Game Guide for Tambola 2023: Tickets, and Online Play
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Tambola, also referred to as Housie or Bingo, is a well-liked board game that blends skill, luck, and experience. Tambola is a great option if you’re looking for entertainment for events, parties, clubs, and cat parties. The chance to win prizes keeps the audience interested. What are you still holding out for? To learn more about tambola tickets, gameplay, rules, and game variations, read this guide to the game. Additionally, we highlight online tambola games and how to generate online tambola numbers.

Is tambola a gambling?

Housie/Tambola are not illegal games played for real cash. One cannot bet on the game played by other person.

Tambola game – What is it?

Tambola is a board game played with a caller/host/dealer calling out numbers from 1 to 90 and the players crossing out the numbers. The numbers are printed on a specially designed card called tambola tickets.

At the beginning of the game, the caller will decide the winning point of the game. A popular winning point is Full House, where the first player to strike off all their ticket numbers wins. Some other Top Line, Middle Line, Bottom Line, Four Corners, etc.

After deciding the winning point, the caller draws a number from a box/container and announces it to the players. If it is present on their ticket, the players must strike off that number. If not, they must wait for the caller to announce the next number. The first player to tick off all of their numbers and achieve any pre-decided winning points must get their tickets verified by the host. The player is declared the game’s winner with a successful ticket verification.

How to play Tambola?

The traditional offline tambola playing rule is very simple. The tambola tickets, which contain 15 numbers from 1 to 90 arranged in rows and columns, are first distributed by the game host. A non-transparent box containing 90 tiles printed with the numbers will then be opened, and the announcer will select a tile at random without first looking at it.

The players must cross off the chosen number if it appears on their ticket after they announce it. As the game goes on, players try to put together a winning combination. The game is won by the first player to strike off a winning combination of numbers.

Here are 6 steps to playing tambola:

  1. Know the prerequisites
  2. The caller announces the numbers
  3. Dab the announced numbers
  4. Match a winning combination
  5. Verify the tambola ticket
  6. Award prizes to the winners

What is tambola tickets

Tambola is a very simple game, where numbers are called out on the top of the screen one at a time and the players need to strike the numbers on the ticket if it’s a match. Numbers 1-90 at random are called out on the screen and the players strike the number by tapping the number on their ticket.

Ticket price –₹243.00

Top platforms to play the tambola online

Here are the 6 popular platforms to play the Tambola game online:

  1. Octro Tambola
  3. Tambola
  5. Tambola Housie – Indian Bingo Game
  6. Tambola Fun

What is the prize for Tambola

Prize: 2700 coins – Full House is the Grand prize of the game. Once all the 15 Numbers of your ticket are cut, i.e. striked out, you can claim full house.

Tambola  Game – FAQs

Is Tambola same as Housie?

Yes. Tambola is a popular version of Housie and Bingo.

How to play Tambola?

To play, each player gets one ticket with 15 numbers between 1 to 90 on a 3×9 grid. The player needs to strike out the numbers announced by the host. The player with a winning combination gets the ticket verified and can then claim the prize. Take a look at this article to know how to play tambola and its rules.

What is the difference between a private game and a public game while playing tambola online?

In a private tambola game, you can create a tambola game (current or future day/time) and invite friends and family to participate, whereas, in a public game, you can join games that are open to all.

What does ‘Auto-cut’ mean in an online tambola?

Auto-cut is a feature provided on a few online tambola games, where the numbers called out are automatically cut or crossed out on your ticket in case you are late to join the game or missed a few numbers while chatting with other players.

What is Boogie, and what is its impact on a tambola game?

When a player claims for a winning combo, and it turns out wrong after verification by the host/caller, it is called ‘Boogie.’ If a Boogie is claimed on a ticket by a player, a host cancels out the ticket. The player cannot further participate in the game. Hence, the game loses one player/ticket on a Boogie claim.

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