rika Hissu Kobai His Kings are known for their aggressive approach, trying to dominate the game with powerful shots and powerful bowling attacks. Meanwhile, Idream His Tirumpur His Tamizanth seeks to secure victory and outperform their opponents, utilizing strategic gameplay and solid overall performances.

Mark his calendar for June 12th and let Rikako prepare to witness the fierce battle between the Vikings and Idream his Tirupur his Tamizans. Buy your ticket now and show your support for your city!

VenueSri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore
Date & TimeJune 12 | 7 PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Lyca Kovai Kings vs Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans starts from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1500 Onwards. Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

CDE Lower level₹200
D Upper-Level₹200
E Upper-Level₹200

Ticket Information:

  • SNR College Cricket Ground, Coimbatore
    • Hospitality: INR 1500
    • Spectators Gallery – 2: INR 200
    • Spectators Gallery – 3: INR 200
    • Spectators Gallery – 4: INR 200
  • NPR College Ground, Natham
    • Hospitality – 2: INR 2000
    • General Stand (East): INR 200
  • SCF Cricket Ground, Salem
    • Will update soon
  • Indian Cement Company Ground, Tirunelveli
    • Will update soon

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.


1. How can I book tickets for the TNPL match between Lyca Kovai Kings and Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans?

Tickets for the match can be booked online through the official TNPL website or at the stadium’s ticket counter on the match day.

2. What are the COVID-19 guidelines to be followed during the match?

As per the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Tamil Nadu government, only a limited number of spectators will be allowed at the stadium. Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is mandatory.

3. Who are the key players to watch out for in Lyca Kovai Kings and Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans?

Lyca Kovai Kings have some big names in their squad, including Shahrukh Khan, who was bought by Punjab Kings in the IPL auction. Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans also have some exciting talents like N Jagadeesan, who was a part of the Chennai Super Kings team in IPL 2020.

4. What is the history of TNPL, and how has it contributed to Tamil Nadu’s cricket scene?

TNPL was launched in 2016 and has become a popular domestic T20 tournament in Tamil Nadu. The tournament has provided a platform for young and aspiring cricketers to showcase their talent and has helped unearth some gems for Tamil Nadu’s cricket team.

Players like T Natarajan, Washington Sundar, and R Sai Kishore have all made a mark in TNPL before making it to the IPL and representing India at the international level.

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