Kodaikanal Entry Tickets, Timing, Entry Fee, Discount and Offers

kodaikanal entry tickets
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Kodaikanal, also known as the “Princess of Hill Stations” is a beautiful hill station located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is known for its picturesque beauty, refreshing climate, and serene atmosphere. If you are planning to visit Kodaikanal, it is essential to know about the entry tickets, timing, entry fee, discounts, and offers available to make your trip hassle-free. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about Kodaikanal entry tickets, timing, entry fee, discounts, and offers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your visit to this captivating hill station.

Address: ‎It is located in Dindigul district of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and is 3 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand.

Timing: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Ticket price

Ticket price for Kodaikanal Entry starts from INR 10, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Boat Club, Kodaikanal Entry Fee

  •  70 for half an hour for 2 seater Pedal Boat
  •  140 for half an hour for 4 seater Pedal Boat
  •  245 for 20 min for 6 seater Row Boat
  •  415 for half an hour for Shikara Boat

Types of Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

The entry tickets for Kodaikanal are of two types – regular entry and vehicle entry. Regular entry tickets are for pedestrians, while vehicle entry tickets are for those visiting in a car or bus.

Kodaikanal Entry Fee for Adults

The entry fee for adults is INR 10 per head.

Kodaikanal Entry Fee for Children

The entry fee for children is INR 5 per head. Children up to 5 years of age are exempted from the entry fee.

Kodaikanal Entry Charges for Vehicles

The entry fee for vehicles in Kodaikanal varies depending on the type of vehicle. Cars and jeeps are charged INR 50 per vehicle, while mini buses and buses are charged INR 100 and INR 200, respectively.

Kodaikanal Entry Fee for Foreign Tourists

Foreign tourists visiting Kodaikanal are charged INR 300 per head for entry.

Discounts and Offers on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

Visitors traveling in a group of more than 10 are eligible for a discount on the entry fee. The discount rate is INR 1 per head for regular entry tickets and INR 5 per vehicle for vehicle entry tickets.

Student Discounts on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

Students with a valid ID card are eligible for a discount on the entry fee. The discount rate for students is INR 5 per head for regular entry tickets and INR 25 per vehicle for vehicle entry tickets.

Senior Citizen Discounts on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

Senior citizens above the age of 60 years are eligible for a discount on the entry fee. The discount rate for senior citizens is INR 5 per head for regular entry tickets and INR 25 per vehicle for vehicle entry tickets.

Special Offers on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

During the off-season, Kodaikanal authorities offer special discounts and offers on entry tickets. Visitors can look out for such offers to enjoy a budget-friendly trip to the hill station. Additionally, you can also avail of combo offers on entry tickets for popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website, Check more information.

There are several activities that you can enjoy while you are visiting Kodaikanal Lake

1. Boating: You should enjoy boating at the lake as there are several options available to choose.There are normal boats as well as luxury boats and you can go for any one of your choice or budget.

2. Flower show:
 It is one of the best parts of this lake. You are taken within the lake and can ponder upon beautiful flowers of the lake. During summer, the flowers are organised chiefly along with interesting beauty peasant show.

3. Fishing:
 It is another activity that can be tried and enjoyed at the lake. The lake is home to many local fish

4. Activities: 
The roads around the lake also have the activities of horse riding and cycling which you can enjoy.

5. Swimming:
 There are boat clubs formed which after certain enrollment or membership allows you to swim in Kodai lake.

There are several other attractions near the Kodaikanal Lake which you worth you visit they are:

1. Berijam Lake: It is a reservoir with excellent water quality.It is situated at the old site of “ Fort Hamilton” in the upper part of Palani hills. It is a refreshing and scenic eye treat for nature.

2. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: Established in 1899 as Solar Physics Observatory. It has a 20cm refractor which is occasionally used for cometary and occultation observations. The Observatory has a famous astronomy museum on campus for the visitors.This place is perfect for the people who are science lovers.

3. Kumbakkarai Falls: A beautiful fall in Kodaikanal which will refresh you thoroughly. The water originates from the Kodaikanal hills and flows along the rock and then reach the foothill. It is a good place to enjoy with your family or friends. People also see it as an amazing picnic spot.

Highlights of Kodaikanal Lake: 

1. Kodaikanal Lake is a Star-shaped artificial lake which is said to be the heart of Kodaikanal city.

2. There are boating clubs formed at the lake which also gives you permission to swim in the lake after the membership.

3. There are many types of boats found there, normal or luxury which can be chosen according to the preference of the visitor.

4. The flower show attracts many tourists to visit the lake during the summer. It feels like nature competes after showcasing their beauty in the lake.

5. There are vendors who offer horse riding and cycling along the road of the lake which will give you a different feeling.6. The lake has a rich flora and fauna several kinds of aqua plants and different species of fish are found in the lake.

Places to Stay Near Kodaikanal Lake

There are many places to stay near Kodaikanal lake. Some of them are :

1. Green Lake View Resort: It is a beautiful place to stay while you visit Kodaikanal. This place is just 5 minutes walk from the Kodai lake. Beautiful gardens, wooden floorings. It is 3.2 km away from Bear Shola falls.

2. Mistycove: It is an amazing place for a nature lover to stay. Beautiful gardens all around and the scenic view around the place will make you feel close to nature. Filled with all the amenities this hotel will make you in love with Kodaikanal.

3. The Carlton: This is located at the upscale overlooking at the Kodai Lake and is 2 km from the Bear Shola Falls. This place features relaxed rooms with mini-bars, flat screens and a hot tub. This place has a spa, terrace restaurant, gym and rustic bar and has activities such as mini-golf, paddle boat, horse riding and much more.

4. Pearwoods: It is a beautiful place boasting its amazing terrace and quality service. You will be amused by their neat service and you will feel like your home. This place has a classy interior with beautiful decor.

Places to Eat Near Kodaikanal Lake

There are many places near Kodaikanal lakes which offer delicious food to eat some of them are:

1. Cloud Street:
 It is an amazing place to visit as it offers a variety of cuisines and is a chill place for casual hangouts. It entertains the visitors not only from the good food but also have live music arranged. You can enjoy your food with good music.

2. Muncheez: It ia a beautiful cafe with cheerful and cosy vibes. It serves a variety of cuisines but is famous for pizza. It has a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff.

3. Nia’s Treat: It is a tiny cafe which will make you feel amused because it has everything that is needed at a perfect food place despite being so small. You will be happy after visiting this tiny cheerful place as they offer lip-smacking food.

4. Ten Degrees: A perfect place to enjoy Indian fusion dishes and continental fast food. With cosy and peaceful vibes in this place and the staff here will not fail to make you feel like home.

5. Lake view: A place which offers you delicious food along with the enchanting view Kodaikanal lake. They have a variety of cuisines to offer which you can enjoy along with your loved ones.

Tips to Save Money on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

Kodaikanal, also known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’ is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. However, the entry fees and ticket prices can add up and hurt your wallet. Here are some tips to save money on your Kodaikanal entry tickets:

Online Booking of Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

One way to save money on Kodaikanal entry tickets is to book online. Many of the popular attractions in Kodaikanal allow you to book entry tickets online. Not only does this save time, but it can also save you money as attractions often offer discounts on online bookings.

Plan Your Visit During Off-Season

Another way to save money on Kodaikanal entry tickets is to plan your visit during the off-season. During the off-season, entry ticket prices are generally lower as there are fewer tourists. This is a great way to experience Kodaikanal without breaking the bank.

Avail Discounts and Offers on Kodaikanal Entry Tickets

Many attractions in Kodaikanal offer discounts and special offers on entry tickets. Keep an eye out for these discounts and offers as they can save you a significant amount of money. Some attractions also offer discounted tickets to seniors and students, so don’t forget to bring your ID card.

Facilities and Services Available for Kodaikanal Entry Ticket Holders

When you purchase a Kodaikanal entry ticket, you’re not just gaining access to an attraction, but you’re also entitled to various facilities and services. Here are some amenities, safety measures, and guidelines you should know about:

Amenities Available for Kodaikanal Entry Ticket Holders

Many Kodaikanal attractions offer various amenities to their entry ticket holders. These amenities can include restrooms, cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. You can also find information booths and maps to help you navigate the attraction.

Safety Measures Taken for Kodaikanal Entry Ticket Holders

Kodaikanal attractions take the safety of their visitors seriously. Most attractions have trained staff members to provide first aid in case of emergency. Additionally, many attractions have warning signs and barriers to prevent accidents.

Guidelines for Kodaikanal Entry Ticket Holders

Kodaikanal attractions have guidelines that visitors must follow. These guidelines are designed to keep visitors safe and preserve the attraction. Some guidelines may include not littering, not bringing outside food and beverages, and not touching or disturbing wildlife or plants.

How to Reach: Kodaikanal bus stand is 3 kms away from the Kodai lake. After you reach the bus stand you can board the taxi’s which are easily available at the place and reach the lake. There may be several options like auto-rickshaw you can choose according to your convenience.


1. Can I buy Kodaikanal entry tickets online?

Yes, you can book your Kodaikanal entry tickets online through the official website of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

2. Are there any senior citizen discounts available on Kodaikanal entry tickets?

Yes, senior citizens can avail discounts on Kodaikanal entry tickets by producing a valid ID proof. The discount percentage may vary based on the rules and regulations of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

3. Can I carry my own food inside Kodaikanal?

Yes, you are allowed to carry your own food and snacks inside Kodaikanal. However, it is advisable not to litter the place and maintain cleanliness.

4. Is it safe to visit Kodaikanal during the monsoon season?

While Kodaikanal is a beautiful place to visit during the monsoon season, it is advisable to check the weather forecast before planning your trip as heavy rains may cause landslides and roadblocks. It is also important to follow safety measures as advised by the authorities during monsoon season.

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