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bird paradise singapore tickets
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Plan your visit to the newly opened Singapore Bird Paradise and explore a range of fascinating sessions with 400 species of birds from around the world. Stroll through the park and see about 5,000 birds, including invasive and endangered species such as the southern hornbill and thrush.

Feel the excitement of meeting popular pets such as parrots, African treetops, peacocks and cranes. A series of interactive exhibits let you learn more about these amazing creatures and their lifestyle unlike any other bird. Additionally, the aviary offers a variety of educational and conservation programs to help you learn about the important role birds play in our ecosystem. Book your tickets to Birds Paradise and see a wide variety of birds up close in this stunning natural paradise.

Location2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
Starting Timing9:00 AM
Activity Duration10 hours (approx.)

Ticket price

Ticket price for Bird Paradise Singapore starts form S$20, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.


Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Most Visited Places in Bird Paradise Singapore

About the tour:

  • Enjoy the amazing wildlife experience at Bird paradise in Singapore and learn more about your avian friends with the assistance of an expert guide.
  • Experience the wonder of Flamingo Lake, where graceful flamingos paddle in calm waters and admire their captivating beauty as they bask in the sun.
  • Look at the vibrant colours & playful antics of parrots at Parrot Paradise, where you can observe these beautiful creatures closely.
  • Engage in an African Bird feeding session and watch in awe as these magnificent birds swoop down to feast on their favourite snacks.
  • See the Wings of the World presentation, where you’ll see the hyacinth macaw Gaia & great pied hornbill pals, Sunny & Vicky as they fly freely in their natural habitat.
  • Be mesmerized by the Predators on Wings presentation, where you will learn about some of the most formidable hunters in the avian world, including the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Turkey Vultures and the Harris’s Hawk.
  • Participate in the Pelican Feeding session and be amazed by the incredible dexterity of these birds as they catch fish with their unique beaks.
  • You can also feed Lories & Lorikeets, where you can feed these colourful birds nectar as they flutter around you.
  • Book Bird Paradise Singapore tickets and enjoy a range of interactive experiences of meeting various bird species that will leave you in awe.

Exhibits and Highlights of Bird Paradise Singapore

Bird Paradise Singapore has several exhibits that showcase avian species in their natural habitats. The Waterfall aviary is the world’s largest walk-in aviary and houses over 600 birds from 50 different species. The Lory Loft is another popular attraction where visitors can feed the birds and interact with them up close. Other highlights include the Hornbill and Penguin exhibitions, where visitors can learn about these endangered species and observe them at play.

Top Bird Species to See in Bird Paradise Singapore

Some of the top bird species to see in Bird Paradise Singapore include the magpie robin, parrots, toucans, flamingos, and the elusive hornbills. Visitors can also spot several species of owls, pigeons, and songbirds in their natural habitats throughout the park.

Discounts and Offers on Bird Paradise Singapore Tickets

Deals and Discounts on Bird Paradise Singapore Tickets

Visitors can avail discounts on their Bird Paradise Singapore tickets through the park’s official website and mobile app. These discounts include combo deals for visiting other attractions in Singapore and promotional codes that offer up to 20% off on admission fees.

Group and Combo Packages

Bird Paradise Singapore offers several group packages for schools, corporations, and organizations. These packages include guided tours, workshops, and other activities tailored to the group’s requirements. Visitors can also take advantage of combo packages that include tickets to other Singapore attractions like the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay.

Tips for Visiting Bird Paradise Singapore

Bird Paradise Singapore is a stunning attraction that offers an exquisite experience to visitors. Before heading out to the park, some tips can help make your visit as memorable as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Book your tickets in advance: As Bird Paradise Singapore is a famous attraction, it’s best to book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues and save time.

2. Choose the right time to visit: The park opens at 9 am, and it’s always best to visit early morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and humidity.

3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing: As you will be walking around the park, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing.

4. Bring a hat and sunscreen: To protect yourself from the sun, it’s best to bring a hat and apply sunscreen before heading out.

5. Bring a camera: Bird Paradise Singapore offers breathtaking views that deserve to be captured with a camera. So, make sure to bring your camera or smartphone to take memorable photos.

How to Get to Bird Paradise Singapore

Bird Paradise Singapore is located in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and can be easily accessed by public transport, car, or taxi. Here are some ways to get to Bird Paradise Singapore:

1. By MRT: Take the East-West (Green) line and get off at Boon Lay station. After that, take bus 194 or 251 to Jurong Bird Park.

2. By car: Located in the southern part of Singapore, take the PIE (Pan Island Expressway) and exit at Exit 31. Then, follow the signs to Jurong Bird Park.

3. By taxi: Taxis are available throughout Singapore, and you can ask your driver to take you to Jurong Bird Park.

What to Bring and Wear

Being a nature park, the weather can get hot and humid, so it’s best to wear light clothing. Here is a list of things to bring:

1. Hat and sunscreen: It’s best to bring a hat and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

2. Comfortable shoes: As you will be walking around the park, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes.

3. Mosquito repellent: As the park is surrounded by nature, it’s best to bring mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

4. Camera or smartphone: To capture memorable moments, it’s best to bring a camera or smartphone.

Etiquette and Rules to Follow

To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone visiting Bird Paradise Singapore, here are some rules and etiquette to follow:

1. Do not feed the birds: Feeding the birds can make them sick, and it’s best to avoid doing so.

2. Do not touch the birds: Touching the birds can cause them harm, and it’s best to avoid doing so.

3. Keep the park clean: To maintain the beauty of the park, it’s best to keep the park clean and dispose of any trash properly.

4. Follow the signs: The park has directional signs that guide visitors, and it’s best to follow them to avoid getting lost.

Recommendations for Visitors

If you’re planning to visit Bird Paradise Singapore, it’s best to book your tickets in advance, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and follow the etiquette and rules of the park. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the amazing moments you’ll experience at the park.In conclusion, a visit to Bird Paradise Singapore provides an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of the avian world in a unique and educational setting. With its affordable prices, convenient timing, and various discounts and offers, Bird Paradise Singapore is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking for an enjoyable and memorable day out with family and friends. We hope that this article has provided you with useful insights and tips to plan your visit to Bird Paradise Singapore and have a great time exploring this magnificent world of birds.

How to reach?

  • By Car/Cab: The activity location is 23.2 km from the city centre, it will take 29 minutes via the PIE route. 
  • By Train: Reach Jurong Bird Pk station which is 800 meters away from the park. You can reach the activity location with a 12-minute walk.


What are the operating hours of Bird Paradise Singapore?

Bird Paradise Singapore is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, including public holidays.

What are the admission prices for Bird Paradise Singapore?

The admission prices for Bird Paradise Singapore vary based on age, with discounted rates for children, seniors, and local residents. Adult tickets cost $30, while children (aged 3-12) and senior citizens (aged 60 and above) can enjoy discounted rates of $18 and $15, respectively.

Are there any group or combo packages available?

Yes, there are group and combo packages available for visitors to Bird Paradise Singapore. These packages offer additional discounts on admission prices and may include other attractions such as the Singapore Zoo or the River Safari. Check the official website for more details.

What are some of the highlights of Bird Paradise Singapore?

Bird Paradise Singapore features several immersive exhibits, including a Waterfall Aviary, a Lory Loft, and a Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary. Visitors can also enjoy interactive bird shows, bird feeding sessions, and educational talks on bird conservation.

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