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Mysore, Karnataka, is a city in southern India known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and stunning palaces. With numerous attractions to explore and a unique blend of traditional and modern influences, Mysore is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to India. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Mysore, including information on entry tickets and timing for popular attractions, the most visited places in Mysore, discounts and offers available for tourists, top things to do, recommendations for planning your trip, and exploring Mysore’s cultural heritage.

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Ticket price

Ticket price for Mysore, Karnataka Entry starts from Adults Rs. 100 & Children Rs 40, Book tickets on official website. check more information.

  • Tickets for (Indian / Foreign) Adults Rs 100 / head, Children above 10 years and below 18 years Rs 50 head.


  • A 45 minute sound and light show, depicting the 400 year history of Mysuru.
  • Kannada :: Monday to Wednesday – Time 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM & Saturday – Time 8.15 PM to 9.15 PM – Entrance Ticket in Rs. Adults 100 & Children Rs 40 / Ticket.
  • English :: Thursday to Saturday – Time 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM – Entrance Ticket in Rs. Adults 120 & Children Rs 50 / Ticket.
  • No refund of tickets if the show is stopped in-between due to rain or any other reasons.
  • 15 Minutes Palace Illumination can be seen at the end of the Sound and Light Program Show.
  • Ticket will be issued only at Varaha Gate Counter (South Side) from 6.30pm onwards
  • Tickets for (Indian / Foreign) Adults Rs 100 / head, Children above 10 years and below 18 years Rs 50 / head.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

Most Visited Places in Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is the most popular attraction in the city. Built-in the 14th century, the palace is a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The palace is open to visitors every day, and the sound and light show in the evening is a must-see.

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills, located on the outskirts of Mysore, is a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. The hill is home to the Chamundeshwari Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga. The panoramic view of the city from the top of the hill is breathtaking.

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens, located adjacent to the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, is a popular picnic spot and a favorite place for couples. The gardens are famous for their musical fountain show, which takes place every evening.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo, also known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is a great place to spend the day with family. The zoo is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, lions, giraffes, and elephants.

St. Philomena’s Church

St. Philomena’s Church is a beautiful example of neo-gothic architecture. The church is named after Saint Philomena, a third-century Christian martyr. The stained glass windows and intricate carvings inside the church are a sight to behold.

Discount Offers for Tourists in Mysore

Types of Discounts Available for Tourists in Mysore

Tourists can avail discounts on entry tickets for some attractions in Mysore. Discounts may be available for students, senior citizens, and large groups. Seasonal discounts may also be available for visitors during certain months.

How to Avail Discount Offers in Mysore

To avail of discounts, visitors need to produce valid identification documents such as college ID or age proof. It is advisable to check the official websites of the respective attractions for updated information on available discounts and how to avail them.

Top Things to Do in Mysore, Karnataka

Explore the Rich Heritage of Mysore

Mysore is famous for its rich cultural heritage. Start your exploration with a visit to Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace. The palace is a stunning mix of Hindu, Mughal, and Gothic architectural styles and is one of the most visited places in Mysore. You can also visit Jaganmohan Palace, a beautiful palace that now serves as an art gallery.

Visit Mysore’s Famous Markets

Mysore’s markets are an ideal place to find all kinds of handicrafts, silk sarees, and sandalwood products. Devaraja Market is a famous market in Mysore that offers a wide range of spices, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. If you’re looking for traditional Mysore silk sarees, then head to the Government Silk Weaving Factory, where you can watch skilled artisans weave exquisite sarees.

Attend Mysore Dasara Festival

Mysore Dasara Festival is a ten-day-long celebration that takes place in the month of October. During the festival, the entire city is decked up in lights, and there are cultural programs, fireworks, and a grand procession that takes place on the final day. The festival is a celebration of the victory of good over evil and is a must-visit if you are in Mysore during this time.

Recommendations for Planning Your Mysore Trip

Best Time to Visit Mysore, Karnataka

The best time to visit Mysore is from October to February, as the weather is pleasant during this time, and you can also attend the Mysore Dasara festival.

How to Reach Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is well connected by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is in Bangalore, which is around 150 km away. From Bangalore, you can hire a private taxi or catch a bus to reach Mysore. Mysore is also well connected by rail, and there are several trains that run daily from major Indian cities.

Where to Stay in Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore has a range of accommodation options, from budget hotels to luxury resorts. If you are looking for a budget option, then you can stay in one of the many homestays available in Mysore. If you prefer luxury, then you can opt for one of the high-end resorts or hotels in the city.

Exploring Mysore’s Cultural Heritage

Mysore Palace: A Symbol of Heritage and Culture

Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is a stunning mix of Hindu, Mughal, and Gothic architectural styles. The palace is located in the heart of the city and is one of the most visited places in Mysore. The palace is open to visitors from 10 am to 5:30 pm and is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

The Traditional Art and Craft of Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is well known for its traditional art and craft. The city is famous for its sandalwood products, silk sarees, and wooden toys. You can visit the Government Silk Weaving Factory to watch skilled artisans weave exquisite silk sarees. You can also visit Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium, where you can find a range of sandalwood products, wooden toys, and other handicrafts.


What is the best time to visit Mysore, Karnataka?

Mysore has a tropical climate, with hot summers and moderate winters. The best time to visit Mysore is between October and February, when the weather is cooler and more pleasant for exploring the city.

How can I purchase entry tickets for Mysore attractions?

Entry tickets for Mysore attractions can be purchased online or at the ticket counters located at the entrance of each attraction. It’s important to plan ahead and buy tickets in advance for popular attractions to avoid long queues and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

What are the must-visit places in Mysore?

Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Zoo, and St. Philomena’s Church are some of the most popular attractions in Mysore. These places offer a unique glimpse into the rich history and culture of the city and are a must-visit for any tourist.

Can I get discounts on entry tickets and other attractions in Mysore?

Yes, tourists can avail of various discounts and offers on entry tickets and other attractions depending on the season and availability. It’s always a good idea to check online or directly with the attraction before purchasing tickets to see if any discounts or offers are available.

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