Ibrahim Rauza, Vijayapura Entry Tickets, Timing, Entry Fee, Discount and Offers and All You Need to Know

ibrahim rauza entry tickets
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Ibrahim Rauza, located in the city of Vijayapura (formerly known as Bijapur), is a stunning example of Deccan architecture and design. This monument, built in the 17th century, is a mausoleum dedicated to Ibrahim Adil Shah II, the fifth king of the Adil Shahi dynasty. With its intricate carvings, impressive silver door, and peaceful surroundings, Ibrahim Rauza is a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the rich history and culture of southern India. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit, including entry tickets, timing, entry fees, discounts, and offers available for visitors.

AddressRPH3+XR7, Ibrahim Roza Rd, Shastri Nagar, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
Timing10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Ibrahim Rauza, Vijayapura Entry starts from Rs. 15 to Rs. 200, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

  • Famous For: Historic place, Mausoleum, Tomb, Adil Shahi Dynasty
  • Entry Fees: Indian Adults- Rs. 15/- per head; Children up-to 15 years- Free; Other Nationalities: Rs. 200/- per head
  • Visiting Time: 6:00 am to 6:00pm (open on all week days and weekends)
  • Visiting Duration: It may take 30 minutes to 1 hour for the entire tour of the monument.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

History and Architecture of Ibrahim Rauza

Origin and Importance of Ibrahim Rauza

Ibrahim Rauza was built during the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, who was known for his love for art, architecture and culture. The tomb was designed by a Persian architect and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Deccan architecture.

Architecture and Design of Ibrahim Rauza

The tomb features a stunning dome, intricate latticework and decorative motifs such as flowers and geometric patterns. The carvings on the walls and pillars are a blend of Persian and Indian styles, making it a unique and beautiful monument. The tomb is also surrounded by a beautiful garden, adding to its serene and peaceful ambiance.

Must-See Features of Ibrahim Rauza

Ibrahim Rauza is a stunning mausoleum located in Vijayapura, Karnataka. The 17th-century monument is famous for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings. Here are some of the must-see features of Ibrahim Rauza:

Mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II

The mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II is the centerpiece of Ibrahim Rauza. The tomb is made of black basalt and is adorned with intricate carvings. It is said to have been built by the king himself before his death in 1626.

Silver Door

The main entrance to the mausoleum is made of silver and is one of the most exquisite features of Ibrahim Rauza. The door is adorned with beautiful designs and intricate carvings.

Deccan Sultanate Artifacts

Ibrahim Rauza is also home to a number of artifacts from the Deccan Sultanate era. Visitors can see a collection of weapons, coins, and other artifacts from the time period.

Tips for Visitors to Vijayapura and Ibrahim Rauza

If you’re planning a visit to Vijayapura and Ibrahim Rauza, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Vijayapura and Ibrahim Rauza is between October and March. The weather during this time is pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing.

How to Reach Vijayapura

Vijayapura is well-connected to major cities in Karnataka by road and rail. The nearest airport is in Hubli, which is about 150 km away.

Guided Tours vs. Independent Visits

While it is possible to visit Ibrahim Rauza independently, a guided tour can enhance your experience. A knowledgeable guide can provide insight into the history and significance of the monument.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Ibrahim Rauza

  • One of the most interesting facts about the crypt is that, it also contains the grave of its architect Malik Sandal.
  • Along with Adil shahi II, the monument also contains the tombs of Sultan’s 2 sons and his mother.
  • The entire building is mounted on a single rock slab.
  • The mausoleum also has a basement.
  • The basement was used to store munitions and food at that time.

Things to Do

  • Start with the grand gardens that surround the tomb in a striking way.
  • Visit the graves of the Sultan’s family and the architect of the monument.
  • There is a mosque near the graves.
  • Visit the basement of the crypt to see hoe the arms and food was stored during those times.
  • Stand next to the grave of the sultan and you can hear the prayers being said at the other end of the tomb.
  • You can also visit the nearby places, a list of which is there below for your reference.

How to Reach

Connected to almost all travel routes, reaching to Bijapur is very easy. The city has a bus stop and a railway station, which is linked with all major cities. The place will be even easier to reach once the airport opens up, which is under construction.

Once you reach Bijapur, you can go for Bijapur’s fascinating Tonga or Horse Buggy to reach at your destination. You can even look for an auto, a cab or a local city bus. They all take you to the Ibrahim Rauza.


What is the best time to visit Ibrahim Rauza?

The best time to visit Ibrahim Rauza is during the winter months of October to February when the weather is pleasant and cool.

What is the entry fee for visiting Ibrahim Rauza?

The entry fee for visiting Ibrahim Rauza is Rs. 15 for Indian citizens and Rs. 200 for foreign tourists. The entry fee for children under the age of 15 years is free.

Are there any discounts available for visitors to Ibrahim Rauza?

Yes, there are discounts available for students and groups. Students can avail a discount of 50% on the entry fee while groups of 15 or more people can avail a discount of 10%.

What should I wear when visiting Ibrahim Rauza?

It is recommended to dress conservatively when visiting Ibrahim Rauza, as it is a religious monument. Visitors should avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, or revealing clothing. It is also recommended to remove your shoes before entering the mausoleum.

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