Ajanta Caves Entry Tickets, Timing, Entry Fee, Discount and Offers and All You Need to Know

ajanta caves entry tickets
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The Ajanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a masterpiece of ancient Indian architecture and artistry. Located in the state of Maharashtra, these caves are a group of 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments that date back to the 2nd century BCE. The intricate sculptures and paintings inside the caves are a testament to India’s rich cultural history. However, before planning your visit to this splendid site, it is crucial to know about the entry tickets, timing, entry fee, discount, and offers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Ajanta Caves, from the entry process to the best time to visit.

Ajanta Caves Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Opening Timings:

  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • Closed on Mondays

Ticket price

Ticket price for Ajanta Caves Entry starts from Rs.10 to Rs. 250, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

  •  10 per person for Indians
  •  250 per person for Foreign tourists
  •  25 for Still / Video Camera
  •  0 No entry fee for Children below 15 years

Entry Fee for Different Categories of Visitors

The entry fee to the Ajanta Caves varies for different categories of visitors. Indian citizens are charged INR10 per head, while foreign nationals are charged INR250 per head. Children below the age of 15 years are exempt from any entry fee.

Discount for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens can avail discounts of up to 50% on the entry fee. This discount is available to students, senior citizens above 60 years of age, and people with disabilities.

Discount for Students and Senior Citizens

Students and senior citizens from foreign countries can also avail of a discount of up to 50% on the entry fee by presenting a valid identity card.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

About the Activity

  • Arrive at the Ajanta Caves as per your convenience within the given opening timings of the landmark.
  • Explore the historical caves and its set of 3 rock-cut Buddhist caves, dating back to the period between the 2nd century BC & 650 CE.
  • Look closely into the beautiful paintings and sculptures across the caves and you will get to learn a lot about the history, culture & traditions followed during the era in which it was built.
  • Be in awe of the intricate details & architectural marvels that you can witness throughout the Ajanta caves and fall in love with the rich cultural heritage of India.
  • Reach the centre of the apse where you see the object of worship in the form of a Chaitya or Stupa.
  • Learn about the theme of Jataka tales & the story behind every single painting in the place.

How to Get Discounts and Offers on Ajanta Caves Tickets

One of the best ways to get discounts on Ajanta Caves tickets is to book them online. Many travel agencies and tour operators offer discounts on online bookings, especially during the off-season.

Group Discounts

Travelling in a group can also help you get discounts on entry tickets. You can contact the Ajanta Caves management office for more information on group discounts.

Special Offers and Packages

Tour operators and travel agencies often offer special packages and offers that include discounted entry tickets to the Ajanta Caves. Look out for such deals when planning your trip.

Visiting the Ajanta Caves is an experience like no other. Make sure you plan your visit well in advance to enjoy it to the fullest and make the most of the discounts and offers available.

What to Expect at Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves comprise of 30 ancient rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments that were built over 700 years starting from the 2nd century BC. The caves present a unique architectural style that showcases the evolution of Buddhist architecture and art across centuries. The caves are divided into two phases: the early Hinayana phase and the later Mahayana phase. Visitors can expect to see intricately carved pillars, walls, and ceilings adorned with beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Significant Caves and Attractions

The Ajanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are divided into two groups – the Eastern Group of Caves and the Western Group of Caves. The Eastern Group of Caves consists of caves 1-5 which are the oldest and finest examples of Buddhist art. Cave 2 is a must-visit as it houses some of the most beautiful murals depicting the life and teachings of Buddha. The Western Group of Caves is where most of the tourists visit and consists of caves 8, 9, 10, 19, 26, and 29. Cave 26 is the largest and most ornate cave with its beautiful carvings and Jataka tales.

Light and Sound Show

The Ajanta Caves also offer a mesmerizing light and sound show that is not to be missed. The show takes place every evening and lasts for an hour. It narrates the history of the caves and their significance in an engaging and immersive way. The show is available in both English and Hindi and is a perfect way to end your day at the caves.

Tips for Visiting Ajanta Caves

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Ajanta Caves is from November to February when the weather is cool and pleasant. Avoid going during the monsoon season as the caves get quite slippery and difficult to navigate.

What to Wear and Carry

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear as you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Carry a bottle of water and some snacks as there are no food stalls or restaurants inside the caves.

Guided Tours and Audio Guides

Guided tours and audio guides are available at the entrance of the caves and are highly recommended as they provide detailed information about the history and significance of the caves. The guides and audio guides are available in English and other languages.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The best way to reach the Ajanta caves is in a private car or taxi. The location is at a distance of 101 km from Aurangabad City Centre. You can reach the destination within 3 hours by car.
  • By Bus: The nearest bus station is the Aurangabad Central Bus Station based at 101 km that will drop you to Ajanta Caves Road Entrance in around 3 hours. Take another bus to the entrance of the main caves which would take another 10 minutes.
  • By Flight: Chikkalthana airport is the nearest airport, based at a distance of 10 km & is well connected with only some major cities across India.


What is the best time to visit Ajanta Caves?

The best time to visit Ajanta Caves is from November to February, during the winter season, when the weather is pleasant and cool. It is also the time when the caves are less crowded.

How long does it take to explore the caves?

Exploring the Ajanta Caves can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on your interest and pace. Visitors can spend more time if they wish to explore the caves in detail or see the light and sound show.

Are there any restrictions inside the caves?

Yes, visitors are not allowed to touch the sculptures or paintings inside the caves. They are also not allowed to use flash photography, as it can damage the artwork.

Is there any entry fee waiver for children?

Yes, children below the age of 15 years, regardless of their nationality, can enter the Ajanta Caves for free. However, they still need to obtain a ticket at the entrance.


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