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Dinosaur Park Dubai is a unique and thrilling attraction that offers visitors the chance to step back in time and experience the world of dinosaurs. This theme park is home to a variety of dinosaur exhibits, thrilling rides, games, and live performances, making it a must-see destination for families and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

AddressZabeel Park Jogging Track – Za’abeel – Za’abeel 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Date & Time5 to 10pm

Ticket Prices

Ticket price for Dinosaur Park Dubai is AED 85 per person for adults and children over 1.2 meters tall. Book tickets on official website.

General Admission

The standard ticket price for Dinosaur Park Dubai is AED 85 per person for adults and children over 1.2 meters tall. Children under 1.2 meters tall can enter for free. The ticket includes access to all of the park’s attractions and exhibits.

Annual Passes

For frequent visitors, Dinosaur Park Dubai offers an annual pass for AED 595 per person. This pass allows unlimited access to the park for a full year, as well as discounts on food, merchandise, and other attractions within the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park.

Group Discounts

Groups of 10 or more can enjoy discounted ticket prices of AED 69 per person for adults and children over 1.2 meters tall.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Activities and Attractions

Dinosaur Park Dubai offers a range of activities and attractions to suit visitors of all ages.

Dinosaur Exhibits

The park’s main attraction is its impressive collection of over 100 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Visitors can explore different zones featuring different types of dinosaurs, from the fearsome predators to the gentle herbivores.

Thrill Rides

For those seeking a thrill, Dinosaur Park Dubai has a range of exciting rides including the Velociraptor roller coaster and the Adventure Fortress, a multi-level play area.

Games and Activities

The park also offers a range of games and activities such as the Fossil Dig, where children can excavate dinosaur bones, and a Dino Carousel for a more gentle ride.

Live Shows and Performances

Visitors can also enjoy live shows and performances throughout the day, including a dinosaur parade and a 4D cinema experience.

Points Of Interest for Dinosaur Park

Glow Park
Glow Park, which is a well-crafted massive garden with a brand-new theme every season, allows you to experience the wonders built from biodegradable objects. Thousands of spectacular eco-friendly art installations created by over 500 talented craftsmen from across the globe may be found here.

There are various themed sections with interesting reproductions of practically everything imaginable, from wildlife animals and marine creatures to flowers, trees, and birds, all illuminated with millions of energy-efficient LED lamps. So, let yourself be fascinated by the many views of ‘Art by Day and Glow by Night’ with the magnificent masterpieces created by the top artists.

Ice Park
More than 5000 tonnes of ice were used to create the Ice Park, and 150 great artists from all over the world worked on the assembly of the icy sculptures of a frozen safari at a temperature of 7 °C to -8 °C. Inside, expect sculptures constructed of the frozen material, including a Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the ice age, camels, dinosaurs, and lots more, all themed around global warming. You can relax and have a great time here in this ice park!

Magic park
Dubai Garden Glow is a World of Imagination with a Skillful Blend of World’s Unique Art and Theme Creating an Amazing Concept, as well as a variety of intriguing visual arts focusing on optical illusions. The Magic Park uses geometric forms to generate fascinating optical effects and illusions, and it’s psychedelic display will take you to a fanciful world with its play of light and music.

The park establishes a hidden link between what the human brain comprehends and what our eyes can see. So, prepare yourself to be mesmerised by Magic Park’s interactive and mind-boggling environment at Dubai Garden Glow.

Art Park
Art Park is one of the most sought after parts of the Dubai Garden Glow. This place creates a unique platform to display the distinctive creations crafted imaginatively. This eco-friendly park gives you a perfect blend of cultural values, traditional beliefs, happiness and all round colors of life.

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Educational Experiences for Children

Dinosaur Park Dubai is not only a fun day out but also provides educational experiences for children to learn about the prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Children can participate in a Dinosaur Fossil Dig where they can dig up replica dinosaur bones and learn about the excavation process.

Dinosaur Egg Hatchery

Kids can also visit the Dinosaur Egg Hatchery to learn about the different stages of a dinosaur’s life, from the moment they hatch from an egg to adulthood.

Dinosaur Identification Center

For children interested in learning more about the different types of dinosaurs, the Dinosaur Identification Center provides information on the characteristics and behaviors of various species.

Food and Beverage Options in the Park

When visiting Dinosaur Park Dubai, you won’t have to worry about going hungry as there are plenty of food and beverage options to choose from. Here are the three main options for dining in the park.

On-Site Restaurants

There are several on-site restaurants available in Dinosaur Park Dubai, serving a variety of cuisines to suit all tastes. From fast food to full-service restaurants, you’ll find everything from burgers and fries to sushi and seafood. Most restaurants offer both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your meal while taking in the sights and sounds of the park.

Food Carts and Kiosks

If you’re looking for a quick bite, you can grab a snack from one of the many food carts and kiosks scattered throughout the park. These carts offer a range of snacks and drinks, including ice cream, popcorn, hot dogs, and beverages.

Picnic Areas

If you prefer to bring your own food and beverages, there are designated picnic areas within the park, where you can enjoy your own snacks and drinks. These areas are equipped with tables and benches, as well as trash and recycling bins for easy cleanup.

Tips for Visiting Dinosaur Park Dubai

If you’re planning a visit to Dinosaur Park Dubai, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience.

Getting to the Park

Dinosaur Park Dubai is located in Dubai’s Science Park, and there are several transportation options available to get there. You can take a taxi, drive your own vehicle, or use public transportation, such as the Dubai Metro or bus.

When to Visit

To avoid crowds and long lines, it’s best to visit Dinosaur Park Dubai on weekdays, especially during non-peak hours. Additionally, try to plan your visit during the cooler months to avoid the heat and humidity.

What to Bring

Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Also, bring water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for children’s tickets?

Children’s tickets are available for children aged 2-12 years old. Children under the age of 2 enter the park for free.

Are strollers and wheelchairs available for rent?

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent at the park. They can be rented at the entrance of the park on a first come, first served basis.

Is outside food and drink allowed in the park?

No, outside food and drink is not allowed in the park. However, the park offers a variety of food and beverage options for visitors to enjoy. Dietary restrictions can also be accommodated, simply speak to a park employee for assistance.

What is the best time to visit Dinosaur Park Dubai?

The best time to visit Dinosaur Park Dubai is during the cooler months of November to March, as the park can get quite hot during the summer months. It is also recommended to visit during weekdays to avoid the crowds.

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