Anirudh Varma Collective Concert Tickets 2023

anirudh varma collective concert tickets
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The Anirudh Varma Collective teamed up with Teamwork Arts to bring you an evening of contemporary Indian classical music. Anirudh Varma Collective is a Delhi-based Indian contemporary classical ensemble led by Delhi-based pianist and composer girlfriend Anirudh Varma. This collective includes his over 150 musicians and artists from India, USA and Canada. The ensemble recently won Best Indie Band of the Year at the Clef Music Awards. The Collective have released two full-length albums and performed over 500 shows in India and abroad. They have performed at festivals such as the Jaipur Literary Festival, Mahindra Kabila Festival, Mumbai’s Nita Ambani Cultural Center (NMACC), Virasat Festival, Indian Festivals in Kuwait and the Maldives, to name a few.

VenueShri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Delhi
Date & TimeAugust 4 | 7:30PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Anirudh Varma Collective Concert at Delhi starts from Rs. 499 onwards, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

How to Book Online

Step 1: First of all, Visit Official Ticket booking partner website paytminsider,in

Step 2: Click on ‘Book‘ to proceed for tickets

Step 3: Add Number of Seat or Tickets you would like to book (Choose the Numbers using + and -)

Step 4: Then, Click on bass box music tickets Proceed button to proceed with your seat booking

Step 5: Registration: Enter bass box music tickets and your personal and contact information to register for the event.

Step 6: Click On Submit to Proceed for Payment

Step 7: Pay using UPI, Net Banking or Credit Card

Step 8: Hurray! Your seat has been successfully booked for Anirudh Varma Collective Concert Tickets



1. Can I expect any special guests or collaborations during the concert?

Yes, the Anirudh Varma Collective often collaborates with renowned musicians and artists. While specific details of the special guests for this particular concert may not be available yet, it is highly likely that there will be exciting collaborations to enhance the overall experience.

2. Where can I purchase tickets for the Anirudh Varma Collective’s Live in Concert event?

Tickets for the anirudh varma collective concert tickets can be purchased through various channels. You can check the official website of the Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, or visit authorized ticketing platforms for online purchases. Additionally, there may be physical ticket outlets for those who prefer to buy tickets in person.

3. What should I expect from the Anirudh Varma Collective’s music style?

The Anirudh Varma Collective is known for their unique fusion of genres, blending elements of Indian classical music, jazz, rock, and world music. Their music style is characterized by intricate arrangements, improvisations, and a blend of vocal and instrumental techniques. Expect a mesmerizing blend of sounds that pushes the boundaries of traditional music.

4. Are there any age restrictions for attending the concert?

While age restrictions may vary depending on the venue and anirudh varma collective concert tickets and policies, generally these concerts are open to all age groups. However, it is advisable to check the specific guidelines provided by the organizers or the venue to ensure that the event is suitable for all attendees.

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