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bellary fort entry tickets
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Historic town of Ballari, Ballari Fortress was built on Ballari Gudda (Fortress Hill). The fort is believed to have been built during the Vijayanagara period by Hanumappa Nayaka, a chief of the Palegar tribe. Haider Ali took over the fort from the Nayaka family in 1769 and renovated it with the help of French engineers. Legend has it that the engineer was hanged because he failed to realize that his neighbor Kumbala Gudda was taller than Ballari Gudda, thus jeopardizing the fort’s secrecy and command. His tomb is believed to be near the east gate of the fort, but some locals believe it to be that of a Muslim saint. In the evening, visit the illuminated fortress to see the past come to life.

Address4WX6+J3G, Devi Nagar, Ballari, Karnataka 583104

Ticket price

Ticket price for Bellary Fort Entry starts from fee for Indian citizens is Rs. 25, whereas foreign nationals are charged Rs. 300. The fee includes a guide who will take visitors around the fort and explain its history and significance, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Discounted Rates for Students and Senior Citizens

Students and senior citizens are eligible for discounted rates on their entry tickets to Bellary Fort. Students can avail themselves of a discount of Rs. 10 on their tickets, while senior citizens can avail themselves of a discount of Rs. 5 on their tickets.

Special Deals and Packages for Group Tours

For group tours comprising 10 or more people, Bellary Fort offers special deals and packages. These packages include discounted entry rates, guided tours, and other facilities. Visitors can contact the fort authorities in advance to book these packages and avail themselves of the benefits.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Exploring Bellary Fort Must-See Spots

Upper Fort: Upper fort of Bellary Hill houses a citadel, a temple, barracks meant for soldiers, deep wells for water storage.

Lower Fort: The lower fort has two entrance gates, one each on the western and eastern side. Lower fort is fortified with several bastions, followed by deep pits (often filled with water and infested with crocodiles, to discourage enemy soldiers from coming any closer). Kote Anjaneya Temple (Hanuman Temple) can be seen in the lower fort. The lower fort had shelters to accommodate refugees or villagers in case of war.

Top Attractions Inside Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort is a treasure trove of historical buildings, temples, and structures that stand as testament to its rich past. Some of the top attractions inside the fort include the Ganesha Temple, the Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple, and the Ranganatha Swamy Temple. Visitors can also explore the Royal Palace, the Darbar Hall, and the Watchtower.

Exploring the Ramparts and Bastions

One of the unique features of Bellary Fort is its walls, bastions, and watchtowers, which were constructed to provide maximum security. Visitors can explore the fort’s ramparts and bastions, which offer stunning views of the city and surrounding areas.

Visiting the Temples Inside Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort is home to several famous temples that attract devotees and tourists alike. Visitors can visit the Ganesha Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is considered one of the oldest temples in the fort. The Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple and Ranganatha Swamy Temple are also popular destinations for visitors and offer a glimpse into the fort’s religious and cultural significance.

History and Significance of Bellary Fort

Historical Background of Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort is an ancient fort that was built in the 14th century by the Vijayanagara Empire. The fort has seen several rulers over the years, including the Bahmani Sultans, the Vijayanagara Empire, the Hyder Ali, and the British. The fort has been renovated several times over the years and is now a significant historical landmark in Karnataka.

Importance of Bellary Fort in Indian History

Bellary Fort has played a crucial role in Indian history as it has witnessed many battles and invasions. The fort was considered to be an impregnable fort in ancient times and was responsible for safeguarding the surrounding region. The fort played a significant role in the liberation struggles of India, and it was here that Mahatma Gandhi addressed a public meeting in 1920.

Tips for Visiting Bellary Fort

Best Time to Visit Bellary Fort

The best time to visit Bellary Fort is during the winter months between October and February when the weather is pleasant, and you can explore the fort without any interruptions. Summers can be very hot and humid, making it challenging to explore the fort.

Travel and Accommodation Options Near Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort is located in the heart of the city, and there are many travel options available, including buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws. Bellary railway station is the nearest railway station, and the nearest airport is the Jindal Vijaynagar Airport.

There are many accommodation options available near Bellary Fort, including budget hotels and luxury resorts. Some of the popular hotels include Hotel Bala Regency, Hotel Royal Fort, and Hotel Pola Paradise.

Things to Carry and Things to Avoid During the Visit

When visiting Bellary Fort, make sure to carry appropriate footwear as the fort has many steep steps and uneven surfaces that could be slippery. Carrying a water bottle and wearing sunscreen and a hat is also recommended to protect yourself from the sun.

Avoid carrying large bags or expensive items while visiting the fort as there are no locker facilities available. Also, avoid visiting during peak hours as it can get crowded and make it challenging to explore the fort.

Nearby: Hampi (60 kms), Daroji Bear Sanctuary (43 km) and TB Dam (66 km) can be visited along with Bellary Fort.

How to reach: Bellary Fort is 309 kms from Bengaluru and 35 kms from Jindal Vijayanagara airport. Bellary junction railway station is only 2 kms from Bellary fort. Bellary is well-connected by rail and road from Bengaluru. Auto can be hired to reach Bellary Fort from Bellary city.


1. What are the timings of Bellary Fort?

Bellary Fort is open to visitors between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days of the week.

2. Is there an entry fee for visiting Bellary Fort?

Yes, there is an entry fee for visiting Bellary Fort. The fee for Indian nationals is INR 25, and for foreign nationals, it is INR 300.

3. Are there any discounts available on Bellary Fort entry tickets?

Yes, there are discounts available on Bellary Fort entry tickets for senior citizens, students, and groups. These discounts can range from 50% to 25% depending on the category and the number of people in the group.

4. What are some of the must-visit spots in Bellary Fort?

Some of the must-visit spots in Bellary Fort include the Ganesha Temple, the Magazine Building, the Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple, and the Ranganatha Temple. Additionally, exploring the ramparts and bastions of the fort and taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding area is a must-do activity.

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