Jah Khalib Tickets Live at Dubai 2023

jah khalib dubai tickets
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After selling out concerts around the world, award-winning singer-songwriter and artist Jah Calib is coming to Dubai for his first major concert at the Coca-Cola Arena.

With multiple music awards and record-breaking hits “Layla,” “Medina,” and “Mamasita” streamed millions of times worldwide, Jah Calib is a true star in today’s music scene. Born to an Azerbaijani father and a Kazakh mother, Ja Harib is proud to belong to both countries. He infuses his music with Central Asian melodies, which makes his tracks stylistically very unique.

VenueCoca-Cola Arena, Dubai
Date & Time20:00 Sun 03 Sep 2023

Ticket price

Ticket price for Jah Khalib Tickets Live at Dubai starts from USD43.50 , Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Tickets Information:

  • Tickets are sold at the best availability 
  • Your E-Tickets will be sent 2 days prior to the event day
  • Admissions are open to all ages. Guests below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Floor category Standing area age limit strictly 16+

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

How to book ticket online

To book tickets for Jah Khalib Live at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on Platinumlist, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit Platinumlist Website: Go to the Platinumlist website using a web browser. The website address is likely to be “www.platinumlist.net.”
  2. Search for the Event: Use the search bar or browse through the events section to find the “Jah Khalib Live at Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai” event.
  3. Select Ticket Category: Once you’ve found the event, click on it to view the available ticket categories. Events often have different ticket categories based on seating or access levels (e.g., Platinum, Gold, Silver, General Admission).
  4. Choose Number of Tickets: Select the number of tickets you want to purchase for the event.
  5. Select Seating (If Applicable): If the event offers assigned seating, you may need to select your preferred seats from the seating chart. Otherwise, for events with General Admission, you won’t need to choose specific seats.
  6. Add to Cart: After selecting your ticket category and the number of tickets, add them to your cart.
  7. Review and Confirm: Review the details of your ticket order in the shopping cart to ensure they are correct. Check the event date, time, ticket category, and total cost.
  8. Create an Account (If Required): Some ticketing platforms may require you to create an account to complete the purchase. If prompted, sign up for an account with the necessary information.
  9. Make Payment: Proceed to the payment section and choose your preferred payment method to complete the purchase. Platinumlist often accepts credit/debit cards, and other payment options may be available depending on your location.
  10. Receive Confirmation: After successful payment, you should receive a confirmation email with your ticket details and an order reference number.



1. How can I purchase tickets for Jah Khalib Live at Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai?

Tickets for jah khalib dubai tickets and live performance can be purchased through official ticketing platforms, such as the Coca-Cola Arena website or authorized ticketing partners. Online ticketing platforms generally provide a seamless and secure ticket purchasing experience. It is advisable to purchase tickets only from authorized sources to ensure authenticity and avoid any potential scams.

Are there any age restrictions for attending the concert?

Age restrictions for the jah khalib dubai tickets may vary depending on the venue’s policies. It is recommended to check the event details or contact the organizers to confirm if there are any age restrictions in place. Some concerts may have age restrictions due to explicit content or safety concerns. Parents or guardians should review the event guidelines before bringing minors to the concert.

What safety measures will be in place at the Coca-Cola Arena?

The Coca-Cola Arena prioritizes the safety and well-being of its attendees. The venue implements various safety measures, including security checks, bag inspections, and crowd management protocols. Additionally, the arena may have medical personnel and first aid stations available in case of emergencies. It is essential to follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the venue staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can I expect any special guest appearances during Jah Khalib’s live performance?

While surprise guest appearances can add excitement to a live performance, they are not always guaranteed. At the time of this article, there is no official information regarding any special guest appearances during Jah Khalib’s concert. However, it is not uncommon for artists to surprise their audience with unexpected collaborations or appearances. If any news or rumors about special guests emerge, they will likely be shared through official announcements or the event’s promotional channels.

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